Tawstock Effigies and Mural Monuments
Monuments inside St Peter's, Tawstock

St Peter's, Tawstock
Effigies and Mural Monuments

St Peter's, Tawstock contains a remarkable number of monuments including numerous memorials to the WREY and BOURCHIER families. The church has sometimes been referred to as the "Westminster Abbey of North Devon." Some photographs appear courtesy of Jan Kingshott, Irene Clucas and Ralph Clucas.
Monument IN
memory of
The Lady Rolle, wife of Sr John Rolle knight
of ye Bath, ye purity of whose mind wch appear
ed in all ye dutys of a virtuous life, made
her ye best of wives, mothers, & friends
her love was like her Piety, constant &
unfeigned to her last moment. she
dyed Augst ye 10th 1705

Rest pious dust thy God has hear thy prayers
Calm'd all thy sorrows & wip'd off thy tears
Thy foul doth now behold his face divine
And with ye heavenly host in confort joyn
Pitys ye senseless folly of mankind
While she enjoys an endless peace of mind

This monument was erected by her daughtr
Mrs Margaret Rolle.
Florence ROLLE, the daughter of Dennis ROLLE (1614-1638) and Margaret POULETT, was baptised at St Giles in the Wood, Devon on 27 Feb 1630/31. She married John ROLLE (1627-1706) in 1648. Florence was buried at Tawstock on 13 Aug 1705. Her daughter, Margaret ROLLE, died in 1725.
Monument IN
memory of
Florence Lady Wrey
Daughter of John Rolle of Stevenstone in ye
County of Devon Kt of ye Bath Wife & Relict
of Bourchier Wrey late of Tawstock Baron
Who in every trace of Life,
Somet me prosperous oftener adverse,
Most happily dischargd the dutys
of Virgin Wife and Widoow.
The ornement & Pattern of her sex
The living Image of all Virtues.
For Piety especially & Humility
Mix'd with sweeness of manners
And engageing elegance of Person & address
Superior to most second to none
ob: Aug: 24, 1724. die St Barth.

Beneath rest the Remains of her
Daughter Flo: Cole who died Aug
30 1718
This Monument was erected by her son
Chichester Wrey A:M: Rectr of Tawstock
Florence ROLLE, the daughter of Sir John ROLLE (1627-1706) and Florence ROLLE, married Sir Bourchier WREY (abt 1643-1696), son of Sir Chichester WREY (1628-1668) and Anne BOURCHIER (1628-1662), at St Giles in the Wood on 3 May 1681. Her daughter Florence WREY married Sir John COLE (1680-1726) of Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland, son of Michael COLE (? -1710) and Elizabeth COLE (? - 1733) at St James, Westminster, Middlesex on 13 Jul 1707. She died in Ireland and was buried at Tawstock on 15 Oct 1718.
Monument In Memory
who was Rector of this Parish
46 Years, Died March the 13th 1756
Aged 70 Years,
and was Buried Underneath
Chichester WREY, the son of Sir Bourchier WREY, 4th Baronet (1643-1696) and Florence ROLLE (? -1724), was born about 1686 and was buried on 20 Aug 1756.
Monument Juxta hoc Marmor depositæ sunt Reliquiæ
Bourchieri Wrey Baronetti
Honorabilis ordinis Balnei Mitiris
Egregys animi dotibus
Fortitudine præfertim et amicitia
Ecclesiae pietate, Regi Fidelitate
filius erat naru Maximus Chichesteri Wrey
de Trebeigh, in agro Cornubienfi Baronetti,
E Conjuge Comitissa Middlesex
Filia Edvardi Comitis Bathon
de antigua et perillustri Bourchierum strirpe
nuper extincta
Obijt 28vo die July Anno Domu 1696
Ætatis 44to
Spe Beatae Resurrectionis
Bourchier WREY, the son of Sir Chichester WREY, 3rd Baronet Wrey of Trebitch (1628-1668) and Anne BOURCHIER (1628-1662) was born about 1643. He was knighted by Charles II on 23 Apr 1661 and became 4th Baronet Wrey on the death of his father. WREY served under the Duke of Monmouth at the siege of Maestricht in 1676. He commanded a Regiment of Horse at Torbay in 1690. He was Member of Parliament for Liskeard in 1678 and from 1689 until his death; and Member of Parliament for Devon from 1685 to 1687. WREY fought a duel on 4 Feb 1692 in Hyde Park, London with Thomas BULKELY (abt 1633-1708), the Member of Parliament for Beaumaris, but was not injured. A violent altercation in June 1694 with James PRAED (1655-1706), the Member of Parliament for St Ives, left him seriously wounded. WREY died on 28 Jul 1696 and was buried at Tawstock on 18 Aug 1696. His will proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on 7 Jun 1697




Lege viator quæ Magnatum saxa rarissime, loquuntur vir probus et mobilis utero hic situs est Guiliemus Bourgchier Comes Bathone nsis æternitatem apud motales meritus Suauissimo connubio connnxit nobii tatem et virtutem utranq dignitatum in omnibus constanter retinvit et ornavit vixit in hac ipsa Devonia cvi datus est praefectus et puincian triginta pius minus annis integerppime administravit Deum tam privatis quam publicis officus religiosissime colvit magnificum exemplum beneficentiæ, et hosptalitatis pavprervmq et oppressorum acerrimus patronus diniq cum inoffensae foelicitatis cursum ad sinium vsq propuxisset decessit e vivis incens et aeternum Devoniae suæ desiderium 12 July anno salvitus 1623 ætatis vero suæ 65. Uxorem duxit lectissimam toeminan sociam ___ sepulchri dnam Elizabetham Francisci Comitis Bedfordensis Filiam ex qua genuit Johem Robertum et Edwardum Filios et Franciscam Filiam E quibus Edwardum modo Comitem Bathoniensem solum reliquit supersitem ipsoum clarissimæ familiæ suis quoq virtutibus et foelicissimo conivgio futurum ornamentum.
Hoc fac et vivis.

Ana: Crono: Epi:
Mors mihi Ivcrvm ... In grama tum ... Bon Temps viendra
Morior ... Orior ... Ad sepul crum ... Finis ... Coronat
Gulielmus Bourchier
Luge (si ob Iucrum Heri)
Quid sibi vult Tumulus. Quaeve hoec Insignia Iuctus
Eft COMES in Svperos ecce LOCUMQ TENES
Quare fles, Devonia vel, Bathonia, qvare
eXIIt: en bon teMps nVnCo VIenDra patet (Crono)
IVLIVS, hoc, mensis fuit AUGUSTISSIMUS, anno
Atq SECUNDA (decem junge) SECUNDA dies
Non amor, invidia est, DOLOR, euge, lege, (ALME VIATOR)
Et difce exemplo VIVERE, disce mori.
Sic cecinit, non elevit.
William BOURCHIER, 3rd Earl of Bath, was the son of John Bourchier, 5th Baron Fitzwarren (1520-1557) and Lady Frances KYTSON (? -1586). William was born in 1557 in Hengrave, Suffolk, and became 3rd Earl of Bath on the death of his grandfather, John BOURCHIER, 2nd Earl of Bath (1499-1561). William married Lady Elizabeth RUSSELL, daughter of Francis RUSSELL, 2nd Earl of Bedford (1527-1585) and Margaret ST JOHN (? -1562), at St Mary Major, Exeter on 7 Aug 1583. Elizabeth died at Tawstock on 24 Mar 1605, and was buried the following day. William had previously been secretly married to Mary Cornwallis (? -1627), daughter of Thomas CORNWALLIS (1518-1604) and Anne JERNINGHAM (1516-1581), however, this marriage was annuled in 1581. William was Lord Lieutenant of Devon from 1586 until his death at Tawstock on 12 Jul 1623.

Flanking the effigies of William BOURCHIER and Elizabeth RUSSELL are the kneeling figures of their four children: Edward BOURCHIER, 4th Earl of Bath (1591-1637), John BOURCHIER (1585-1588), Robert BOURCHIER (1587-1588), and Frances BOURCHIER (1586-1612).
Monument M.S.
Edwardi Lovett
Armigeri Dni Roberti Lovett
militis de Liscomb in Agro
Buckinghamiensi Filii, qui annos plus
minus quinquaginta in hac Parochia
habitavit, ubi duas duxit duocit uxores, quaru
una fuit Elizabetha, Filia Gulielmi Paget
Gen: altera Joanna, Filia Jacobi Hearle
Gen: Hoc Ipse vivus & praesens
sibi affixit monumentum
A.D. 1700 Ætates suae
Edward LOVETT, son of Sir Robert LOVETT (1577-1643) and Anne SAUNDERS, was baptised at Soulbury, Buckingham on 14 Oct 1627. Edward married Elizabeth PAGET (? -1657), daughter of William PAGET, at Braunton, Devon on 26 Oct 1654. He married Joane HEARLE (1641-1709), daughter of James HEARLE (? -1660) and Joane RISDON (1612-1662) at Tawstock on 4 Feb 1661/62. Edward was buried on 25 Jul 1700.
Monument Sacred to ye
Memory of Robert Lovett Esqr of this Parish
who dyed of a Malignant Small Pox ye 27th of
November 1710 Ætat Suae 43.
Mount Pious Soul upon the wings of Love,
To the Bright Mansions of the Blest above.
Leave here they Dust, to Loftier things Aspire
Go bear a part in the Celestial Quior:
Whilst here on Eart, it was thy chiefest care,
To serve they Maker in his house of prayer.
Zeal for Religion did thy heart command
Pity thine Eye and Charity thine Hand,
So Calm a death after such well spent years
Call for our Imitation, not our Tears.
Robert LOVETT, the son of Edward LOVETT (1626-1700) and Joane HEARLE (1641-1709), was was baptised at Tawstock on 18 Mar 1668/69, and buried on 29 Nov 1710. His will was proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on 31 May 1711.
Monument Joan
the Daughter of Edward
Lovet Esqr By His Wife Joan,
obijt ano æt 14o Anno qβ1679
She Lived a few Years, only to Show
How Soon Grace Might unto Perfection Grow
The Virgin Robe was Ready and she Cry'd
I Come, I Come, Sweet Jesu and Soe Dy'd.
Hearle their Son and Rachell
Their Daughter, Ware Allsoe Interred By Her.
Joan LOVETT, Hearle LOVETT and Rachell LOVETT were the children of Edward LOVETT (1626-1702) and Joan HEARLE (1641-1709). Joan was baptised at Tawstock on 13 Feb 1664/65 and was buried on 29 Oct 1679. Rachell was baptised at Tawstock on 25 Sep 1663 and was buried on 3 Mar 1663/64. Hearle was baptised at Tawstock on 28 Mar 1667 and was buried on 8 Jun 1667.
Monument In Memory of ROBERT WREY Esqre
Major General in the Portuguese Service, and
Governor of CHAVES,
departed this Life 18th Day of March 1809, aged 88 Years,
Sincerely regretted by numerous Friends,
and most by those who knew him best.
Also of ANNE his Wife,
who was the Daughter of Dean MEAD of CORK,
She died the 3rd Day of Novr 1813, at the advanced
Age of Eighty Years, much beloved and respected.
Robert WREY, the son of Sir Bourchier WREY, 5th Baronet (1683-1726) and Diana ROLLE, was baptised at Tawstock on 13 Mar 1720/21 and was buried at Tawstock on 18 Mar 1809. Anne MEADE, the daughter of William MEADE (1686-1764) and Helena TOWNSEND, died in Barnstaple and was buried at Tawstock on 2 Nov 1813.



To the Memory of
Sir Bourchier Wrey of Tawstock House
In the County of Devon Bart
Descended from Sir Chichester Wrey Bart
Of Trebeigh in the County of Cornwall
By Ann wife Wife Daughter and Coheiress
Of Edward Bourchier Earl of Bath
And Lord Fitz-warine, and relict of
James Earl of Middlesex.
He was chosen in 1748 to represent in
Parliament the Borough of Barnstaple
And was nineteen Years Colonel of the
North-Devon Regiment of Militia
He departed this Life
April 13th 1784
Aged 69 Years

Sir Bourchier Wrey was twice married
First to Mary daughter of John Edwards of Highgate Esqr
By which Marriage there was no issue,
Afterwards to Ellen Daughter & Coheiress of
John Thresher Esqr of Bradford in the County of Wilts
(By Whom he has left two Sons and four Daughters
Bourchier, Bourchier William, Ellen,
Dyonisia, Florentina, and Anna Maria)
& who having surviv's him has caus'd
This Monument to be erected
As a Testimony of
Her Respect and Affection.

Beneath this Marble are also deposited
the earthly Remains of
Ellen Lady Wrey,
Relict of Sir Bourchier Wrey Baronet,
She died at the venerable Age of eighty,
affectionately regretted by her surviving family,
and closing on the 2d of December 1813,
a Life of habitual piety,
active Benevolence & every christian Virtue,
in the humble hope,
through her Redeemers merits.
________ Immortality.
Sir Bourchier Wrey, 6th Baronet, the son of Sir Bourchier WREY, 5th Baronet (1683-1726) and Diana ROLLE, was born in Westminister, Middlesex on 7 Jan 1714/15 and was baptised there on 13 Jan 1714/15. He married, Mary EDWARDS (abt 1724-1751), daughter of John EDWARDS at St Stephen Walbrook, London on 28 Sep 1749. He married Ellen THRESHER (1731-1813), daughter of John THRESHER (1689-1741) and Ellen LONG (1711-1753) at Corsham, Wiltshire on 1 May 1755. Their children were Ellen WREY (1756-1827), Sir Bourchier WREY, 7th Baronet (1757-1826), Dionysia WREY, 1759-1836), Florentina WREY, 1760-1835), Reverend Bourchier William WREY (1761-1839) and Anna Maria WREY (1768-1834). Sir Bourchier WREY was buried at Tawstock on 22 Apr 1784. His will was proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on 25 May 1784.
Monument SACRED
to the memory of SIR BOURCHIER WREY Baronet,
who through life maintained a character
equally revered and beloved.
Intelligent, upright, and benevolent
he discharged with integrity the public duties of his station;
whilst in the more amiable relations of society,
suavity of manners, and goodness of heart
procured him universal esteem.
As a friend, he was social and sincere: as a parent, anxious and kind.
Thus regarded by all, he expired on the 20th day of November 1826,
in the 70th year of his age.
He was twice married; first to Anne, the daughter
of Sir Robert Palk, Bart. of Haldon House in this county,
by whom he left two sons and a daughter.
And secondly, to Anne, the daughter of John Osborne Esqre
of Monksmill, in the county of Gloucester
by whom also he left one son and a daughter.
Sir Bourchier WREY, 7th Baronet, the son of Sir Bourchier WREY, 6th Baronet (1714-1784) and Ellen THRESHER (1731-1813) was baptised at Tawstock on 23 Feb 1757. He married Anne PALK (1764-1791), daughter of Sir Robert PALK, 1st Baronet (1717-1798) and Anne VANSITTART (1738-1788) on 14 Mar 1786. He married Anne OSBORNE (1758 -1813), daughter of John OSBORNE and Elizabeth, at Wotton Under Edge, Gloucester in Jan 1793. Sir Bourchier WREY was buried on 2 Dec 1826. The will of Sir Bourchier WREY was proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on 20 Mar 1827.
Monument Sacred to the Memory of
The Lady of Sir BOURCHIER WREY Baronet,
Daughter of Sir ROBERT PALK Baronet,
of Haldon House in this County
who died the 5th day of September 1791,
Aged 27 Years,
leaving three infant children.
Her Heart was pure
and her manners unaffected.
Her constant study
was to know her Duty,
and her greatest pleasure to discharge it,
An affectionate Wife, a tender Parent,
gentle, friendly, and benevolent.
Taken from the World
in the Prime of Years
by a severe and lingering illness.
She submitted to the will of Heaven
with patient Resignation.
Learn from her example
that Virtue
Is the loveliest ornament of Beauty!
Anne PALK, the daughter of Sir Robert PALK, 1st Baronet (1717-1798) and Anne VANSITTART (1738-1788) was born in Madras, India in 1764. She married Sir Bourchier WREY, 7th Baronet (1757-1826), the son of Sir Bourchier WREY, 6th Baronet (1714-1784) and Ellen THRESHER (1731-1813), on 14 Mar 1786. Her children were Anna Eleanora WREY (? -1846), Sir Bourchier Palk WREY, 8th Baronet (1788-1879), and Robert Bourchier WREY (1790-1872). Anne was buried at Tawstock on 16 Sep 1791.

In memory of
and 38 Years Rector of this Parish,
who departed this Life, and entered into his Eternal Rest
Augst 19th, 1839, Aged 78 Years.
Here Affection lingers to recal his noble mien,
his gentle dignified address, his amiability, benevolence, and worth,
and Piety, with humble thankfulness records,
the heavenborn comfort of his latter years, wherein the
Name of Jesus proved, his Wisdom, Righteousness and Strength,
his Joy in sorrow, his Life in death.
Also in memory of
SOPHIA Wife of the above Br Wm WREY
who departed this Life Decr 1st 1848;
Aged 81 Years
Blessed are the Dead which Die in the Lord."

The Reverend
Bourchier William Wrey, M.A
Rector of Tawstock,
Natus 6th May, 1761.
Obiit 19th August, 1839.
Reverend Bourchier William WREY, the second son of Sir Bourchier Wrey, 6th Baronet (1714-1784) and Ellen Thresher (1731-1813) was born at Tawstock and was baptised there on 11 May 1761. He was buried at Tawstock on 29 Aug 1839. He married Sophia BETHELL, daughter of George BETHELL in Nov 1789.



Scire ne vis lector quænam suit ista sepulta hic,
Ex patre aurato milite quata suit
Uxor erat domii Fitzwaren et auia tandem
Bathoniæ comitis inclita mater erat
Quæ suit (o lector) quo coniuge quoq parente
Quen sobolem peperit sunt tibi dicta satis
Qualis erat tibi linor et indignatio dicant
Quæ mala si vellent dicere nulla queunt
Prosuit hæc multis nulli nocuisse notatur
Hanc terris demptan dives inopsq dolent
Non ego te longo cupio sermone morari
Plena decore suit plenaq honore suit
Terrea Franciscæ tibi mors, en debita pars est
Fama manet mundo mens animusq deo.
Here lieth buried Francis lady Fitzwaren ye
daughter of Sr Thomas Kitson Knight & wief
to John lord Fitzwaren the sone & heire
apparant of John Erle of Bath By whom she
had Issue Thomas, John, Margaret & Willm
now Erle of Bath she patintly departed
the mortality of this lyf in ye trew faith on
Ester day Ao 1586. Elizabeth Regine XXVIII

Wilte thou o reader know what wighte she was thats buried here
even of a famous worthie Knighte the childe and dawghter deare
she wife unto fitzwarren Lorde at lengthe and grandam was
and Mother to the Earle of Bathe erre she from life did passe
O reader what she was whose wife whose childe & whom she bore
my former words doe unto she sufficientlie declare.
Let spite & malice speake the truthe what was this worthy wife
Whoe if they would some will say yet cannot for their life
She many noted was to helpe and to doe hurte to none
Whom taken from the earth her death bothe riche & poor doe mone
To hold thee here wth speaches longe is not ye thinge I crave
of honor vertue and renowne none could more plenty have
O Death this Frauncis earthlie parte is to they lotte befell
In worlde her fame remayne her mind & soule wth God do dwell
Frances KITSON was the daughter of Sir Thomas KITSON (1485-1540) and Margaret DONNINGTON (1509-1561). She was born about 1535 and married Sir John BOURCHIER, 5th Baron Fitzwarren (1529-1556), son of John BOURCHIER, 2nd Earl of Bath (? -1561) and Eleanor MANNERS at Halstead, Essex on 11 Dec 1548. She married William BARNABY in 1557. Frances died on 3 Apr 1586 and was buried the following day. Her son, William BOURCHIER (1557-1623), succeeded his grandfather as 3rd Earl of Bath.



COMES BATHONIENSIS: Qui longa Propagine, et numeroso
Stemmate, a uetustissimus iuxta ac
nobilissimis Familijs, de BOURGCHIER
et FITZWARREN, effluxit
Et Iure haeredit ario ac Titulo
Cognationis ascita sibi Insignia de
celebris Notae Familiarum, Arma
Natalitia, cum proprijs Insignibus,
intertexta ac circumfusa, Scuto
suo Gentilitio complectitur, et
Posteris Marmore hoc insculpta
exhibet. Satis est, Lector; habes iam
tandem compendiosam suorum
Natatium Seriem, ubi Generis
Splendorem, et Prosapiae Suae
Sublimitatem spectes. Si vero
Virtutes, et Animi Supeflectilem
lustraueris, Nomem Suum Ære
perennius, Marmore diuturnius
aut quouis Eulogio uel Epitaphio
conspectius tandem
aliquando consulas.

Æternitati Sacrum
Siste Viator
Sub hoc Tumulo hue Sistro Marmoreo
Deposuit Exuuias Carnis
Henricus Comes Bathoniensis
Paefentis faeculi liuor, et venturae
Posteritatis luctus:
Vir venerandi Natalibus quam apprime insignis
Et prolixa nobilissimi stemmatis Prosapia
mon minus Conspicuus
Videas qua supellectile Fortunae suit stipatus;
Ne minus virtutum Peculio grandis Animus
Varia solidioris literaturae limatura suit
Et taman blando Comtae Elegantiae lenocinio
facilis et effisus
Egenis sua Inopia vacissantibus suit subsidium
et Columen
Academicis ingruente huium Temporis Barbarie
pene fractis, Fulcrus et Statumen,
Amicis suit diffusae urbanitatis, Inimicis uero
Benignae, Compensationis Specimen;
In omnes alios pronus et demissus, solum in
Seipsum grauis;
Erga Regem erat infractae licet Calamitossae
Fidelitatis Symbolum,
Ac denuo erga peum intemeratae Pietatis
assiduus Assecta.
sed eheu dum tantos Virtutum Iconismos
umbratili stylo Calamistramus,
Plorantibus passim pijs et stipantibus Angelis
A Terrestri hoc Puluere, in caeleste
Fastigium euectus est.
In cuius Memoriam (ne situ et Ærugine
Hoc Monumentus Affectus sui Tesseram,
RACHEL, Comitissa Lugens possuit
who was Da: to Francis Ea: of Westmerland sone & heire of Tho: Fane KT
by Mary his wifeDa: & heire of Hen: Nevill LD Abergaveney.
Her Mother was Mary Da: & heire to Anthony Mildmay KT
by Grace Da: & Choheire of Hen: Sherington KT Octo: 1659
Sir Henry BOURCHIER, the son of Sir George BOURCHIER (abt 1535-1605) and Martha HOWARD (abt 1555-1598), was born in Ireland abt 1587. He succeeded his cousin, Edward BOURCHIER (1591-1637), as 5th Earl of Bath. Sir Henry died at Tawstock on 16 Aug 1654 and was buried the following day. His funeral rites were solemnized on 21 Sep 1654. He married Rachel FANE (1613-1680), daughter of Francis FANE (1580-1629) and Mary MILDMAY (? -1640), at St Bartholomew the Great, London on 13 Dec 1638.

Comitissa Henrico digna, vix border="1" altera e sexu
vel animo, vel virtute aequipollens
Rebus demisticis civilibus sacris, ingenio
pluaquam virili, at materno
(quo suo tempore vix maius dabatur in terris)
Ecclesiae Anglicanae Filia humilis, et devota,
et iniquis temporibus eiectorum Patrum mater
et hie pene unica fautrix
Unicum Lugendum quod in se perjisset nobile
Bourchieri nomen, ni sat illa habuit virtutum
vel illu immortale reddere
Er liset improlis plus mille liberorum Parens,
quos liberalissime educavit, doravit,
sacravit, et nobilitavir
Adhuc vivit et nunquam moritura dum his
Regionibus supersunt grata pectora.
Rachel FANE, the fifth daughter of Sir Francis FANE, Earl of Westmoreland (1580-1629) and Mary MILDMAY (? -1640), was baptised at Mereworth, Kent on 28 Jan 1612/13. She married Sir Henry BOURCHIER, 5th Earl of Bath (1587-1654), the son of Sir George BOURCHIER (abt 1535-1605) and Martha HOWARD (abt 1555-1598), at St Bartholomew the Great, London on 13 Dec 1638. After the death of Henry BOURCHIER, Rachael FANE married Lionel CRANFIELD, 3rd Earl of Middlesex (? - 1674) on 1 May 1655 at St Bride's, London. She divorced Lionel CRANFIELD by decree of the Court of Arches on 13 Jun 1661, having previously obtained a royal warrant dated 19 Mar 1660/61 to retain her precedency as Countess of Bath. Lady Rachel Fane, Countess of Bath, died at St Giles in the Fields on 11 Nov 1680 and was buried at St Peter's, Tawstock on 20 Jan 1680/81.
Monument Maria ST:John filia clarissimi viri Ant:
ST:John eqvitis avrati ex n - - - issima familia
de ST:John de Bletso orivnda. Nupta fu - -
Christophero Hockin de Torrinton ge-
neroso - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - obiit prid cal: Sepr: MDCXXXI.
roperavit deus educere.
Hoc testimonium coniux moestissimus - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - poni curavit.
Maria ST JOHN was the daughter of Anthony ST JOHN and the niece of Dorothy ST JOHN, wife of Edward Bourchier, 4th Earl of Bath. Maria's grandfather was Oliver ST JOHN, 3rd Baron St John of Bletso. She married Christopher HOCKIN of Great Torrington, Devon.


Ye body of John Wrey Esquier who was buried ye 9th of June Ano Domini 1597
Heere lieth the body of Blannch Wrey who was buried ye 16 of December 1595

Loe here he lieth, though dead yet living still,
His famous name resounding echo saye,
Whereby report of hym the ayre doth fyll
The lastinge fame & name of rightful Wreye,
Good to ye poore, bribes never woulde he take,
Voyde of oppression all kind of waye,
He faithful frynds of enemyes did make,
Of quarels greate ceast lawe ech daye by daye.
Death doe they worst, this Wreye yet lives & shall,
Thy darte his deeds cannot extyrpe or quayle.
Thousands are they which thou hast causde to fall,
And yet on hym no waye thou canst prevayle.
What resteth then, but cease to mourne & moane
For hym whose vertues shine like to the sonne.
Though here he lieth, his Sowle to Heave is gone,
Where Angells see hym, though his threads be spoone.
John WREY, the son of Walter WREY and Bridget SHILATON, was High Sheriff of Cornwall in the 28th year of the reign of Elizabeth I. He was buried at St Ives, Cornwall. John married Blanch KILLIGREW, daughter of Henry KILLIGREW and Elizabeth BOND. According to the Inquisition Post Mortem of her grandfather, Robert KILLIGREW, Blanch was three years and six days old at the time of his death on 4 Jan 1534/35. This places her date of birth as 29 Dec 1531. Blanch died on 14 Dec 1596, and was buried at St Ives. In 1924, Sir Bourchier WREY, 12th Baronet, had the monument to John WREY and Blanch KILLIGREW moved moved from St Ives to Tawstock.
Monument Sacred
To the memory of
The Honble Marianne Sarah Wrey,
the beloved wife of
Sir Henry Bourchier Toke Wrey Bnrt
and only child of
the late Philip Castel Lord Sherard.
Born 4 April 1835, Died 16 Feb. 1896
She will ever be remembered as a a most
affectionate wife, a devoted mother; and
a sincere & constant friend;
"Steadfast, unmoveable, always
abounding in the work of the Lord."
1 Cor. XV.LVIII.
Marianne Sarah SHERARD, the daughter of Philip Castel SHERARD, 9th Baron Sherard (1804-1886) and Anne WEEKES (? -1835), was born in Dresden, Germany. She married Sir Henry Bourchier Toke WREY, 10th Baronet (1829-1900), son of Rev. Sir Henry Bourchier WREY, 9th Baronet (1797-1882) and Ellen Maria TOKE (1801-1864) at Sidmouth, Devon on 6 Sep 1854.
Monument A Memorial to MARY Lady WREY
The only Surviving Child of J. EDWARDS Esqr of Highgate:
Who Left us August 23d 1751
(Her Virtues not half Counted
Her Glass not yet half run,)
To deplore Her Loss
This tributary Stone, was, in 1754 placed Here,
The Day Three Years from Her departure,
near Five from Her Marriage,
By Her Grateful Husband
Mary EDWARDS, the daughter of John EDWARDS, was born about 1724. She married Sir Bourchier WREY, 6th Baronet (1714-1784) at St Stephen Walbrook, London on 28 Sep 1749. She was buried at Tawstock on 3 Sep 1751.
Monument In loving memory
of the
Revd Sir Henry Bourchier Wrey, 9th Baronet,
40 years Rector of Tawstock,
Born 5th June 1797, Died 23rd December 1882.
Married first, Ellen Maria Toke,
Daughter of Nicholas Roundell Toke Esqre of Godinton, Kent;
Married secondly, Jane 3rd daughter of H. Lamb Esqre,
of Ryton Hall, Durham.
Throughout his honored life, he ever was benevolent, just
and courteous, deservedly loved and respected.
"He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that
we might be made the righteousness of God in Him."
Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief."
Also in loving memory of
the above Ellen Maria Wrey, who died March 1st 1864,
the above Jane Wrey, who died July 26th 1889.
Reverend Sir Henry Bourchier WREY, 9th Baronet, the son of Sir Bourchier Wrey, 7th Baronet (1757-1826) and Anne OSBORNE (1759-1813), was born in Tawstock, Devon. He married his cousin, Ellen Maria TOKE, daughter of Nicholas Roundell TOKE (1764-1837) and Anna Maria WREY (1768-1834), on 27 Sep 1827 at St James, Westminster, London. Ellen was born about 1801 in Great Chart, Kent and died at Torquay, Devon. He married Jane LAMB, the daughter of Humble LAMB (1773- 1844) and Jane CHATTO (1779 - ?). Jane was born on 6 Oct 1811 in Ryton, Durham, and was baptised there on 17 Dec 1811.
Monument In this Church-yard are interred the Earthly Remains
the beloved wife of the Revd Henry Bourchier Wrey
only daughter
of Nicolas Roundell Toke Esqr of Godinton Kent
Her Life of active Benevolence was the Fruit of those
Christian Principles which led Her to strive in all things
to adorn the Doctrine of Christ Her Saviour
and with humble Faith in that Blessed Saviour
She peacefully departed this life
on 1st March 1864 Aged 63
We shall go to Her. She cannot return to us. 2 Samuel XII. 23.
Let me die the death of the Righteous and let my last end
be like Hers. Numbers XXIII. 10.
Ellen Maria TOKE, the daughter of Nicholas Roundell TOKE (1764-1826) and Anna Maria WREY (1768-1834) was born in Great Chart, Kent about 1801 and died at Torquay, Devon. She married her cousin, Reverend Sir Henry Bourchier WREY, 9th Baronet (1797-1882), the son of Sir Bourchier Wrey, 7th Baronet (1757-1826) and Anne OSBORNE (1759-1813) on 27 Sep 1827 at St James, Westminster, London.
Monument In loving memory
Sir Henry Bourchier Toke Wrey, D.L. 10th Baronet,
of Tawstock Court,
Born June 27th 1829,
Died March 10th 1900.
Married the Honble Marianne Sarah,
Only child of
Philip Castel, 9th Lord Sherard,
of Clatton Hall, Peterborough.
Henry Bourchier Toke WREY, the son of Reverend Sir Henry Bourchier Wrey, 9th Baronet (1797-1882) and Ellen Maria TOKE (1801-1864). He married Marianne Sarah SHERARD (1835-1896), the daughter of Philip Castle SHERARD, 9th Baron Sherard (1804-1886) and Anne WEEKES (? -1835) on 6 Sep 1854 at Sidmouth, Devon. Henry died at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.
Monument Sacred to the memory of
Anna Maria,
the beloved Wife of the
Reverend Isaac Morgan Reeves,
Rector of Myros, Co Cork, and only Daughter of the
Reverend Henry Bourchier Wrey,
Rector of Tawstock,
She died with humble faith in her Saviours merits at
Monkstown Co Cork, Ireland
on the 7th day of March 1867, Her remains are interred
in Douglas Churchyard near Cork.
Anna Maria Toke WREY, the daughter of Reverend Sir Henry Bourchier WREY, 9th Baronet (1797-1882) and Ellen Maria TOKE (1801-1864), was baptised at Tenby, Pembroke, Wales on 3 Jul 1823. She married Reverend Issac Morgan REEVES at Tawstock, Devon on 3 Sep 1857.
Monument M: S:
Here under Lieth the
Remains of Sara the Wife
of Richard Pollard Gent :
Educated in the French and
English Courts, And thought Worthy
to attend on the Right Hon: the
Countisse of Westmoreland, And by
her, Recommended to wait on her
most dear Daughter Lady Rachel
Countisse of Bathe.
This Sara
Was Daughter to Monsr : Voysin, a Syndique
of Gineva, Who most Honorably lost
his Life in defence of that free
City, Her Grandfather was the learn-
ed Henricus Stephanus, And Isaac
Causabon was her Uncle.
She died 30th : Jan :
Sara VOYSIN married Richard POLLARD at Swimbridge on 14 Apr 1646. Richard POLLARD was the "gentleman stewart" of Tawstock for the Earl of Bath and may possibly be the Richard POLLARD of Langley who was buried at Yarnscombe in 1659. A "gentlewoman of impeccable antecedents in Continental Protestantism," Sara was a member of the Earl of Westmorland's household who followed the newlywed Lady Rachel FANE to the Earl of Bath's household.
Monument That few and evill are the dayes of fraile
mortale man the liveing may heere read in
this inscription dedicated to the memory
of George Fane borne the 8th day of March
Ao : Dni : 1668 : he dyed the 11th day in the
same month he was eldest sonne to Sr :
Henry Fane of Baiseldon in the Countie
of Barks Knight of the Noble Order of ye
Bath and of Elizabeth his wife daughter
and heire of ye famili of the Southcotts
of Caverly in this Coutie this remebrance of
him is erected by Rachell Countese Dowager
of Bath annt unto the aforesd Sr : Henry
his ffather and great aunt unto him the
said George
George FANE, the son of Sir Henry FANE (1650-1706) and Elizabeth SOUTHCOTT (1650-1724), was the grandson of George FANE (1616-1663), brother of Rachel FANE (1613-1680), Countess Dowager of Bath. He was baptised at Tawstock on 8 Mar 1668/69 and buried on 13 Mar 1668/69.
Monument Sacred
to the Memory of REBECCA
Wife of William BURROWS of this Parish
who departed this Life March the 30th 1792.
Aged 40
In Virtues paths She always trod
Religion was her guide
Her Soul depends on Rest in God
A Christian lived and died
Rebecca WALTERS married William BURROWS at Instow, Devon on 8 Jun 1791. She was buried at Tawstock on 5 Apr 1792.
Monument ___mory of Mary wife of
Mr. Richard Haydon of Pill in this parish
and Daughter of Edward and Mary Rawle
of the same place
who died the 28th of November 1785
aged 56 Years.

Here also are Deposited
the Remains of the said
Mr Richard Haydon
who Died 7 December
1806 Aged 78
Mary RAWLE married Richard HAYDON at Tawstock on 6 Jun 1770. Mary was buried on 2 Dec 1785. Richard was buried on 19 Dec 1806.
Monument To the memory of Julian wife of
John Slowly of Hele who died
April 17th Ann. 1711 Aged 43. She
had Issue by him Six Children of
these Joan & Richard, died before
her, & lie buried underneath in
Ye same Grave
Joan died Septr 4th 1698 Aged 3
Richard died Novr 6th 1710 Aged 4
Underneath near ye same Grave lies
buried Grace daughter of ye abovesaid
John & Julian Slowly, she died Octr 4th
1715 in ye 17th year of her age.
Also near this place lies buried Robert ye
son of ye abovesaid John & Julian Slowly
he died ye 10th of Janry 1718 aged 16
Underneath in ye same Grave with
Julian his wife lieth buried also the
abovesaid John Slowly of Hele who
died May ye 28th 1728 in ye 65th year
of his age
Nigh the same place is likewise buried ye
Body of John Slowly junr who was ye eldest
& only Surviving son of the above-named
John & Julian Slowly he died the 27th day
of April 1734 Aged 33.

In the same Grave with her Father
and Mother is also buried Christian
Slowley, who was the youngest
Daughter of ye above mentiond
John and Julian Slowly, and the
last Survivor of the Family
She died May ye 20th 1760
Aged 52
Julian HEARDING married John SLOWLY, son of John SLOWLY (1633-1690) and Grace SOMER (? - 1674), at East Down, Devon on 15 May 1695. She was buried at Tawstock on 21 Apr 1711.

Joan SLOWLY, daughter of John SLOWLY and Julian HEARDING, was baptised at Tawstock on 2 Feb 1696/97.

Richard SLOWLY, son of John SLOWLY and Julian HEARDING, was baptised at Tawstock on 26 Jun 1706 and buried on 9 Nov 1710.

Grace SLOWLY, daughter of John SLOWLY and Julian HEARDING, was baptised at Tawstock on 25 May 1698 and was buried on 8 Oct 1715.

Robert SLOWLY, daughter of John SLOWLY and Julian HEARDING, was baptised at Tawstock on 15 Sep 1703 and was buried on 13 Jan 1718/19.

John SLOWLY was buried on 5 Jun 1728.

John SLOWLY, son of John SLOWLY and Julian HEARDING, was baptised at Tawstock on 7 Mar 1699/1700, and was buried on 27 Apr 1734.

Christian SLOWLY, daughter of John SLOWLY and Julian HEARDING, was baptised at Tawstock on 17 Apr 1708 and was buried on 24 May 1760.
Monument Near this place lie the Remains
Wife of Mr Thos CHILCOT
Organist of Bath
And Daughter to the Revd
late Rector of this Parish
by his first Wife Margaret
Daughter of ROGER PYNE
of this County Gent:

She was a Woman of Great Piety
Constant in the Duties of Religion
both Public and Private
and ever inclin'd to Acts
of Humanity and Benevolence
She died much lamented
June 30th 1758 Ætat : 39
Her Disconsolate Husband
as a Testimony
of his Conjugal Affection
Erected this Monument
to her Memory
Ann WREY, the daugther of Chichester WREY and Margaret PYNE married Thomas CHILCOT (? -1766) at Siddington St Mary, Gloucestershire on 14 Sep 1749 . Thomas was organist of Bath Abbey from 1728 until his death 38 years later. The inscription to Thomas CHILCOT is missing from the monument as a consequence of a dispute between the executor of his will and the children of his first marriage. Thomas was buried at Tawstock on 1 Dec 1766. Ann WREY was buried at Tawstock on 9 Jul 1758.
Monument M S
Baront Filii ARTHURI
NORTHCOTE de Hayne in Agro
Damnon Bart schola Alomensi
ad Coll: Exon: apud Oxonienses emissus
socius admondum juvenis cooptatus est:
inde Medicinae Doctor procliit Omnimodo
Disciplina ita institutus ut Rem ubivis
parare; et Moribus ita fromatus, ut ornare
posset amplissiman, omnibus vero titulis
in eo praenituit _________________
Aliorum saluti consulebat arte: charitate ____
Uxorem duxit PENELOP_____ EDWARD LOVET
Arm: Filiam. Faeminam ___ Moribus & Char____
dignam quae Viro tam egr__________
Fatis cessere
Ille die Feb: 5to A.Dm.1729 Æt __
Haec die Oct: 8to A.Dm. 1732 Æt 56
Utrig Parenti Filius eorum unicus
Hoc Marmor gratus
Sir Henry NORTHCOTE, 4th Baronet, son of Sir Arthur NORTHCOTE, 2nd Baronet (1628-1688) and Elizabeth GODOLPHIN (1635-1707), was born in 1655 in Upton Pyne, Devon, and was buried at Tawstock on 8 Feb 1729/30. Sir Henry married Penelope LOVETT, daughter of Edward LOVETT (1627-1700) and Joane HEARLE (1642-1709), at Tawstock on 18 Jul 1703. Penelope was baptised at Tawstock on 21 Oct 1676 and was buried on 8 Oct 1731. Her date of death as recorded on the monument is most likely incorrect.
Monument Juxta Hunc Locum
Deposita Sunt Reliqiae JANAE
NAILOUR dilectissimae Uxomis
Tavstochiae et Canon Resident.
Beat Petri Exon.
Filia Fermori & Janae Pepys de
Mileham agro Norfolciensi ex
Utroque Parinie Gen: Stemmatis
Hujus Elegantam Mores Virtutes
Non marmor sed loquvntur Postem
obiit Fomina 2do die Januar An Dom
1695 & Ætat suae LI (plus vel
minus) Viro adhuc Superstite
ano aetat suae 67 tunc temporis
obiit vir 14o die Julii 1705.
Jane PEPYS, daughter of Fermor PEPYS (1581-1660) and Jane LANCASTER, was born on 11 Jul 1644 in Mileham, Norfolk and was buried at Tawstock on 2 Jan 1695/96. She married Oliver NAYLOR on 12 Sep 1661 in London, Enlgand. Oliver was Rector of Tawstock and Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral from 1661 until his death on 14 Jul 1705. He was buried at Tawstock on 17 Jul 1705.


Here lyeth ye bodies of Thomas Hinson Esquire and
Anne his wife: this Thomas was borne at Fordham
in Cambridgeshire, and was Master of Artes & sometime
fellowe of Caius Colledge in Cambridge and tutor
there to the right honourable William Earle of
Bathe under whome he bore afterwardes divers
offices and was untill his death Surveyor & Receaver
Generall of all his lands and revenewes & Likewise
in Comission of the peace in the Countie of Devon:
and dyed the XVIIIth of Aprill 1614

Anne was the eldest daughter of Sr Willm
Springe Knight and Cosyne German to the
Earle of Bathe now livinge she had issue by
the said Thomas Hinson five sonnes and nyne
daughters whereof are surviving VI viz Willm
Thomas Margaret Ellinor Elizabeth and
Rebekah the said Anne died in the true faith
of Christ the seventh of May
Ano Doni 1600
Thomas HINSON, the third son of Thomas HINSON, was born in Fordham, Cambridgeshire. He married Anne SPRINGE, eldest daughter of Sir William SPRINGE (abt 1548-1599) and Anne KITSON of Pakenham, Kent. Ann SPRINGE was buried on 13 May 1600. Thomas HINSON was buried on 21 Apr 1614. His will was proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on 20 Jul 1614.

Trina et uni S
Viro eximio ac integerrimo Honorando patruo svo Guilmo
Skippon Armigero Illus trissmo Dno D Guimo
Com Bath tam familia quam reditibus praeposito
Qui probitatis Candoris et imaculatae famae
Monumentum in animis suorum reliquit
Omni marmore atq aere perinnius : -
Dilectissimus devinectissimus q Nepos : -
Lucus Skippon H.M.P.C.
Ipse gratittudini penetissimae q Memoriae Aram
In interiori animi memte sacravit immortalem
extremum vitae diem
In certiss : spe gloriosae resurrectionis
Cum ipsa exeuntis Anni periodo clavsit
31o Decem Ano 1633,
Ætat 65.
William SKIPPON, the son of Bartholomew SKIPPON, was born at Weasenham, Norfolk. William was secretary to William BOURCHIER, 3rd Earl of Bath. William SKIPPON died on 31 Dec 1633. His will was proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on 10 Feb 1633/34.

William SKIPPON's nephew, Luke SKIPPON (? -1675), became Rector of Litcham, Norfolk in 1642. Another nephew, Philip SKIPPON (1598-1660) was a Major-General of Foot in the New Model Army during the English Civil War.
Monument Peter Bold son of Peter Bold of Upton in ye county of Chester Esq: Depted this life y 13th of June 1665 aged 52 Hee was steady in his faith & loyality, he abhord flattery & hypocresey, he loved his freinds cordially, and was of unwearyed paines in any imployment he undertooke; thirty tree years he spend in the service of ye Right Honorable Henry Bourchier late Earle of Bath Lord Privy Seale unto King Charles ye First & one of his majestyes honorable privy counssaile, and after his decease servant to ye Right Honble Rachell Countese Dowager of Bath late wife unto ye foresaid Earle, who erected this to his memory Ano Dni 1666. Hee was buried in St Andrews Holborne London Peter BOLD was the son of Peter BOLD of Upton, Chesire and Elizabeth MAINWARING of Shotwick, Chesire.
Monument To the Memory
of Mr Philip Ley of Phill in this
Parish Obijt Ivlij 10o 1674 æt 38
Remember they Creatour in the Dayes
of the youth
Who liveth well can Never Dye to Soone
My sun shall Rise againe that sate at Noone
The shattered remains of the monument to Philip LEY rest in the South Chancel. Philip was buried on 10 Jul 1674.
Monument IN
Memory of Sibyila
wife of Mr John Moon
of Lake in this Parish who
Departed this life the 29th
of March Anno Domini
And also of the above said Mr
John Moon who Departed this
life the 26th of Aprill Ano Dom
The shattered remains of the monument to Sibyila and John MOON rest in the South Chancel. Sibyila was buried on 5 Apr 1725. John MOON's burial is not recorded in the Tawstock parish register.