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The Ukrainian Genealogical Society has re-instated it's membership process. Currently, membership to the UGS is free. Joining UGS is easy; just click here for instructions on joining the UGS .

The Regular Chapter Membership Process is currently suspended on a temporary basis until the completion of the reorganization and a new support infrastructure is established. However, you can still join the UGS as a regular member. The ONLY chapter that is being allowed to actively recruit new members is the south New Jersey chapter.

UGS is constantly looking to add additional membership benefits. Become a volunteer at UGS along with being a member. And to help UGS grow, help by being a supporter.


Joining Ukrainian Genealogical Society

Joining the Ukrainian Genealogical Society is free and easy. Who should join the UGS?

Those conducting research into their own Ukrainian family roots.
Those that have Ukrainian genealogy information or resourses to offer other Ukrainian genealogists.
Those interested in starting their own Ukrainian genealogy research.
Those wanting to connect with others who are conducting their Ukrainian family research on order to exchange and share information and experiences.


The UGS is currently in need of volunteers to help manage different aspects of the services that UGS plans to offer. The services that will be offerred will depend on the number of volunteers, the caliber of their skills, and the type of support that they can give.

Also, looking to establish a special Ad Hoc Steering Group to advise the reorgznization effort and to prioritize the establishment and implementation of UGS services and member benefits.

Volunteers needed to:

Manage and moderate different message boards and/or mail lists.
Establish, implement, and coordinate Information Look-Up Service.
Establish and implement an Offline Charter Membership Program.

To volunteer or to inquire, write to

Joining UGS is a very simple process and it is free. Members are listed in the UGS member roster and will be able to access the additional Member's Section. You may join the UGS with complete confidence because we strictly adhere to our Privacy Policy. To join the UGS follow these steps:

IMPORTANT! Your Member's Page will be utilizing the information that you enter on the application form in Step 2, so be sure to follow the instructions for completing the application. Incompletely/improperly filled out application forms will cause processing of your application to be delayed.

1. Copy the graphic below to your computer and upload to your server, if you have a web page. If you don't have a web page, then you may skip this step.

2. Complete the form on this page. You will then receive a code via e-mail that you can paste on your web site to show everyone that you are a Member of UGS. Because one of the key factors that will help the UGS become more useful is a list of surnames that its members are researching. Please be sure to enter all of the surnames that you are researchign when you submit your form; nothing more is needed to be added in the Description text box except the surnames you are researching (make sure that they are all in CAPITAL letters and separated by a right angle bracket '>').

3. You will be automatically subscribed to the UGS Update Newsletter.

That's it! If you don't have a web page where you can display the UGS membership graphic or you just want to have a text link, use the one below:

The South NJ Chapter is looking for new members. The current South NJ Chapter web site is under construction with the new redesign and adding additional information and content. However, new members from the South NJ area are welcome. To qualify for the South NJ Chapter, you must meet the following requirements:

Be a resident of the southern New Jersey area (Burlington County and south).
Be actively conducting research into Ukrainian genealogy or have a desire to begin one.


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