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cemetery.txt Location of Cemeteries in Carlton Co. 3K Jan 4, 2006 Mike Panger
calvary.txt Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Cloquet (Partial Transcription) 20K Jan 4, 2006 Gretchen Levings
emmanuel.txt Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Barnum  (Partial Transcription- -HASS only) (Photos) 3K Sep 9, 2005 Tom Euchner
holyokec.txt Holyoke Cemetery, Holyoke 44K Feb 26, 2003 Judith Mooney Lindgren
mtsalemc.txt Mount Salem Cemetery, Mahtowa (Partial Transcription) 5K Aug 2, 2006 Peterson


1860 Federal Census
1860cen.txt 1860 Census Transcription 15K Nov 10, 2005 Michelle Pesola
1865 State Census
cn1865cn.txt 1865 Minnesota State Census:Carlton County, Minnesota 1K April 15, 1998 Kathryn Kelly
1870 Federal Census
surindex.txt 1870 Census Index 19K Nov 10, 2005 Michelle Pesola
1870cen.txt 1870 Census Transcription 51K Nov 10, 2005 Michelle Pesola



carlto83.txt Carlton County, Minnesota 1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll 2K Mar 16, 1999 Kenneth Thomas


cloquet.html The Island in Cloquet (pictures of the flood sometime between 1948 and 1951) * May 16, 2000 Linda Lee (Mattson) Andrys


carlsovr.txt CARLSON, Victor R. (b.1924 d.2006) 4K Aug 2, 2006 Peterson
jessoprt.txt JESSOP, Reuben Theodore (b.1900 d.1933) (Abstract of Article) 2K May 8, 2000 Dee
jessopww.txt JESSOP, William W. (b.1878 d.1939) (Abstract of Article) 2K May 8, 2000 Dee
lundbere.txt LUNDBERG, Evelyn (d.2003) 3K Aug 2, 2006 Peterson
petersam.txt PETERSON, Mrs. Anna Marie (d.1960) 2K Aug 2, 2006 Peterson
petersna.txt PETERSON, Mrs. Nancy A. (b.1894 d.1963) 3K Aug 2, 2006 Peterson
sandaug.txt SAND, August (d.1927) 3K Aug 2, 2006 Peterson

Vital Stats

Birth Records
1870-76.txt Birth Records 1879 - 1876 Various records 17K 2000 Mike Panger
Death Records
1870-82.txt Death Index December 1870 - September 1882 Various records 17K 2000 Mike Panger

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