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Grant County
Hyannis Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

Hake - Zickefoose

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Joel Zilmer and are courtesy of the Knight Museum!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Hake, Mae & Baby [text]
Hall, Harry [text]
Haney, Alice A. [text]
Haney, Art [text]
Haney, Benjamin & Anna M. [text]
Haney, Daniel A. & Minnie O. [text]
Haney, Doris L. [text]
Haney, Edward A. [text]
Haney, Elizabeth [text]
Haney, George [text]
Haney, James Gordon [text]
Haney, James H. & Sadie [text]
Haney, James W. [text]
Haney, John [text]
Haney, Leroy Allan [text]
Hansen, Kai E U & E. Pearle [text]
Hansen, Niels Einar [text]
Harris, Alex [text]
Harris, Blain L. [text]
Hastings, George P. & Minnie E. [text]
Hayden, Louisa Shaw [text]
Hayward, Bert N. & Hazel M. [text]
Hayward, Charles Bert (Chuck) [text]
Hayward, Charles W. & Minnie M. [text]
Hayward, Clyde C.o. [text]
Hayward, Earl C. & Frances S. [text]
Hayward, Edna Fern & Esther Laughlin [text]
Hayward, Infant Daughter [text]
Hayward, Lila [text]
Hayward, Lucille Burton [text]
Hayward, Myrtle Thorson [text]
Hayward, Robert N. & Lottie A. [text]
Hayward, Robert Nelson [text]
Hayward, William L. [text]
Hebbert, Glenda B. [text]
Heigh, Earl W. [text]
Heigh, Robert H. & Alice M. [text]
Helvie, J.h. (Bus) & Ruth A. [text]
Herr, Glen A. [text]
Herr, Richard E. [text]
Higgins, Maize E. Keller [text]
Hill, Ann C. [text]
Hill, Curtis Walker [text]
Hill, Edgar & Inez [text]
Hill, May Adam [text]
Hill, Robert Alan [text]
Hill, Walker L. & Donna D. [text]
Hinton, Ada E. [text]
Hinton, Alton E. [text]
Hinton, Alton E. (Jr) [text]
Hinton, Cecil [text]
Hinton, John [text]
Hinton, Raymond Lavern [text]
Hosier, Grace V. [text]
Hosman, Alphonso B. [text]
Hosman, Anna L. [text]
Hubbard, Kenneth C. & Hazel E. [text]
Huddleston, Roger F. (Jr.) & Marsue McCawley [text]
Hunzicker, L. L. "ginny" & Donna M. [text]
Jenkens, Kenneth Lessey & Georgia Shirley [text]
Johnson, George G. [text]
Johnson, Leroy W. [text]
Johnson, Merwyn C. [text]
Johnson, Merwyn C. & Beatrice L. [text]
Johnson, Raymond W. & Dorothy [text]
Jones, Alice [text]
Jones, Andrew R. & Jessie L. [text]
Jones, Andrew Richard & Lieselotte W. [text]
Jones, Andrew Richard Jones [text]
Jones, Charles O. & Loella R. [text]
Jones, Donald G. [text]
Jones, Ethel Marie [text]
Jones, Helen Whipple [text]
Jones, Helga O. [text]
Jones, James R. [text]
Jones, John O. [text]
Jones, John O. & Sarah A. [text]
Jones, Sarah A. [text]
Jones, Sidney Jesse [text]
Jones, William H. [text]
Jones, Wm. Boyd & Mary E. [text]
Jons, Reinhold & Christine [text]
Judge, Thomas G. & Nellie [text]
Kaschube, Alvina [text]
Kaschube, Gerald J. [text]
Kaschube, Gerald J. & Martha A. [text]
Kaschube, John C. [text]
Keller, A.d. & Elsie Dille [text]
Keller, Andrew D. & Anna D. [text]
Keller, Christopher [text]
Keller, Dave C. & Mary A. [text]
Keller, Eva Lois [text]
Keller, Glen W. & Marjorie E. [text]
Keller, Guy A. & Maude [text]
Keller, Lenis Fay [text]
Keller, Oren L. [text]
Keller, Owen E. & Mable I. [text]
Keller, Thelma Maude [text]
Kemper, Golda M. [text]
Kennedy, George A. & Mary V. [text]
Kennedy, H. Earl & Jesse G. [text]
Keys, Judith [text]
Kicken, Raymond K. & Enid D. (Dubs) [text]
Kimble, Dale R.R. & Wynona L. [text]
Kimble, Dale Richard [text]
Kime, Christoper M. [text]
King, Forest G. [text]
King, Frederick G. & Cora E. [text]
Klase, Bernard M. & Winifred O. [text]
Kline, Charles L. [text]
Kline, Lulu Belle [text]
Knight, Joan Marie Vontour [text]
Knott, Michael T. [text]
Kommers, Helen Beverly [text]
Kommers, Howard J. "bud" [text]
Kommers, Lillian M. [text]
Kommers, Mable [text]
Kommers, William A. [text]
Kommers, William W. [text]
Kramer, Leroy A. [text]
Kreamer, Charles W. (Dr.) & Hallie A. [text]
Lacy, Juanita Carr [text]
Larsen, Ernest G. [text]
Larsen, Miriam C. [text]
Larsen, Roland S. [text]
Larson, Larry V. [text]
Larson, Larsen Family Headstone [text]
Lichty, Doris Maxine [text]
Lichty, E. Genevieve & Frances L. [text]
Lichty, Howard E. & Ruth V. [text]
Lichty, Jessie June Howard [text]
Lichty, Richard [text]
Lichty, Richard [text]
Lichty, S.s. [text]
Lineback, Judith Rae [text]
Lineback, Vern R. & Maudie I. [text]
Lotspeich, J. Harold & J. Lee [text]
Lowe, Edith Hawker [text]
Lowe, Elmer Ellsworth [text]
Lowe, Ethel Haney [text]
Lowe, Fred E. & Katherine N. [text]
Lowe, John Knight [text]
Lowe, Sydney Sue [text]
Macleay, Kenneth Q. [text]
Macomber, Mable Irene [text]
Macomber, Reymold W. [text]
Malm, Bessie Evelyn [text]
Malm, Charles A. & Hazel T. [text]
Malm, Rossie [text]
Manning, Evelyn J. [text]
Manning, George S. & Emily M. [text]
Manning, George Sherwyn [text]
Manning, Infant [text]
Manning, Sidney C. & Evelyn A. [text]
Manning, Sidney C. & Mary E. [text]
Manning, Tinka M. [text]
Marker, Herbert Lee [text]
Marker, Joesph M. & Eetta F. [text]
Marker, Joseph H. & Etta F. [text]
Marr, John E. & Annie F. [text]
Marshall, Caroline Lancaster [text]
Marshall, William [text]
Martin, Lewis B. (Brick) & Claudia M. [text]
Martz, Edward G. & Emma M. [text]
Martz, George A. [text]
Martz, George A. & Beatrice A. [text]
Matrisciano, Domenico [text]
Matrisciano, Ethel [text]
McCawley, Doris Lorene [text]
McCawley, Harry E. [text]
McCawley, Jesse E. [text]
McCawley, John & Edney A. [text]
McCloud, Marie [text]
McCoy, Lena Westover [text]
McCray, James W. & Amanda L. [text]
McDaniel, Jim [text]
McIntire, Elizabeth A. [text]
McIntire, Inez Blanche [text]
McIntire, James C. [text]
McKillip, Esther R. [text]
McKillip, Stanley R. [text]
McMichael, Gladys Lucille [text]
McQueen, George C. [text]
Meedel, August A. [text]
Melvin, Eva E. [text]
Merrihew, Curt & Mary [text]
Merrihew, Dorothy P. [text]
Merrihew, Harry & Shirley [text]
Merrihew, Knight [text]
Merrihew, Margaret [text]
Merrihew, Robert L. & D. Eileen Easton [text]
Merrihew, Victor H. [text]
Merrihew, William E. Dds & Josie [text]
Merrill, Norman B. & Alta Dille [text]
Metcalf, A.w. & Hazel M. [text]
Metcalf, Albert W. & Velma R. [text]
Metcalf, Chas. A. [text]
Metcalf, Mary A. [text]
Miller, Ernest C. & Marceline E. Wehrer [text]
Miller, R.t. & Minnie [text]
Minor, Harry J. [text]
Minor, Joseph Henry [text]
Minor, Mary Malissa [text]
Minor, Minor Family Headstone [text]
Minor, Neva D. [text]
Monahan, Charles W. & Sarah E. [text]
Monahan, Earl H. & Marie D. [text]
Monahan, James H. & Cora A. [text]
Monahan, Roy & Joanne [text]
Moran, Charles W. & Sarah E. [text]
Moran, Ellen [text]
Moran, Esther Louise [text]
Moran, Floyd & Louise [text]
Moran, Frank E. [text]
Moran, Hallie [text]
Moran, Infant [text]
Moran, Infant Son [text]
Moran, Leslie R. & Dessie A. [text]
Moran, Margarette [text]
Moran, Max M. [text]
Moran, Max Milford [text]
Moran, Mickey B. [text]
Moran, Milford G. & Ione Wright [text]
Moran, Owen C. & Janice F. [text]
Moran, Patsy Ruth [text]
Moran, Robert M. [text]
Moran, Roger [text]
Moran, Vernon F. & Fern N. [text]
Moran, William L. [text]
Moran, Winona B. [text]
Morrell, Robert J. & Edith E. [text]
Morton, Ambler [text]
Mowry, Edward [text]
Murer, Lynn Roland [text]
Murray, J.f. & Flora L. [text]
Naylor, Janiece Metcalf [text]
Nelson, Herbert L. [text]
Neumeyer, Jacob [text]
Newmann, Franz [text]
Newmann, Veronica [text]
Newton, James T. [text]
Newton, Nannie E. [text]
Osborn, Agnes Gilbert [text]
Osgood, Daniel F. & Lydia W. [text]
Overman, James & Clara [text]
Parker, Floyd F. [text]
Parker, Jesse Lawrence [text]
Parks, Joseph Gross & Infant Son [text]
Patmore, Agnes [text]
Perrett, F.l. [text]
Perrett, Mamie T. [text]
Perrett, William L. & Lillian V. [text]
Perrin, Harold V. & Martha [text]
Perrin, Henry & Alice [text]
Perrin, James Gerald & Erlene Purdum [text]
Perrin, Lonnie E. [text]
Perrin, Vergil A. & Velma A. [text]
Petersen, George S. & Dorothy A. [text]
Pflug, Charles C. [text]
Phillips, Alfred & Mildred [text]
Piester, B.f. [text]
Piper, Kenneth E. [text]
Piper, Kenneth E. [text]
Piper, Wayne A. & Emalou [text]
Pletan, Ronald Eric [text]
Porter, Lucille "barnes" [text]
Prindle, C.r. "cliff" [text]
Prindle, Infant Son [text]
Prindle, Walter "jake" & Iris May [text]
Pringle, Margaret E. [text]
Purdum, James Gerald & Erlene [text]
Reeves, Infant [text]
Reike, Ted B. & Opal A. [text]
Reimers, Christina [text]
Reneau, Schuyler C. [text]
Revere, Frank [text]
Revere, Gilbert [text]
Revere, John & Elizabeth O. [text]
Revere, Mary [text]
Rex, Elden J. [text]
Rex, Merle F. & Opal L. [text]
Rex, William C. & Martha B. [text]
Reynolds, Justin [text]
Reynolds, Mary A. [text]
Richardson, Edward C. [text]
Richardson, Edward C. [text]
Riddle, Newton [text]
Ridgeway, Eva Ruth & Fay Elfrieda [text]
Roby, Winnie E. [text]
Roesch, Edna [text]
Roth, Bruce [text]
Roth, Wray Norman [text]
Rothwell, Carrie L. [text]
Rothwell, Ethel May [text]
Rothwell, George A. [text]
Rothwell, George Weed [text]
Rothwell, Gladys Nellie [text]
Rothwell, Glen W. [text]
Rothwell, Jennie M. [text]
Rothwell, Max Eugene [text]
Rothwell, William "bill" & Shirley [text]
Rothwell, William A. [text]
Rothwell, William Dean [text]
Rothwell, William H. [text]
Samuelson, Catherine [text]
Samuelson, Ruth [text]
Sanborn, Jay D. [text]
Schasse, August [text]
Schroder, Monte Ray [text]
Schufeldt, Ada E. [text]
Schufeldt, Dean M. [text]
Schufeldt, Earl & Della [text]
Schufeldt, Harvey & Edna [text]
Schufeldt, Karen L. [text]
Schufeldt, Larry L. & Doris E. [text]
Sears, Ida Belle [text]
Sellers, John [text]
Shaw, John A. [text]
Sheets, Dave [text]
Shelden, Albert E. [text]
Shelden, Harry M. [text]
Shelden, Jennie E. [text]
Shelden, Shelden Family Headstone [text]
Sheley, George E. [text]
Sibbitt, Arthur C. [text]
Sibbitt, Ola G. [text]
Siegfried, Pearl Lena [text]
Sikes, Lynn J. [text]
Simpson, A.g. "jerry" & Ruby A. [text]
Smith, Loren Dale [text]
Smith, Simon C. [text]
Spurling, Josie E. [text]
Standage, Jeanna & Jennifer [text]
Standen, Electa Pflug [text]
Stephens, Bernadine Glass [text]
Sterns, Gertrude Kline [text]
Sterns, Stevens Shelden [text]
Stevens, Larry D. [text]
Stevens, Stevens Family Headstone [text]
Stevens, Swan M. [text]
Stewart, Thomas H. [text]
Stotts, Andrew L. & Ruth [text]
Stotts, John D. [text]
Stotts, Sylvanus F. & Martha E. [text]
Stotts, Vean R. [text]
Stuckey, Josie E. [text]
Sweet, Paul & Ann [text]
Swett, Lula Beth [text]
Swetz, Madelyn J. [text]
Swiggart, Walter Webster & Cynthia Jane [text]
Taggart, Cora B. [text]
Tappan, Rochester [text]
Tasker, John H. [text]
Tasker, Kate [text]
Tasker, Louis [text]
Taylor, Elsie P. McCawley [text]
Teater, Charley A. [text]
Thomas, Genevieve [text]
Thompson, Joseph P. [text]
Thompson, Kermit F. & Ruby Jean [text]
Thompson, Merle C. & Nida M. [text]
Thurston, Bernard M. [text]
Thurston, Blanche L. [text]
Thurston, C. Eugene & Pauline E. [text]
Thurston, Charles W. [text]
Thurston, Clyde A. & Mamie A. [text]
Thurston, Clyde Chester [text]
Thurston, David W. [text]
Thurston, Emily W. [text]
Thurston, Florence Laura [text]
Thurston, Gordon John [text]
Thurston, Herbert E. [text]
Thurston, John H. [text]
Thurston, Marvin E. [text]
Thurston, Mary L. [text]
Thurston, Ralph [text]
Thurston, Ralph & Mary L. [text]
Treat, Elmer & Opal [text]
Trew, Baby Boy [text]
Tucker, Ora E. [text]
Unkefer, Ruth [text]
Vanmatre, George H. [text]
Vanmatre, Laverne & Bernice [text]
Vanmatre, Nellie M. [text]
Vanmatre, Zella S. [text]
Varner, Ben & Nellie M. [text]
Vaughn, Robert Bartlett [text]
Vontour, Virginia M. [text]
Waggoner, Infant Son [text]
Warner, George L. & Phyllis [text]
Weis, August & Emilie [text]
Westover, Elizabeth [text]
Westover, Harry R. & Lillian S. [text]
Westover, Vernon A. [text]
Wheaton, Sarah E. [text]
Wheaton, William J. [text]
Wheelock, George R. & Doris M. [text]
Wheelock, James R. [text]
Whitcomb, C. Frank [text]
Whitcomb, Helena O. [text]
White, Ed & Pauline [text]
Wight, Sarah P. [text]
Wilder, Karl D. & Dorcie E. [text]
Wilder, Karl D. & Marilyn S. [text]
Williams, Donald C. & Elsie G. [text]
Wise, Wilfred [text]
Wix, Willard [text]
Wolfe, Charles Robert [text]
Wolfe, Hazel Mae Fields [text]
Wright, Aaron & Rilla Newcomer [text]
Wright, Ajolon [text]
Wright, Benjamin & Alice G. [text]
Wright, Charles W. [text]
Wright, Cohanna Lorena [text]
Wright, Cyrus E & Rama J. [text]
Wright, Emma R. [text]
Wright, Florence M. [text]
Wright, James & Anna [text]
Wright, James W. & Maude R. [text]
Wright, Lyle F. & S. Berneice [text]
Wright, Oscar E. [text]
Wright, Robert Allen [text]
Wright, Stephen [text]
Wright, Walter Raymond [text]
Yauney, Floyd L. [text]
Yauney, Gay L. [text]
Yauney, Gladys O. [text]
Yauney, Glen V. & Vivian L. [text]
Yauney, Katherine [text]
Yauney, Paul V. [text]
Yauney, Robert Ray [text]
Yauney, Tura R. [text]
Zickefoose, Billy D. [text]

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