Yarnscombe Burials, 1754-1812

St Andrew's, Yarnscombe Burials, 1754-1812

Parish Register
A page from the Yarnscombe parish register

1. Transcription provided with permission of the incumbent, the Reverend Kim Mathers.
2. A question mark in brackets indicates uncertainity about the original entry.
3. Links to existing gravestones or monuments are provided.
1754April 5Ann THOMAS 
1754April 7Elizabeth HERNE 
1755February 9Christian PARKIN 
1755March 9Ann COUCH 
1755March 30Thomas OATWAY 
1755March 30William DOWN 
1755May 9William GRIGG 
1755May 25Grace GRIGG 
1755July 18Elizabeth HOW 
1755November 10Jone CHEECK 
1756January 1Martha HEARDING 
1756February 15Franceas HERN"son of John and Catern HERN"
1756March 19Abram ISAAC"of Tawstock"
1756March 19Catern HERN 
1756April 2Mary SHORT 
1756April 20Mary HERN 
1756May 12Ann HERN 
1756June 5Thomas YARMAN 
1756July 7William ISAAC 
1756September 5Margrit DAVIE 
1757February 5George CHICK 
1757February 20Thomas LEWES 
1757March 31Peter PADDON 
1757April 6Elizabeth PUGSLEY 
1757April 15Katherine PADDON 
1757April 27George SHORT 
1757April 27Mary MURCH 
1757May 2Daniel PADDON 
1757August 22Thomas HERN 
1757August 31Susanna CHICK"daughter of William CHICK"
bap Yarnscombe 26 Sep 1756
1757September 28Catern PADDON 
1757October 11Grace BLACKMOOR 
1758March 14Mary BOOTFILL(?)"daughter of Jane BOOTFILL"
1758March 18John PUGSLY 
1758April 12Sarah MOON 
1758May 20Arthur COTTEL 
1758May 20Catern ISAAC 
1758December 15Elizabeth ADAMS 
1758December 19Martha ALLING 
1759January 25Isaac FISHER 
1759April 13Ann THOMAS"daughter of Adam THOMAS"
baptised Yarnscombe 27 Aug 1755
1759April 29Julian SNOW 
1759April 29Samuel COPP 
1759May 24Julian SNOW 
1759May 29Danwell MOON 
1759June 2Ann TUCKER 
1759July 3Thomas HERN"son of John HERN"
baptised Yarnscombe 17 Jun 1759
1759July 14James OATWAY"son of Henry OATWAY"
baptised Yarnscombe 18 Aug 1754
1759August 5Catern ISAAC"daughter of Ambros ISAAC"
baptised Yarnscombe 16 Feb 1751
1759September 27Mary CHALLDON 
1759November 23William CLARK 
1760February 25Thomas EVANS"son of John EVANS"
baptised Yarnscombe 6 May 1759
1760March 13William BELLEW 
1760May 28Elizabeth GALWORTHY"of Pilton"
1760July 10William GRIMSHIRE 
1760August 19June STOYLEFaint entry
1760August 21 John BOOAR"of Harwood"
1760August 24David COOLE 
1760September 25Allicksander COTTALL 
1760December 16Thomas HALLS"base child of Grace HALLS"
baptised Yarnscombe 4 Jun 1758
1761January 30John HERDIN 
1761May 3Thomas FISHER 
1761May 29William ISAAC 
1761June 2 Richard HERDING 
1761October 12Thomas LAKE 
1761October 21Elizabeth FUING 
1761October 25Thomas PACH"of Elsbear"
1761November 16George PITS 
1761December 30Jone DANI 
1762January 28Mary BAPLE 
1762February 28James BLACKMORE 
1762March 9Susanna CHEECK 
1762March 23Grace HERN 
1762April 9Anne HERN 
1762June 22Mary SHADDOCK 
1762June 25Elizabeth TUCKERdaughter of John TUCKER
1762July 2Matthew LOVEBAND 
1762July 8Samuel SHORT 
1762August 10Jane BOOTFILL 
1762September 17John EVANS 
1762November 2Alice MOLLAND 
1762November 17George MULES 
1762November 20John GROAHAMFaint entry
1762November 24Catorn BATER"of Instow"
1763January 9John BEER 
1763January 26John GOULDFaint entry
1763March 27Archelas GAYFaint entry
1763April 23Elizabeth MURCHFaint entry
1763May 3Simon DARCH 
1763August 10Joan THOMAS 
1763November 19Matthew CAMPIN 
1764January 25Susanna _____Faint entry
1764October 12James EVANS 
1764November 16John OATWAY Junr 
1764December 12John OATWAY Senr 
1765January 14Anne CHICK 
1765January 15Mary HOYLE 
1765March 9William CHICK 
1765March 15Grace CAMPIN 
1765April 8Peter BEAPLE 
1765May 15Sara HEARDING 
1765May 29Mary GRIMESHIRE 
1765August 6Thomas CHICK 
1765August 6William ISSAC 
1765October 22Anne SMALE 
1765November 10Hugh CHALDEN 
1765November 17Joan OATWAY 
1765December 15Richard SHADDOCK 
1766May 4Elizabeth PITTS 
1766October 19Rachel GRIGG 
1766December 3William CANEN(?) 
1767January 9Sara LAKE 
1767March 6Thomas CHICK 
1767March 29Thomas HOWARD 
1767April 21Sara BERRY 
1767July 10Thomas GATON 
1767December 6Dorothy TRICKER 
1768March 17George DONYOR 
1768May 21John BURTONSHAW 
1768July 3Mary POW 
1768July 9Ann COOP 
1768July 17Samuel COOP 
1768July 29Richard PETHERBRIDGE 
1768August 2Isaac GAY 
1768August 13William CARTER 
1768September 12Ambros ISAAC 
1769May 15Mary OATWAY 
1769June 6John SHADDOCK 
1769December 29Johan THORNE 
1770March 4James HOYL 
1770JulyThomas and Richard LOVEBANDNo date
1770July 15Marget HEARDING 
1770August 5Sarah HARRIS 
1770November 25George HEARN 
1771February 24Richell CLARKE 
1771April 11James TRICK 
1771May 11Sarah HEARRIS 
1771June 19Henry PETHEBRIDGE 
1771June 24Mary GAY 
1771October 24Arthur FEWINGS 
1771November 13Hester COAL 
1771December 21Elizabeth ISSAC 
1772February 19William CHICK 
1772April 14Mary SMALE 
1772April 17Mary CHICK 
1772September 25Susanna CHICK 
1772November 19Elizabeth HERN 
1773May 11Enoch DAVEY 
1773May 17William PERKIN 
1773May 21John COOP 
1773July 11Charles DAVEY 
1774January 10Hugh TAPP 
1774February 13John DOWNE 
1774April 10Mary SPEAR 
1774September 24William LOVEBAND 
1775January 24Elizabeth OATWAY 
1775February 23Mary GLASS 
1775May 22Mary BACKER 
1775August 20Thomas MULES 
1775October 22Eliza HERN 
1775December 17Mary GREEN 
1776February 4John BLACKMORE 
1776February 13Elenor SNOW 
1777February 28Elizabeth HUXTABELL 
1777March 4Margaret SHADDICK 
1777March 16William TUCKER 
1777May 11John BATER 
1777May 11Phillip DILLIN 
1777July 13John EVENS 
1778March 15James GALLIFORD 
1778June 2Dorrity OAKWAY 
1778June 16Frances HERN 
1778July 26Susanna HARDING 
1778September 10Ann HERN 
1778December 30John BACKER 
1779February 7William HERN 
1779March 14Henry PERKIN 
1779May 20John HARISS 
1779August 18Mary TRIKER 
1779September 8Jeanis FURZE 
1779September 16Jesept(?) TRIKER 
1779September 18Ann CROKER 
1779October 3Elizabeth EIVENS 
1779October 20John SANDERS 
1779November 27Jane CESLAKE 
1779December 1Anthony LOVEBAND 
1780January 3Sarah BACKER 
1780February 22Elizabeth GEATON 
1780March 1Thomas FURS 
1780April 16John WEBBER 
1780October 31John BATTER 
1780November 19Ann CROCKER 
1780November 19Joan CROCKER 
1780December 17Grace GALLEVOR 
1781March 23Mary MUXWORTHY 
1781May 18John GEATON 
1781August 10Mary STOYEL 
1781September 2Elizabeth BELLEW 
1781September 17Mary HEARN 
1781October 2Susanna SMALL 
1781November 4Elizabeth BURCH 
1781November 4Sarah HARRIS 
1781December 19Hugh ISAAC 
1782January 2Thomas POW 
1782April 7Margret CUGH 
1782July 27Mary HEARN 
1782September 10Grace ISAAC 
1782October 25Mary BARE 
1783March 25Ann COTTEL 
1783April 22Mary BEREY 
1783May 20Mary GRISN 
1783June 8Mary CHICK 
1783December 28Ann CHICKFaint entry
1784February 16Rachel POW 
1784June 3Eleanor HALLS 
1784November 2Elizabeth DOWN 
1785January 28Barbara FISHER 
1785April 24Mary BELLEW 
1785June 11Thomazin GAY 
1785August 19Francis JONES 
1785October 12Mary TUCKER 
1785November 16George ISAAC 
1785November 20Margery COOK 
1785December 17Thomas OATWAY 
1785December 21Mary SMALE 
1785December 28Elizabeth SMALE 
1786January 6Robert SMALE 
1786January 6Mary FISHER 
1786January 9Arthur MUXWORTHY 
1786March 26James BEER 
1786July 9John ALLEN 
1787January 30Elizabeth SHAPLAND 
1787April 1Bartholomew STAWEL 
1787May 27William POW 
1787June 27Joan COUCH 
1787August 9John FURZ 
1787September 9John HARRIS 
1788March 26Anthony LOVEBAND 
1788September 9John PARKIN 
1788October 9Sarah LOVEBAND 
1788October 21Mary HEARDING 
1789January 8Richard HUNT 
1789March 22Grace LANDER 
1789April 9Richard HEARDING 
1789April 12Elizabeth HILL 
1789June 28William CLARK 
1789August 21William FISHER 
1789December 8Ambrose ISAAC 
1789December 30Joan BLACKMORE"aged 96"
1790January 5Mary OATWAY 
1790February 11Joannah WEBBER 
1790April 23Thos FURZE 
1790 Elizabeth FURZEFaint entry
1790September 14Sarah LOVEBAND 
1791March 27Anthony TUCKER 
1791June 19William TUCKER 
1791September 22Susannah TELLICK 
1791October 6Samuel CROCKER 
1792March 12Mary BAKER 
1792March 18John KARSLAKE"an Infant"
son of Thomas and Grace KARSLAKE
bap Yarnscombe 1 January 1792
1792May 16Mary GRIMSHARE"an Infant"
1792June 10William PARKIN 
1792August 6Joan PETHEBRIDGE"aged 81"
1793April 9Sarah ISAAC 
1793September 3Samuel FISHER 
1794February 16Anne OATWAY 
1794April 6Samuel FISHER 
1794May 11Henry FISHER 
1794October 17John BAKER"the elder"
1795January 1Anne DOWN"upwards of 90"
1795February 15Francis HEARN 
1795February 26Mary PETHEBRIDGE 
1795March 15Anne BELLEW 
1795March 26Matthew LOVEBAND 
1795April 6Elizabeth PERKIN 
1795April 6John COWPER 
1795April 12John BEER 
1795September 22Barbara COPP 
1796January 31Henry OATWAY"brought from Barnstaple"
1796May 1Sarah PARKIN 
1796May 25John ISAAC"brought from Burrington"
1797February 23Anne PETHEBRIDGE"base child of Grace PETHEBRIDGE"
1797May 3Robert WEBBER 
1797June 23John LOVEBAND"the younger"
1797July 26(?) FURZE"the younger"
First name obscured
1797September 10John PARKIN 
1797September 15Joannah WEBBER 
1797October 12George CHEK 
1797October 17Thos CLARK 
1798January 29John GRIGG 
1798April 7Joan LOVEBAND 
1798June 15John BAKER 
1798June 19Mary LOVEBAND 
1798June 21Emanuel ISAAC 
1798September 25John MULES 
1798October 9Jane LOVEBAND 
1798December 12John FISHER"the elder"
1799August 5Grace ROBBINS 
1799August 25Grace SHAMBROOK 
1799September 17John PETHEBRIDGE 
1799November 10Grace GAYTON 
1799December 19William HAMMETT"an infant"
son of George and Mary HAMMETT
bap Yarnscombe 29 April 1798
1800January 1Thos GALLIVER 
1800September 2Elizabeth CLARK 
1800November 19Henry KARSLAKE"an infant"
1801January 30Dorothy ROUTLY 
1801April 25John POW 
1801May 9Alexander FISHER 
1801August 6Mary BELLEW 
1801September 24Mary GRIG 
1801December 18James HOYLE 
1802March 14Samuel DOWN 
1802June 9Anne GILLIEN 
1802November 18William ISAAC"Senior"
1803January 9James HALLS 
1803February 6Robert KELLAWAY"the younger"
1803February 25William HARDING"aged 85"
bap Yarnscombe 12 November 1717
1803September 2James GLASS 
1803September 23Agnes HARRIS 
1803December 4Jane COLE 
1804February 8Grace HELE 
1804May 5Betsy PETHEBRIDGE 
1804August 19Mary SMALE 
1804December 23Ann FEWINS 
1805January 6Isaac PETHEBRIDGE"an infant"
son of George and Mary PETHEBRIDGE
bap Yarnscombe 30 September 1804
1805January 19Henry FROST 
1805February 20Grace GILL 
1805February 22Elizabeth CLARK 
1805March 10Sarah MULES 
1805March 14Joan TRICK 
1805June 5John SYMONS"the elder"
1805June 22William FISHER"the Son of Thos. Fisher & Mary
his Wife brought from Pilton"
1805June 25Elizabeth FROST 
1806March 20John HEARN 
1806April 15Henry BERRY 
1806May 22Ambrose SYMONDS 
1806July 3Richard LOVEBAND 
1806September 7Betsy CLARK"an Infant"
daughter of Robert and Thomazin CLARK
bap Yarnscombe 1 August 1806
1806November 9Nicholas ROBINS 
1806November 15Lawrence CLARKE 
1807January 7Thomas FISHER 
1807February 8Honour TUCKER"an Infant"
1807May 28Anne MARTIN"an Infant"
daughter of Robert and Susan MARTIN
bap Yarnscombe 1 July 1804
1807October 2William GILL"an Infant"
son of John and Grace GILL
bap Yarnscombe 4 March 1804
1807November 30Richard FISHER 
1807December 20John TUCKER 
1807December 22Grace FURZE 
1808January 7Elizabeth ALLEN 
1808January 12John SMALE 
1808January 21Margaret GAYTON 
1808March 13Grace HEARN 
1808August 14Margaret POW (?) 
1808August 21George MUXWORTHY 
1808September 18William OATWAY 
1808October 15Thomas LOVEBAND 
1809January 25Thomazin CLARK 
1809May 7John GRIMSHAW"an Infant"
son of John and Mary GRIMSHAW
bap Yarnscombe 23 April 1809
1809July 5George POW (?) 
1809September 13John BLACKMORE 
1809October 20Samuel MARTIN"an Infant"
son of Robert and Susanna MARTIN
bap Yarnscombe 9 October 1809
1810September 5Elizabeth DILLING 
1810September 9Mary PECKARD 
1810December 5Grace FISHER 
1811April 26Henry ISAAC 
1811June 9Thomazin BAKER 
1811July 1Anne ISAAC 
1811July 21Dorothy DOWN 
1811September 29Elizabeth EVANS 
1811November 7Mary HEARN 
1811December 15William HEARDING"abt 68"
1812January 29Grace TUCKER 
1812April 12Margaret PARKIN 
1812April 30Mary TUCKER 
1812June 25Susannah FISHER"an Infant"
daughter of John and Elizabeth FISHER
bap Yarnscombe 30 April 1812
1812June 20 Mary OATWAY 
1812September 20Mary CLARK 
1812November 8Elizabeth MUXWORTHY 
1812November 24Anna (?) DAVY 
1812December 22John GRIMSHARE"aged 81"