American Rosie the Riveter Assocation®
(Working Women of World War II)

WHAT IS ARRA? The American Rosie the Riveter Association is an organization established to honor the contribution of women workers on the home front during World War II and to promote patriotism and responsibility among all Americans.


WHO MAY JOIN? Women whose work was designed to contribute to the war effort (including women who did volunteer work) and their female descendants are eligible for active membership. Spouses and male relatives may become auxiliary members by attending an official local or national meeting of the Association.

         Women in occupations today that, prior to World War II were considered to be "men's work," may join as 21st Century Rosies.

       Women who performed the work are known as Rosies. Their female descendants are known as Rosebuds. Male auxiliary members are known as Rivets.

     A woman is eligible for membership as a Rosie: her work or volunteer services occurred during 1941-1945 and consisted of any one of the following:

1)     Employment of any sort in an industry or government agency that was directly related to the war effort, OR

2)     Employment (or self-employment) in a capacity usually held by a man for military duty , OR

3)     Participation on a sustained basis in one or more volunteer activities related to the war effort.

Examples of qualifying work are: work in any capacity in a munitions plant, airplane

manufacturing plant, shipyard, etc.; work

for the Department of Defense, local rationing board, etc; work as a truck driver, service station operator, etc; or independent work, such as farming; or volunteer work, such as collecting critical materials, rolling bandages, serving with U.S.O. or Red Cross, etc. Work that was customarily done by women and was not related to the war effort does not count.

     Rosebuds are eligible for membership if their mother, grandmother, etc., was eligible to be a Rosie, no matter whether she is living or deceased, and regardless of whether she was a member of the Association or not.


WHAT DO MEMBERS DO? Members are not required to attend meetings or pay annual dues. They are invited to attend a national Reunion/Convention each year, and they may attend meetings of a chapter in their locality. Rosies are invited to share their experiences both verbally and in written form, to become part of the legacy of the working women of World War II. Members receive newsletters about the Association’s activities on a regular basis.

      All members are awarded a certificate honoring working women of World War II.


HOW MAY I JOIN? Rosies, Rosebuds, 21st Century Rosies, and Rivets all join by completing and returning the application form. Rivets pay no membership fee.