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UGS Support

On this page you will find items/links dealing with support by and for the Ukrainian Genealogical Society.

Frequently Asked Questions - have a question about the UGS? Are you member that is having problems with membership issues or benefits? Check out our FAQ, first. If you don't find an answer to your question there, use the form on the page to send it to the UGS Member Services. Do NOT send family research queries/requests through this form; there are specific message boards/mail lists set up for that.

UGS Privacy Policy - join the Ukrainian Genalogical Society with complete confidence and safety.

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Supporting UGS:

Membership to the Ukrainian Genealogical Society is free. Currently, there is no cost to join. In order to help keep the membership free and to be able to expand its services, features, and information to its members and visitors, the Ukrainian Genealogical Society relies on generous donations.

This is purely voluntary. If you wish to donate to support the UGS, click on the graphic below. I thank you in advance.

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The UGS would also appreciate non-monetary donations:

Graphic designs.
Web site promotions and advertisement.
Databases and look-up services.
Genealogical data extracts.
Web page design and creation.
Files and resources that can be added to this web site for member's use.

To get more details about the non-monetary donations, write to


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