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Where to get Census Records
for Transcription

The Census Program is unable to provide census copies at this time. As much as we would like to, we simply do not have the funds or the manpower to coordinate it adequately. Census can be purchased, rented, or even checked-out of the library for free. Many census are now available on CD-ROM which is even more wonderful! We have compiled this list of sources for your convenience, and so you have some idea of any possible costs involved.

Transcriptions need to be done from the original census schedules. These are mostly available in microfilm format, but some are also in books containing prints of the original schedules. If you have ready access to a microfilm reader you may wish to purchase the film or you may purchase the census schedules available in book form. When you are done with them they would make a nice donation to your local genealogical society, library or LDS Family History Center for others to use.

Free & Inexpensive Sources

Commercial Sources

National Archives

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