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UGS Projects

This is the page where the Ukrainian Genealogical Society presents the different projects that it supports/sponsors.  Many of these projects still need volunteers to host or coordinate the effort.  The Ukrainian Genealogical Society is looking to sponsor the following projects, which are brloen down by different categories of On-going, Pending, Proposed:


These projects are currently active and on-going.  On-going projects already have hosts/coordinators assigned.  If you have any questions regarding that specific project or wish to onctribute to it, please access the Project Web Site and contact the host/coordinator directly.

Ukrainian Genealogy Links - Hosted/coordinated by Michelle Chubenko.  This project dovetails with the Ukrainian GenWeb project that Michelle coordinates.

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These are projects that require a Host/coordinator to move the project forward.  Below is a list of the Pending Projects and a short description of what is involved.

The UGS Newsletter - Rodinyj Brama (The Family Portal); publication of the Ukrainian Genealogical Society for members. REQUIRES EDITOR.  Requirements:

Accumulate/solicit relevant articles and news items.
Format/edit articles and news items to fit the prescribed format of the newsletter.
Insure meeting the publication deadlines.

If you are interested in becoming the editor for this newsletter, write

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Proposed projects are ones that have been either suggested, requested, or determined by the UGS as a needed resource.  Proposed projects still require definition as to:

Method of contributions

The Society will work with the host/coordinator in developing these and a hosting site.

Ukrainian Cemeteries - (HOST NEEDED) The project entails gathering information about and from different Ukrainian cemeteries from around the world. This project requires a host. The host will work with others and help coordinate all efforts. If interested in hosting this project write to

If your looking for more details on what is involved in recording cemetery information, read this article "How To Record A Cemetery" by Steve Johnson.

Ukrainian Parish Membership List Extract- (HOST NEEDED) Do you have old annual reports from your church parish? Do these reports give lists of names? UGS will host the list that you transcribe into a .txt file. Do NOT include any financial information in these extract lists.

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If you have a specific project that you currently host on a web site of your own or want to propose one that isn't listed on this web page, send a suggestion to .

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