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baylake.txt Bay Lake Cemetery, Bay Lake Township 21K May 28, 1999 Susan Quayle-Severson
deerwood.txt Deerwood/Scandia Cemetery, Deerwood Township 35K June 11, 1999 Susan Quayle-Severson
dykeman.txt Dykeman/Union Cemetery, Grave Lake 16K Aug 7, 1999 Susan Quayle-Severson
evergren.txt Evergreen Cemetery, Brainerd (Photos) (Partial-EHRHART and SHANKLE only) 3K Jun 25, 2006 Kay Bolduan
garrison.txt Garrison Cemetery, Garrison Township 23K June 11, 1999 Susan Quayle-Severson
immanuel.txt Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Iron Hub 8K Aug 7, 1999 Susan Quayle-Severson
jenkinsc.txt Jenkins Cemetery, Jenkins (Photos) 13K Nov 28, 2005 Darlene Schmidt-Olson
lakewod1.txt Lakewood Cemetery, Crosby/Irondale   Surnames A thru E (Photos DRAKE only) 44K Sep 6, 2000 Susan Quayle-Severson

Photos Kay Bolduan

lakewod2.txt Lakewood Cemetery, Crosby/Irondale   Surnames F thru L (Photos HAYWARD-DRAKE only) 53K Sep 6, 2000 Susan Quayle-Severson

Photos Kay Bolduan

lakewod3.txt Lakewood Cemetery, Crosby/Irondale  Surnames M thru Q 39K Sep 6, 2000 Susan Quayle-Severson
lakewod4.txt Lakewood Cemetery, Crosby/Irondale Surnames R thru Z 52K Sep 6, 2000 Susan Quayle-Severson
maplegrv.txt Maple Grove Cemetery, Grave Lake Township 7K May 30, 2000 Susan Quayle-Seversonand Jane Quayle
merrifie.txt Merrifield Cemetery, Lake Edward
(Partial Transcription)
3K Sep 15, 2001 Judith Bird
missionc.txt Mission Cemetery, Mission Township (Photos DRAKE only) (Click here for Updated version 2007 with Photos) 26K Oct 23, 2003 Mel West
Photos Kay Bolduan

Updated version Mary McGoldrick

norwood.txt Norwood Cemetery, Jenkins Township (Photos) 10K Sep 8, 2000 Jerry and Dodee Davis
oakgrove.txt Oak Grove Cemetery, Grave Lake 18K June 22, 1999 Susan Quayle-Severson
oakland.txt Oakland Cemetery, Crow Wing Township 25K Sep 8, 2000 Jerry and Dodee Davis
oursavio.txt Our Savior's Lutheran Cemetery, Pequot Lakes (Photos) 44K Apr 23, 2005 Darlene Schmidt-Olson
pequotcm.txt Pequot Lakes Village Cemetery, Pequot Lakes (Photos) 87K Nov 29, 2005 Darlene Schmidt-Olson
pineridg.txt Pine Ridge Cemetery, Emily
(Partial Transcription)
2K Sep 15, 2001 Judith Bird
vaalecem.txt Vaale Cemetery, Maple Grove Township 18K Mar 6, 2003 Susan Quayle-Severson



crowmmtp.txt Members of Minnesota Territorial Pioneers, 1901 2K Jan 5, 2001 Shawne FitzGerald


mapl1912.jpg Maple Lake--1912 (Large file) 252K Nov 11, 1999 James Warta


crowwi83.txt Crow Wing County, Minnesota 1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll 3K Mar 17, 1999 Kenneth Thomas


brouilch.txt BROUILLET, Cletus H. (b.1924 d.2006) 4K Feb 28, 2006 Judy Clarke
doonanbe.txt DOONAN, Basel E. Sr. (b.1904 d.1988), Crosby (Abstract of Article) 2K Aug 27, 2003 Sherry
fullerwa.txt FULLER, Mr. Walter A. (b.1852 d.1923), Bay Lake 3K Aug 27, 2003 John Aguiar
fullerej.txt FULLER, Mrs. Emily J. (d.1934) 3K Aug 27, 2003 John Aguiar
hallstmd.txt HALLSTEAD, Mrs. Don (d.1918) 2K July 31, 2004 Linda Romero
hallsttc.txt HALLSTEAD, Theodore Chester (b.1867 d.1922) 3K July 31, 2004 Linda Romero
nelsonlb.txt NELSON, LaVaughn Bernadette (b.1929 d.2005) 3K Mar 9, 2005 Judy Clarke

Vital Stats

olsonmar.txt OLSON, Raymond Edward to SCHMIDT, Darlene Marie  Feb. 27, 1953 (certificate image) 3K Jun 4, 2004 Darlene Olson

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