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Cemetery Records
Description Filename Submitted by
All Saints Cemetery, Wilmington saints.txt Erin Burris
Asbury Methodist Church, Wilmington - Photo of Rev. Henry White Tombstone revwhite.htm Rebecca Hobson
Chester - Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery, Wilmington - partial listing chester.txt Cyndie Enfinger
Friends Burial Ground, Wilmington - Photo of Thomas Garrett and Rachel Mendenhall Garrett Tombstones wilmingtonfriendsbg.htm Robert E. Seeley
Mt. Salem Cemetery - partial listing mtsalem.txt Mary Ann Loss
Methodist Episcopal Church at Odessa odessa.txt Iva Thompson
National Cemetery, Hampton, VA - New Castle Civil War Interments natcemva-cw.txt Clarence Holt
Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery, Middletown stannech.txt Iva Thompson
Old Swedish Church Burial Ground, Wilmington - Photos of Allmond Tombstones oldswedishchurchbg.htm Robert E. Seeley
Pigeon Run Cemetery, Red Lion pigeonrun.txt James S. Dickey
Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington rivervie2gcm.txt Krystal Wilson
Riverview Park Cemetery, Wilmington - Brown Tombstone Photograph brown.txt Joyce White
Riverview Park Cemetery, Wilmington - McAllister Tombstone Photograph mcallist2nph.txt Jack McAllister
Silverbrook Cemetery, Wilmington - partial listing sbrokcem.txt Dawn Stapp
St. Joseph's Brandywine Cemetery, Wilmington - Tombstone Photographs brandw.htm Margaret Malloy

Census Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Partial (Single Household) Records:
  1. 1910 - Anton Household - Wilmington
  2. 1910 - Richards/Walls Household - Wilmington
  3. 1910 - Speakman Household - Wilmington
  4. 1920 - Purnell/Walls Household - Rep. Dist. 6
  5. 1920 - Walls/Richards Household - Wilmington
  6. 1930 - Sylvestor/Walls Household - Wilmington
  7. 1930 - Walls/Richards/Bradley Household - Wilmington
  1. yr191012gcn.txt
  2. yr19103gcn.txt
  3. yr191014gcn.txt
  4. yr19204gcn.txt
  5. yr19205gcn.txt
  6. yr19306gcn.txt
  7. yr19307gcn.txt
Krystal Wilson

Church Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Newark/Kennett Monthly Meeting Records 1686 - 1692 newark.txt Glenna Sytsma
Newark/Kennett Monthly Meeting Records 1693 - 1704 newark2.txt Glenna Sytsma

Description Filename Submitted by
1863 DuPont Co. Hagley Yard Explosion hagley.htm Margaret Malloy
Elderly 18th/19th Century Wilmington Residents wilmpion.txt Don Mosemann
New Castle County Libraries nclibry.txt  
Photograph - Ellerslie House, Wilmington ellersli3gph.txt Robert E. Seeley

Military Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Revolutionary War: Hines, Jacobus - Pension Application nclibry.txt Phyllis Hill
Description Submitted by
WW1: Civilian Draft Registration Cards, 1917-18 Raymond H. Banks
Surnames A - Be
Surnames Bi - Bz
Surnames Ca - Con
Surnames Coo - Dn
Surnames Do - Fe
Surnames Fi - Go
Surnames Gr - H
Surnames I - Jo
Surnames Jr - K
Surnames L
Surnames Ma - McC
Surnames McD - Mi
Surnames Ml - Ne
Surnames Ni - Pa
Surnames Pe - Py
Surnames Q - Ri
Surnames Ro - Ru
Surnames Sa - Sc
Surnames Se - Si
Surnames Sk - Sp
Surnames Sq - Sz
Surnames Ta - Tl
Surnames To - Va
Surnames Ve - Wa
Surnames We - Wh
Surnames Wi - Wn
Surnames Wo - Z

Tax Records
Description Filename Submitted by
1693 New Castle County Tax Assessment, part one nc1693.txt Glenna Sytsma
1693 New Castle County Tax Assessment, part two 1693nc2.txt Glenna Sytsma
1696/7 New Castle County Tax Assessment nc1697.txt Glenna Sytsma
1777 Tax List, Brandywine Hundred brtx1777.txt Don Mosemann

Vital Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Birth - Faline, Albert Junior, February 13, 1923 faline2gbt.txt Krystal Wilson
Birth - Walls, James Richards, October 7, 1908 walls3gbt.txt Krystal Wilson
Birth - Wilson, Edward James Thomas, June 4, 1926 wilson4gbt.txt Krystal Wilson
Death - Daniel W. Brennan, 9 Jun 1917 brennan2gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Death - William Brennan, 11 Jun 1917 brennan3gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Death - Charles T. Brittingham, 5 Oct 1951 britting4gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Death - Martha J. Garey, 3 Mar 1896 garey6gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Death - Estella Barlow Harrison, 21 Dec 1947 harrison8gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Death - James R. Richards 2 Sep 1916 richards9gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Death - Annie M. Richards, 1 Jan 1931 richards10gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Death - Thomas C. Walls, 11 Jan 1933 walls11gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Marriages performed by Rev. John Patton, principally in Middletown, DE, 1858 - 1883 pattonmarriages.txt Judy Longley
Marriages for Newark/Kennett Quaker Monthly Meeting, New Castle Co. - index only 1690 to 1750, A - F maraf.txt Glenna Sytsma
Marriages for Newark/Kennett Quaker Monthly Meeting, New Castle Co. - index only 1690 to 1750, G - H margh.txt Glenna Sytsma
Marriages for Newark/Kennett Quaker Monthly Meeting, New Castle Co. - index only 1690 to 1750, J - O marjo.txt Glenna Sytsma
Marriages for Newark/Kennett Quaker Monthly Meeting, New Castle Co. - index only 1690 to 1750, P - Z marpz.txt Glenna Sytsma

Wills and Probate Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Cartwright, Abraham 1713 Will abracart.txt Peggy Miller
Cartwright, Isaac 1789 Will icart.txt Peggy Miller
Cartwright, Jacob 1789 Will jac2cart.txt Peggy Miller
Cartwright, Jacob 1809/11 Estate Records jacocart.txt Peggy Miller
Cartwright, Jacob 1809 Inventory jcart.txt Peggy Miller
Cartwright, Thomas 1708 Executor Appointment thomcart.txt Peggy Miller
Garrett, John 1804 Will jgarrett.txt Barbara Long Emery
Graham, William 1730 Will graham17.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Frances 1772 Will graham3.txt Jerri Burket
Gregg, Beeson 1837 Will gregg8gwl.txt Lynn Beatty
Gregg, Samuel 1767 Will gregg5gwl.txt Lynn Beatty
Gregg, Samuel 1830 Will gregg6gwl.txt Lynn Beatty
Gregg, William 1747 Will gregg7gwl.txt Lynn Beatty
Huston, Christopher 1726/7 Will chuston.txt Robert Beverly
Hinds, Jacobus 1786 Will jhinds.txt Phyllis Hill
Murch, Matthew 1820 Will murch.txt Sharyl Ferrall
White, Rev. Henry 1856 Will revhenrywhite.txt Rebecca Hobson

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