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Chernigov Surname Research

The surnames listed below are being researched by one or more members of the Chernigov Genealogy Group. Open the files below to see contact information for the surname reseachers:

These files are in print-friendly PDF format. Make sure to hit the 'Refresh' button to see the newest upload. If you have Adobe Reader installed, clicking the link will open them automatically; otherwise, download Adobe Reader free of charge at

If you wish to add names to the list, please send the following information to the Group Administrator at

Items 1-3 are for our records; items 4-6 will be posted on our site:

  1. Your name:

     Last:__________________________  First_____________________

  2. Your country of residence:


  3. Email at which the Group Administrator may contact you:



  4. Email at which other researchers may contact you (if different from #3 above). This email address will be available on our web site. if you have concerns about privacy, set up a free account at Yahoo or Gmail.


  5. Chernigov surnames that you are researching:


  6. Chernigov towns in which your ancestors lived:


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