Chernigov Family Research

Translation of Tombstone Inscriptions in the main
Jewish cemetery in the city of Chernigov, Ukraine

Chernigov Cemetery

Eric Feinstein organized the photography, translation, transcription and indexing of this project. Alla Aizenberg translated the Russian and Hebrew inscriptions into English.
Photos were taken by JOWBR/JewishGen photographers from Kiev.

More than 1700 photos were taken in a cemetery designated as CHERNIGOV I: US Commission No. UA24010101

The results are in 11 tables, with information about
Surname, Given Name(s), Date of Birth, Date of Death (English), Date of Death (Hebrew),
Hebrew Name, Father's Name, Comments / Notes (All Other Information)
and a link to a photo of the tombstone.


CHERNIGOV I:    US Commission No. UA24010101
Alternate name: Tschernigov (Yiddish) and Czernihow (German).
The cemetery is located W at Lubechskaya St., Trol.#5, 6, Station, 'Voykova St.
Present town population is over 100,000 with 1,001-10,000 Jews.
The earliest known Jewish community was 13th century.
1926 Jewish population (census) was 10,607.
Effecting the Jewish Community were 1623, 1648, 1905, 1918, and 1919 pogroms.
Living here mid-19th century were Perez Hen and Hayyim David Zevi Hen, son Pezer Hen. The last known Habbad Hasidic burial was 1975. The communities in Sednev, Repky, and Lubech (all 37 km away) used this cemetery

There are 501 to 5000 stones date from 1863 to the 20th century. No stones have been removed. The cemetery has special sections for men and women. Some tombstones have traces of painting on their surfaces, portraits on stones and/or metal fences around graves.

More information about this and other cemeteries in the City of Chernigov is available at

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