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Welcome To The
Ukrainian Genealogical Society

Welcome to the home page for the Ukrainian Genealogical Society.   Currently, the UGS is a totally online organization and community focusing on helping the genealogist to research their Ukrainian roots. Start by reading the UGS Mission Statement and Feature Highlight.

The Ukrainian Genealogy Society was originally started in January 2001 as a means of helping those conducting Ukrainian genealogy research. The number of organizations and societies pertaining specifically to Ukrainian family research is limited. Many Internet sites exist that are focused toward Eastern European research, but Ukrainian-specific genealogy sites aren't as prevalent.

The Ukrainian heritage is a rich and proud one that deserves a higher place in the Eastern European genealogical hierarchy then it currently has. The UGS was founded in order to help uplift and improve the resources and information currently available for the Ukrainian genealogist. 

Mission of The Ukrainian Genealogical Society

The Mission of The Ukrainian Genealogical Society is to

Encourage more Ukrainian family research.
To help those currently conducting such research.
To bring together those involved in Ukrainian genealogy and to share information pertaining to such research.
To improve the resources available to Ukrainian genealogists.
To offer a forum for exchange of ideas and potential solutions to common obstacles and concerns.
To offer a single organizational source for all of the different online Ukrainian web resources.
To provide a single source for information and means of exchanging information/resources for anyone needing to locate data to complete their family research which may be archived in Ukraine or any any of its former lands.

The UGS encourages groups within regions and locales to gather for discussion, exchange of information and ideas, and promotion of Ukrainian Genealogy.

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UGS Key Features:

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