American Local History Network, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
February 20, 2000
The meeting was conducted on the ALHN e-groups mailing list.  It  was called to order by Roxy Gess-Smith at 9:00 PM eastern time.

Present:  Roxann Gess-Smith, President;  Members:  Norm Vance, Tracy Putnam, David Peterson, Pat Sabin, Jan Cortez, Pat Neal.   Member Barbara Lavin joined as meeting was in progress. Lucy Dill, Treasurer, was excused due to illness.

Minutes to previous meetings were not available.  The agenda was approved.

Roxy called for a treasurer's report, which Lucy had submitted in advance of the meeting:

Madam Chairman,

The treasurer does not have a full set of minutes, nor the organizational
board meeting minutes.  Having not been the secretary, I did not keep the
minutes.  Carl Kirton was assigned as temporary secretary and I believe he
has the minutes.  Additionally, and irc logs and email I had prior to the
failure of my hard drive on 26 January 2000 were lost.

American Local History Network, Inc. has no money, no checking account,
nor does it anticipate any monies to necessitate an account.

The only possible liabilities are the expenditure for the filing of the
Articles of Incorporation in the amount of $30 and the purchase of the domain at a cost of $70.  The above items were paid by Jerry and
Lucy Dill.

The Chair directs the Treasurer to provide by private email to the President the FTP password to the FTP ALHN.Org domain.

This has been done prior to the meeting.

New Business:

Nominations were accepted for the offices of Secretary and Vice President.  Tracy Putnam was elected as Secretary.  David Peterson was elected  Vice President.

A motion was made by David Peterson  and seconded by Jan Cortez  to void the earlier Board  vote to dissolve the corporation ,  by reason of  the invalidity of that vote due to a lack of proper notice as required by Idaho Non Profits Corporations
Act.   Motion carried unanimously.

The necessity of finding a vehicle for conducting future meetings was discussed at length.  It was agreed that prior to the next meeting, a chat room format would be found to accommodate the needs of all board members and volunteers.

Due to the delays of postings on the list, the following motion by David Peterson was made and seconded after adjournment:

UPON CONCLUSION of this vote on item #10 I would like to make a motion:

Move to authorize the Board Chair to designate committees to begin addressing
the issues of
1] Revising the bylaws to include volunteers as members and other changes as
needed to improve the overall operation and access by the members
2] Addressing the issue of the Domain ownership
3] Establish a meeting site that all can use
4] AND that the Chair has full authority to request and receive and manage
the ftp passwords to the domain

The meeting adjourned approximately 11:10 P.M. eastern standard time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pat Sabin
Board Member