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Wikipedia provides an explanation of the terms guberniya, uyezd, oblast and raion.
Chernigov (Чернигов) and Chernihiv ( Чернігів)
Around 1929/1932, the Russian name Chernigov (Чернигов) was changed to the Ukrainian name Chernihiv (Чернігів). The following is a list of alternate Roman-alphabet spellings that we have seen on Western maps and other documents. 
  • Černihov
  • Chernichów
  • Chyernigov
  • Czernichów
  • Czernichw
  • Czernigow
  • Czernihyw


  • Czernihov
  • Czernihów
  • Tchernigoff
  • Tchernigov
  • Tschernigoff
  • Tschernigov
  • Tschernihiw


Chernigov spelling in other languages: Cernigovas (Lithuanian), Charnihau (Belarusian), Czernihów (Polish), Tschernigow (German), Tshernigov (Yiddish)

Chernigov Towns Master List, compiled by Andrew S. Bushkin, consists of Cities / Towns / Communities in territory of the former Chernigov guberniya or the present Chernihiv oblast. It includes geographic coordinates, population data, and dates of founding, when known.
Current revision: 53: 2006-07-03.

Chernigov Past (Chernigov Gubernia 1802 to approximately 1919-1924)
  • Chernigov — brief article from
  • Chernihiv— Historic information from Encyclopedia of Ukraine
  • Chernigov Jewish Virtual Library presents Jewish history from Middle Ages on.
  • List of Railway Stations in and Around Chernigov Guberniya, 1910

Towns and Uyezds in Chernigov Guberniya, 1894/1895, as they appear in the Vsia Rossiia business directory

History of Jewish communities in the former Chernigov gubernia with Jewish population more than 1000 peoplenew

Chernihiv Today - Towns in Chernihiv Oblast, 1929/1932 to the Present, compiled by Andrew S. Bushkin and Tom E., lists the Cities/Towns/Communities found in present-day Chernihiv Oblast.

Personal Accounts of Chernigov Cities and Towns

Modern Visits to Chernigov

Family Trees from Chernigov

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