Yarnscombe Burials, 1838-1864

St Andrew's, Yarnscombe Burials, 1838-1864

Parish Register
A page from the Yarnscombe parish register

1. Transcription provided with permission of the incumbent, the Reverend Kim Mathers.
2. A question mark in brackets indicates uncertainity about the original entry.
3. Links to existing gravestones or monuments are provided.
1838April 19Honor TUCKERInfant 
1838October 30George MOUNTJOY72 
1838November 25Anthony PETHERBRIDGEInfant 
1838December 10William PARKHAM7 
1839April 14Sarah PETHERBRIDGE39 
1839June 23Elizabeth FORDInfantTawstock
1839July 30William BOLT66 
1839August 14John FISHER64 
1839August 27John BOWDEN74 
1839September 12Elizabeth ROBINS71Barnstaple
1839October 23Anne CARTER77 
1839December 27Richard PETHERBRIDGE59 
1840February 8Sarah BOWDEN73 
1840April 9James OATWAY10m 
1840May 3John POW63 
1840May 8Sally TUCKER16Atherington
1840June 24Mary OATWAY82died 21 Jun 1840
1840July 5Susannah GILL2Tawstock
1841February 7Grace PATT57 
1841February 7Anne DILLON29 
1841February 8Thomas CHICKInfant 
1841March 7Rebecca OATWAY2 
1841March 9Honour PARKIN10 
1841March 23Elizabeth KERSLAKE2 
1841March 29William MITCHELL52 
1841April 7Thomas BLACKMORE64 
1841May 2Jane BOLT66 
1841May 2William BOLTInfant 
1841September 5Agnes MOLLAND75 
1841September 28William ISAAC60High Bickington
1841October 8William CLARK34died Northam 3 Oct 1841
1841November 7Elizabeth CLARK70died 1 Nov 1841
1841December 9Grace GRIFFY36 
1842January 16Mary WEEKS49Tawstock
1842April 3Susan BERRY85 
1842May 10Mary BISHOP39 
1842August 28Richard HILL63 
1842October 23Anne MARTIN14Torrington Union
1842December 14Ann LANDER78 
1842December 28Jane GAY76 
1843February 5Mary TUCKER76 
1843February 26John THORNE61 
1843October 1Henry OATWAY76Barnstaple
1843October 17Sarah FURSE77 
1844February 25Elizabeth THORNE4m 
1844March 7Jane Goss PENGILLYInfantdied 4 Mar 1844
1844March 21Richard PICKARD66 
1844July 31Edmund TOUT64 
1844October 1Elizabeth ACTT78 
1844October 8Samuel ARTHURInfant 
1844November 27Richard BRAGG70died 22 Nov 1844
1845February 1Mary DAY65died 27 Jan 1845
1845February 20Jane JONES61died 14 Feb 1845
1845March 2George CROCKER63Torrington Union
1845September 13Betsy GAY73died Atherington 11 Sep 1845
1845September 21Samuel WEEKS77Tawstock
1845October 28George MUXWORTHYInfant 
1845December 14William SYMONS4mdied 13 Dec 1845
1845December 24Ann HANCOCK73 
1846March 28William THORNE24Credition
1846June 21Grace BLACKMORE22 
1846July 9Mary SYMONS76 
1846July 15Richard OATWAY61 
1846October 18Grace MATTHEWS19Swimbridge
1846November 17Thomas MATTHEWS92Swimbridge
1847February 11Grace GRIFFITH72Beaford
1847March 28Mary Ann MUXWORTHY3Pilton
1847April 18Arthur LANDER86 
1847May 9Mary MUXWORTHY17w 
1848March 16Dorothy FISHER66 
1848June 14Wiliam COLE3 
1848July 11John GILL8 
1848August 9Henry PENGILLY5mdied 3 Aug 1848
1848August 18John DILLIN62Atherington
1848August 20Arthur PETHERBRIDGE62 
1848October 8Susanna OLIVER78 
1848October 15Jane HAMMETT8 
1848November 24Elizabeth CARDER63 
1848Novmeber 27James BAKER65 
1849May 27Samuel OLIVER78 
1849June 24James HAMMETT15 
1849July 13Susanna SYMONS57 
1849September 23John GILL1 
1849September 30Mary Ann Furze MOORE2w 
1849October 25Grace PICKARD72 
1849November 2Elizabeth BISHOP55 
1849December 9George HAMMETT8 
1849December 20Abel SYMONS54 
1850January 9Mary HAMMETT82Huntshaw
1850February 27Susanna MOORE  
1850March 10Eliza WONNACOTT2w 
1850April 13Thomas GAY76 
1850September 21William BUDD67 
1850October 19Thomas JOCE70 
1850December 7William SYMONS11mAlverdiscott
1851February 8Elizabeth HEAMAN66 
1851February 22Mary Ann JOCE63 
1851April 3Susanna MOORE6m 
1851May 11William CARTER20 
1851May 15John MOORE56 
1851June 9Mary PENGILLY37died 6 Jun 1851
1851August 5Joan PETHERBRIDGE89Bishops Tawton
1851August 26Mary FISHER80 
1851September 8Thomas SEYMOUR39 
1851December 8William HEAMAN67 
1852April 14Sarah SEYMOUR41 
1852November 7John PATT46 
1852December 25Mary Jane BIRD2 
1853January 20Samuel AVERY7m 
1853March 6Mary OATWAY82 
1853March 29John BLACKMORE3 
1853April 7Isaac PETHERBRIDGE72 
1853June 10John GRIMSHARE81 
1853June 26William CARTER59 
1853June 28Mary AVERY35 
1853October 28Grace MUXWORTHY65died 25 Oct 1853
1853November 2Sarah MARTIN13 
1853November 6Grace GILL77 
1853November 12Daniel MUXWORTHY4d 
1853December 6Jane TUCKERdied 4 Dec 1853
1853December 25Mary Ann TOUT2 
1853December 29Louisa DUNCAN6w 
1854January 4Wiliam BOULT6 
1854January 11Ann BIRD5m 
1854January 25Sarah PETHERBRIDGE2 
1854April 11John PARKIN60died 8 Apr 1854
1854April 14Charlotte MUXWORTHY2 
1854May 11William STEDEFORD88 
1854July 26William SYMONS44 
1854September 1Thomas KERSLAKE63died 29 Aug 1854
1854September 15Katherine LAUDER69 
1854October 11John GILL95 
1854October 17John BELLEW64 
1854October 24Elizabeth STEDEFORD98 
1854October 29George WESTACOTT92 
1854November 1William FURZE58 
1855January 28Elizabeth MUXWORTHY1 
1855March 18Mary COOKE5m 
1855April 1Jane HEAMAN7mdied 30 Mar 1855
1855April 8Emmanual DAVY6m 
1855July 8John BISHOP3w 
1855October 21Sarah HUXTABLE4 
1855November 18Anne OATWAY4 
1856February 18Elizabeth DARCH19 
1856July 20Elizabeth OATWAY2 
1856November 17Thomas LANDER72 
1856December 29Ann WILLS80Torrington
died 24 Dec 1856
1857March 15William MUXWORTHY1w 
1857March 18Grace BATER67St Giles
1857April 29William PETHERBRIDGE6d 
1857June 18Mary KERSLAKE67 
1857August 16Thomas OATWAY44 
1857August 25Eliza PATT5 
1857September 13Matilda HAYDON2 
1857November 11Elizabeth COLE62 
1857November 22Samuel MUXWORTHY14mdied 19 Nov 1857
1857December 2Robert OATWAY  
1858February 21William KERSLAKE78 
1858March 25George KERSLAKE70died 22 Mar 1858
1858December 26John GILE2 
1859January 4Elizabeth DARCH31Pilton
died 2 Jan 1859
1859March 2Johanna KERSLAKE63died 27 Feb 1859
1859March 16Mary DOWN9High Bickington
1859March 20Johanna PARKIN66Tawstock
died 17 Mar 1859
1859August 30George PETHERBRIDGE85 
1859September 4Mary BUDD82 
1859September 5Anthony MUXWORTHY7w 
1859September 15Charlotte PEARSE48died 12 Sep 1859
1859September 17Elizabeth FISHER81Pilton
1859September 21Anthony DARCH16m 
1860February 9Thomas FISHER73 
1860February 19Thomas PETHERBRIDGE4w 
1860June 13George MUXWORTHY63 
1860June 24William FURZE¼m 
1860November 7Eliza DUNN½m 
1860November 11John MITCHEL3m 
1860December 5James RUDD83 
1861January 20Elizabeth Ann GILL7m 
1861February 6Sophia ARNOLD2Tawstock
1861February 14Elizabeth SYMONS65 
1861February 19Mary MITCHEL30 
1861May 9Jane MUXWORTHY28died 5 May 1861
1861June 30Thomas WIDLAKE4 
1861July 4Thomas WIDLAKE29 
1862February 9Ann PETHERBRIDGE77 
1862May 28Grace TOUT80died 23 May 1862
1863February 19Francis Henry THORNE10mdied 15 Feb 1863
1863May 26James TOUT17 
1863June 21Elizabeth Jane SIMMONS16High Bickington
1863July 15John DAVY60Torrington Union
1863August 7William FISHER43died 3 Aug 1863
1863September 6Eliza MOORE17 
1863October 18Robert MARTIN99 
1863December 27Grace GILL21 
1864February 1George PETHERBRIDGE39 
1864February 24Thomas SYMONS27 
1864December 4Samuel COOKE8 
1864December 15Richard SYMONS74