July 12, 2000

TIME: 7 p.m.
PLACE: ALHN Chatroom #alhn
Barb Lavin, President, Pro-Tem
Kathy Leigh, Treasurer
Eveline Crocker, ALHN Webring Master
Lesley Moss, Director
Norm Vance, Director

Carole Hammet, ALHN member
Debbie Axtman, ALHN member

1. Barb Lavin opened meeting at 9:08 p.m.(EDT)
2. Election of Officers:An election of officers was held due to vacancy created by Susan Fanning, who was president pro-tem, when she resigned due to ill health.

Office of president. Nominations were opened; Kathy Leigh and Barb Lavin were nominated. Motion was made and seconded to close nominations. A vote was called and Kathy Leigh was elected.

Barb passed the gavel to Kathy to conduct the rest of the meeting.

Office of vice president. Nominations were opened; Barb Lavin and Norm Vance were nominated; Motion made and seconded to close nominations. A vote was called and votes counted. A motion was made for a recount as a question was posed. Can the president and the nominee vote. After a discussion was held and it was determined that both may vote. No second was made on the motion, motion failed. Norm Vance was elected.

Office of treasurer: As the office of treasurer was now vacant, a motion was made and seconded to open nominations. Nominations were opened; Eveline Crocker was nominated. A motion was made and seconded to close nominations. As there were no other candidates, Eveline Crocker was elected as Treasurer.

Old Business:

3. Secretary's Report: Motion made and seconded that minutes of last meeting be approved as posted.

A discussion was held on setting a biannual or yearly meeting. It was pointed out that this is in the current Bylaws. A motion was made and seconded to table this discussion until the next meeting.

4. Webring Report: Eveline Crocker had sent a report to the Board members previously. A motion was made and seconded to accept this report. All members in favor.

5. Bylaws Committee: Update on members. Barb Lavin was to report at this meeting the status of actual members. Her report stated that there are no actual members now, due to the resignation of Leigh Smith.

Carole Hammet asked for and was given permission to speak. Carole informed us that no committee is ever empty because the president is always a member.

A motion was made and seconded to appoint Lesley Moss to chair the Bylaws Committee. Lesley agreed and with a vote of the Board members, she was elected.

New Business

6. Requirements for ALHN Webmasters: A discussion was held regarding compliance with some of the stated requirements on state and county sites. Further discussion indicated a desire to require ALHN logos on all ALHN web pages. A motion was made to send a proposed amendment to the floor, amending the language concerning the qualifications and reciprocation's of state and county sites with language that would allow a warning, followed by delinking for lack of compliance. Motion was seconded. A vote was called but failed as written. Discussion continued and it was decided to put this in the hands of the Bylaws Committee.

7. Bylaws Committee: There being no committee members other than the chair and board president, the other board members volunteered to be on the committee for only the discussion of the proposed amendment as listed above. Carole Hammett and Debbie Axtman, after being given permission to speak, volunteered as non-board members to sit on the Bylaws Committee for this one amendment only. A motion was made and seconded to accept the volunteers as Bylaws Committee members for the purpose of the proposed amendment. A vote was called and the motion carried.

8. Board Vacancies: Two board vacancies were created when Noel Mathews resigned because of job, and Susan Fanning resigned because of her health. A motion was made and seconded to hold an election for new board members. A vote was called and motion was passed.

9. Adjournment: A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. A vote was called and motion was passed.

Kathy Leigh, President
Barb Lavin, Secretary

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