Tawstock Burials, 1742-1812

Tawstock Burials, 1741-1812

Drawing of St Peter's, Tawstock
St Peter's, Tawstock, Devon

1. Transcription provided with permission of the incumbent, the Reverend Kim Mathers.
2. A question mark in brackets indicates uncertainity about the original entry.
3. Links to existing gravestones or monuments are provided.
4. Age at death was not recorded before 1801.
5. Until the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1752, March 25th (Lady Day) was considered the first day of the year.
1741April 5Mary AKLAND  
1741April 12Grace CALTER  
1741April 29John TOLLEY  
1741May 2Will DAVEY  
1741May 16Humphy BRAILY  
1741August 20William ELLIOT  
1741October 6Mary TIBBS  
1741October 6Mary DAVEY  
1741November 20Jonathan WHITEMORE  
1741December 11George WESTACOT  
1741December 13William STRIBLING  
1741February 16John ADAMS  
1741March 13Ann MONJOY  
1742April 10Jane CUTTLAND  
1742May 6Phillip ROW  
1742July 12Mary PINCOMB  
1742August 9Richard WHITEFIELD  
1742September 10Edward CUTTLAND  
1742November 12Nicholas BALCH  
1742December 13Margaret MOON  
1742January 24Mary PALMER  
1742February 10John SCOTT  
1743April 24Edward PICKARD  
1743June 20Morrice NICHOLAS  
1743July 14Mary DAVEY  
1743September 10John PARKIN  
1743October 12John MARE  
1743December 9Ann MILLER  
1743December 23Amos CERNEL  
1743January 6John MARKIS  
1743February 10Rachal LEWIS  
1743March 9Mary NEWTON  
1743March 10Elinor TAPP  
1743March 12Mary AKLAND  
1744June 13Roger HOOPER  
1744August 4Humphey SYMONDS  
1744August 12William WESTACOT  
1744November 7Mary SNELL  
1744December 30Mark HUGINS  
1744December 31William BEAR  
1744January 9William HILL  
1744January 11Mary RUDD  
1744March 12William MARE  
1745May 3Margaret NEWTON  
1745May 18Robert MILFORD  
1745May 19Richard SYMONDS  
1745June 17Richard BALCH  
1745June 20Mary BALCH  
1745July 24Thomas FARMER  
1745September 8 Joan HARRIS  
1745December 29Elizabeth RICE  
1745January 19Mary HARRIS  
1745February 6William NEWTON  
1745February 6Hugh BRADFORD  
1745February 16Henrey GIBBS  
1745February 25Mary ADAMS  
1746April 20John SLOCOMBE  
1746July 10Mary ADAMS  
1746October 7Robert BASS  
1746October 10Elizabeth STRIBBLIN  
1746October 25John DINNER  
1746October 27Joan TAMLIN  
1746December 16Elizabeth GRIBBIL  
1746February 11James DILLAM  
1746February 22Ann TERREY  
1746March 24Sidwill POPPAM  
1747April 20Mrs. Grace HILL  
1747May 5John MANN  
1747May 21Thomas PORTER  
1747June 4Robert RICHARDS son of Robert RICHARDS
1747June 12Elizabeth HUNNACOT  
1747June 12Phillip ROW son of John & Jane ROW
1747June 18John GLIDDON son of Joseph & Ann GLIDDON
1747June 18Daniel CUTTLAND widower
1747June 23Christian ASCOTT daughter of John ASCOTT
1747October 13Mary JEROM daughter of Joan JEROM
1747October 15Joan SCOTT wife of Abraham SCOTT
1747November 14Humphry PHILLIPS  
1747January 3Mary CUTLAND  
1747January 28Honnor HOPKINS  
1747March 1Susanna GAMMON  
1747March 9Ann ASCOTT  
1747March 17George DAVY  
1748April 4John SNOW  
1748April 6Mary ADAMS daughter of Richard ADAMS
1748April 14Matthew DILLAM  
1748April 29John HARVEY  
1748May 16Joan LOVERING  
1748June 12John DAVIS  
1748June 13Charles GRILLS  
1748July 12Humphry PHILIPS  
1748August 7Robert SAGE  
1748September 15Mary CUTLAND daughter of Edward & Mary CUTLAND
1748October 2Mary VELACOTT widow
1748October 7Elizabeth PARSONS widow
1748October 22William MAVRE senior
1748October 26Hugh WALDON son of John & Mary WALDON
1748November 14Prisilla BREALY wife of Robt BREALY
1748November 16Nicholas STAPLETON  
1748November 26STAPLETON wife of Nicholas STAPLETON
1748November 27John SNOW  
1748December 10Tamsen MICHELLS  
1748December 16Mary HANCOCK  
1748January 5Jane ROWE  
1748January 12John FEREL  
1748January 20Penelopy ASE  
1748January 24Robert BREALY  
1748January 31Mary KINGSLAND  
1748February 8Joan WILLIAMS  
1748February 22Ann SLOCOMB  
1748March 3Richard ADAMS  
1748March 10Elizabeth THOMAS  
1749March 25Abram SLOCOMB  
1749March 26Nicholey WILLIAMS  
1749April 2Mary LEWIS  
1749April 18William HARPER  
1749April 18Mathew WILLIAMS  
1749April 29Thomazin DULLAM  
1749May 24Margaret HERNAMAN  
1749June 1Mary WESTACOTT daughter of Jno and Mary WESTACOTT
1749June 5Thomas CHILLCOTT  
1749June 11James VIGERS son of Jno and Mary VIGERS
1749June 23Anna Christiana WREY  
1749June 27Joan FERRET widdow
1749August 12Mary CROSS  
1749August 16Jno FERRET  
1749August 27William POYER  
1749August 27Roger SOUTHWOOD  
1749October 11George BRACE  
1749December 24Henry HOLLAND  
1749January 11Elizabeth DAVIE  
1749January 28Grace MARCHANT  
1749February 11John HARVIE  
1749February 22Charls DALLIN  
1749March 11Joan HIGGINS  
1750April 13Ann MARKER daughter of Wm and Anne MARKER
1750May 23William THORN  
1750June 11Gertrude ROWE  
1750June 13Thos SOMERWILL  
1750June 29William BRACE  
1750September 28Chichester WREY son of Revd Mr Chichester WREY Rector
drowned in the Taw
1750September 28Jeremiah POPHAM drowned in the Taw
1750October 29Anne EDGER  
1750December 8Eliz RICHARDS daughter of Jno and Eliz RICHARDS
1750December 11Mary LUXON  
1750December 13Sarah MONJOY  
1750December 23Jno CURE son of Jno and Joan CURE
1750January 6Joan BATH  
1750February 6Robt EVENS  
1750February 20Eliz HANDCOCK daughter of Richd and Mary HANDCOCK
1750February 21John COLE  
1750March 14Peter SOMERS son of Henry and Mary SOMERS
1751April 5Anne TRICKER  
1751May 8Grace ACKLAND wife of Archelaus ACKLAND
1751May 9Mary WARD wife of Thos WARD
1751May 28Mathew COTTLE  
1751June 18Philip CATER son of Thos CATER
1751June 25Elizabeth PARKIN daughter of Wm and Emme PARKIN
1751July 10JNO SNOW  
1751July 31Elizabeth PARKIN daughter of Jno and Mary PARKIN
1751August 8Mary PARKIN daughter of Jno and Mary PARKIN
1751August 11Jno PARKIN daughter of Jno and Mary PARKIN
1751August 27Eliz WALDRON daughter of Jno WALDRON
1751September 3Lady Mary WREY wife of Sr Bourchier WREY
1751September 12Marian RICHARDS  
1751September 13Jno HARRIS  
1751September 24Eliz MARQUIS  
1751September 24Diana GIBBS  
1751September 26Wm HOCKRIDGE  
1751September 26Jno MUGFORD  
1751October 8Edward SILLY  
1751October 16Jno PARKIN  
1751October 31Susanna SYMONS  
1751November 1Geo FAIRCHILD  
1751November 3Mary TRICKER  
1751November 5 Mary WALDRON  
1751November 13Eliz SNOW  
1751November 30Mary WATKINS  
1752January 2Alice ADAMS wife of Jno ADAMS
1752January 4Jane HILL wife of George HILL
1752January 7Alice TUCKER base daughter of Mary TUCKER
1752January 30Nicholas JERRAN  
1752February 25Joan PICKERD  
1752March 1Geo HARVEY  
1752March 7Anne RICHARDS widdow
1752March 9Thomazine SOMERWILL widdow
1752March 26Elizabeth WORTH wife of Henry WORTH
1752March 31John HANDCOCK  
1752April 7Anne GRANGER  
1752May 17Catherine ADAMS  
1752May 29Phillip PINE  
1752July 7Joan ARSCOTT  
1752July 19Mary JERRAM  
1752August 7Jane HANDCOCK wife of Nicholas HANDCOCK
1752August 19Agnes SILLEY widdow
1752SeptemberCharity MOON date not recorded
1752October 20Mrs. Mary NORTHCOTT widdow
1752December 14John CHANTER  
1752December 15Susanna GOODWINN  
1752December 19George HILL  
1753January 17Joan CHUBB widdow
1753January 22George BRITTON  
1753February 21William RICHARDS  
1753February 25William GERRY  
1753March 7Emme GERRY  
1753April 8Eenjamin CROSS  
1753April 12Thomas MERCHANT  
1753May 22Margaret ADAMS  
1753June 2Catherine CROSS  
1753June 29John BASSET  
1753July 12William GLIDDON  
1753August 19Eleanor DAVY  
1753September 15Grace CHARLEY daughter of John and Grace CHARLEY
1753September 21Richard LIMEBERRY  
1753October 3Elizabeth THOMAS  
1753November 3Elizabeth STANBURY daughter of Geo and Elizabeth STANBURY
1753November 8John CROSS son of John CROSS
1753November 22Elizabeth JUGG  
1753December 2Mary PHILLIPS  
1753December 19John HOOPER  son of John and Elizabeth HOOPER
1753December 23Robert WALTER  
1753December 29Alice TUCKER daughter of John and Alice TUCKER
1753December 29Thomas FARMER son of John and Dorothy FARMER
17541 JanuaryPhilip HOOPER son of John and Elizabeth HOOPER
1754January 2Mrs Elizabeth PINE 
1754January 10Daniel MUXWORTHY 
1754January 27John KNILL son of John and Mary KNILL
1754February 4Hugh MOORE 
1754February 4Grace TUCKER daughter of John and Alice TUCKER
1754February 7John VIGERS  
1754February 21Anne JOCE widdow
1754March 3Margaret CROCKER daughter of Samuel and Margaret CROCKER
1754March 14Margaret COMER  
1754March 14Penelope HAWKRIDGE  
1754March 17Elizabeth CHAMBERLIN  
1754April 1Robert HEADON  
1754April 17Jane SNOW  
1754April 18Elizabeth POPHAM wife of William POPHAM
1754April 25Richard COLE  
1754May 19Elizabeth RICHARDS  
1754July 2Mary CUTLAND daughter of Edward and Mary CUTLAND
1754August 4Eleanor DAVY  
1754September 22Margaret SAGE  
1754December 14Elizabeth CHAPPELL wife of Samuel CHAPELL of Fremington
1755January 8John WINTER  
1755January 27Joseph GLYDDON  
1755March 22Grace WATTS  
1755March 28Ann MARE  
1755May 11Mary BRACE  
1755May 25Margaret WINTER wife of John WINTER
1755May 31Mrs Mary MELHUISH  
1755June 8John ARSCOTT  
1755July 25Richard RICHARDS  
1755September 27Mrs Elizabeth WREY wife of Revd Mr Chichester WREY Rector
1755September 29Margaret WESTACOTT  
1755November 20Marjery HARRIS  
1755November 19Robert BRAYLEY  
1755November 26Mary MERCHANT  
1755November 27Margaret BRAYLEY  
1755December 14Jane MASON daughter of John and Jane MASON
1756January 9Philip DINNER  
1756January 10Thomas GAMMON  
1756February 13Nicholas TAYLOR  
1756February 29Mary DOWNING  
1756March 1Henry MARKER son of William and Anne MARKER
1756March 17Jane BRAYLEY  
1756March 20The Revd Mr Chichester WREY Rector
1756March 20Joan WINTER  
1756April 2Mary MARKER daughter of William and Anne MARKER
1756April 16Mary BEERE  
1756April 24Sidwell PARKMAN daughter of Hugh PARKMAN
1756May 19Joan RICHARDS  
1756May 20Jonathan TIBBS  
1756May 20John RICHARDS  
1756May 31John CROCKER  
1756July 13Henry Hartnoll SNOW son of Geo SNOW
1756August 27George RICE son of George RICE
1756August 27Edward RAWLE Junr  
1756August 27John HARVEY  
1756October 12Elizabeth TOPP  
1756December 6Elizabeth LIMEBERRY  
1756December 11Rebecca JUGG  
1756December 20Thomas JOCE  
1756December 24Joan WILLIAMS  
1756December 28Elizabeth JONES  
1757January 28Frances THOMAS  
1757February 6Catherine GLYDON  
1757March 3William POPHAM  
1757March 7SUSANNA MOORE daughter of Jno and Emme MOORE
1757April 6Joan JONES  
1757May 27John MUXWORTHY  
1757June 9Robert PALMER  
1757June 29Mary TYLER  
1757July 17Henry SCOTT  
1757September 6William PEACE  
1757September 13Mary SNOW  
1757November 14John KIDDWILL  
1757December 24Mary VAGG  
1758January 14Tymothy POPSSOM  
1758January 28Thomas HUNNACOTT  
1758April 12Anthony TAPP  
1758April 18Elizabeth OUISBURN  
1758May 10Henry Heathcote SNOW  
1758May 10Mary MILLS  
1758May 21Margaret MASON  
1758May 25John ADAMS  
1758June 6Margaret KNILL  
1758June 8William son of John and Mary RATTENBURY
1758June 30Mary LEWIS  
1758July 9Ann CHILCOTT wife of Mr Thomas Chilcott of the City of Bath
1758August 6Grace GOULD  
1758September 15John HOOPER  
1758October 20John MUXWORTHY of West Buckland
1758October 25Susanna(?) HUNTER  
1758November 21Margaret PINE  
1758December 23Robert GOULD  
1759January 18Agnes PICKARD  
1759January 19Nicholas JONES son of Nicholas and Ann JONES
1759January 21Agnes COTTLE  
1759January 23Jane BRAYLEY  
1759February 18Mary HANCOCK daughter of George and Grace HANDCOCK
1759February 25Grace BARNES  
1759March 11Mary TRAPNER(?)  
1759March 13Humphry HOOKWAY  
1759April 8Grace TUCKER  
1759May 14Elizabeth SCOTT  
1759May 20Elizabeth STABLETON  
1759May 23John GOULD  
1759June 13Richard ADAMS  
1759July 29John PASMORE  
1759August 30Susanna MUXWORTHY  
1759October 15Jane PASSMORE  
1759November 17John THOMAS  
1759December 2Agnes OWEN  
1759December 12Susanna SIMONS  
1759December 22Edward LEY  
1759December 23MARY GOO_ERT(?)  
1759December 23William ACKLAND  
1760January 17Marian BARRAK  
1760February 3Robert THORN  
1760March 19Thomas WARD  
1760March 21Agnes MAJOR  
1760April 25Phillop PALLING  
1760May 3Joan SAINTHILLS  
1760May 4John CORFE  
1760May 24Christian SLOLEY  
1760June 5Ann COLE  
1760July 6Dorothy ROBINS  
1760July 13Grace HANCOCK  
1760August 7William RUDD  
1760September 21William CHAPLE  
1760September 30Mary HARVEY  
1760October 14Thomas TUCKER  
1760October 14Phillop HARVEY  
1760October 16John MAJOR  
1760October 25James TUCKER  
1760November 21Daniel EASTAWAY  
1760December 15Mr Phillop HILL  
1760December 27John PASMORE  
1760December 31John FEWINGS(?)  
1761January 14Emlin LEY  
1761March 7Elizabeth CAWSWAY  
1761April 24Elizabeth HOLLAND  
1761May 3William HERNAMAN  
1761May 12Grace GOOT(?)  
1761August 6John MERCHANT  
1761August 16James KNILL faint entry
1761September 16John BROWN faint entry
1761September 19Jane QUICK faint entry
1762February 3Jone ACKLAND  
1762February 17Mary BROOK  
1762March 7Roger CROCKER died at Marwood
1762March 25Mary HILL daughter of Revd Mr Hill
1762April 6Mary ACKLAND faint entry
1762April 9John HOOPER faint entry
1762April 12Mary HANCOCK faint entry
1762April 13Mary RIDGE  
1762April 20Richard HANCOCK  
1762June 8John MICHELS  
1762June 25John JERAM  
1762June 25Elizabeth TAYLOR  
1762July 2Grace LOVERING  
1762July 3Anthony TUCKER  
1762July 3Mary SNOW  
1762September 15Henery SOMER  
1762September 29Peter GOULD  
1762September 29Prudence HILL  
1762October 18Richard HOLLAND  
1762October 25Mary GLIDDON  
1762November 13Honor ROW servant of Revd Mr Hill
1762December 4Hanah BRAMSCOME  
1762December 19Elizabeth WHITEMORE  
1762December 19Aliasons WHITE  
1762December 29Richard ACKLAND  
1763January 16Eliner OWEN  
1763January 23Edward HANCOK  
1763January 23Mary HANCOK wife of Edward HANCOK
1763January 25Ann STABLTON  
1763January 25Ann GLIDON  
1763January 26James LEY  
1763February 1Williams HALLS  
1763February 6William VIER  
1763February 6Mary HORNER  
1763February 6William POPE  
1763February 16Richard GEARBUT  
1763March 20George STABLTON  
1763April 10Arthur FUENS  
1763April 17John MUGFORD  
1763April 17Hannah THOMAS  
1763June 7Joan DAVIS  
1763June 17Thomas HOPTINGS  
1763July 5Catherin HARVEY  
1763July 14Alice ADAMS  
1763August 3Ann HERNAMAN  
1763September 2Elizabeth SLOOMAN  
1763September 10John TUCKER  
1763September 27Humphrey COMER  
1763October 6Elizabeth CROCKER  
1763November 22William HALLS  
1763December 10Mrs Thomazin LEY  
1764January 3Christian HOOKWAY  
1764January 28Nicholas TAYLOR son of John and Charity TAYLOR
1764February 15Mary HANCOCK  
1764February 22Charity TAYLOR  
1764February 26William TAYLOR  
1764March 27Thomas WEBBER  
1764April 29Robert GAMON  
1764May 2John HILL  
1764May 23Luis WELLINGTON  
1764June 25Thomas SLASHBROOK  
1764September 29William BREY  
1764October 4Arscot TAMLIN  
1764October 30John COMER  
1764November 5Henry HOOPER  
1764November 11Elizabeth ROW  
1764November 14Ann BROOM  
1765January 26Thomas HARRIS  
1765February 13Philip BRUTE(?)  
1765February 16John MAYNARD  
1765February 22George MUNJOY(?)  
1765March 11George SHORT  
1765March 20Mary GRATER  
1765March 24Mary CUTLAND  
1765April 17Alice LAUNCE  
1765April 17William MAYFARE  
1765April 26Mr Thomas LOVERING  
1765May 18Joan WINTER  
1765May 22Mary FOSSE  
1765May 26Elizabeth BRACE  
1765June 9John POPHAM  
1765June 18Mary LAKE  
1765July 3William LOYAL  
1765September 1John RICHARDS  
1765September 8Israel LEWIS  
1765September 18William RICHARDS  
1765September 21Mary HAMMAT  
1765September 30James HOOPER  
1765October 9Mr Edward RAWLE  
1765October 23Agnes JOANES  
1765December 2George RICE Clark
1765December 12Joan VAGERS  
1765December 25Jane CUTTER  
1765December 26Mary CUTLAND  
1766January 11Elizabeth MARKER  
1766January 15Johana CROCKER  
1766January 18Eleanor WESTACOTT  
1766January 18Elizabeth HUSLAND(?)  
1766February 9Henry WORTH  
1766February 18John ROWE  
1766March 2Henry REED(?)  
1766March 18William SNOW  
1766April 17Mr John MOORE  
1766April 22William COLE  
1766May 4William CAWSEY smallpox
1766May 4Jane CAWSEY smallpox
1766May 5Elizabeth CAWSEY smallpox
1766May 5Anne CAWSEY smallpox
1766May 20George TRICK  
1766June 2John HOLLAND  
1766June 15Elizabeth NORMAN  
1766June 17Dorithy STICKINGS(?)  
1766July 3John BRAYLY  
1766July 15John HOOPER  
1766July 27Dorithy POPHAM  
1766August 5Sarah SHADDOCK  
1766November 12Nicholas DAVIS  
1766December 1Mr Thomas CHILCOT of Bath
1766December 13Elizabeth TAYLOR  
1766December 19Petter ARSCOTT  
1767January 22Sarah LOVERING  
1767February 15Susanah SHORT  
1767February 22Margaret HARRIS  
1767April 6Mary LEWIS  
1767April 8Elizabeth PHILIPS  
1767May 13Robert TAMLIN  
1767May 18Philip HOPKINS  
1767May 19George BRACE  
1767May 21Eliner HUNNACOT  
1767June 18Mary RICHARDS  
1767June 24Ann RICHARDS  
1767August 11John COLE smallpox
1767August 26Elizabeth TUCKER smallpox
1767September 3John SLEE smallpox
1767September 7William BRAUN smallpox
1767September 16Grace WARD smallpox
1767September 21Susanna POPHAM smallpox
1767September 21Edward TUCKER smallpox
1767September 23William PUGSLY  
1767October 10Elizabeth SNOW smallpox
1767October 14William BUCKINGHAM  
1767October 27Hannah CRICK smallpox
1767November 1Agnes HERVEY  
1767November 22Susanna COLE  
1767November 25Elizabeth GOULD smallpox
1767December 1Jane ROWE smallpox
1767December 14Petter ROWE smallpox
1767December 20Robert STRIBLING  
1767December 23Charles WILLIAMS smallpox
1767December 24Rebecca ROWE smallpox
1767December 30Elizabeth VAGG smallpox
1768January 1Mary STANBURY smallpox
1768January 2Elizabeth TANNER smallpox
1768January 10Alexander VAGG  
1768January 10Grace SHOPLAND smallpox
1768January 12William HERVEY smallpox
1768January 21William PARKER  
1768February 2John SNOW smallpox
1768February 8Robert AZE drowned
1768February 23Grace LAKE  
1768February 28Andrew GRATTER smallpox
1768March 1Mary HOLLAND smallpox
1768March 12Jeremiah POPHAM  
1768April 6Mary HOPKINS  
1768April 6Susanna MUGFORD smallpox
1768April 16Prudence SHAPLAND  
1768April 17John PHILIPS  
1768April 17Sarah SHADDOCK  
1768May 3Sarah SOUTHWILL  
1768May 7Elizabeth MARKER  
1768May 14Elinor BRITTON  
1768May 17Thomazin ROGERS smallpox
1768May 25Richard TURNER smallpox
1768June 5Margaret HOBB  
1768June 29David MUXWORTHY smallpox
1768July 3Elizabeth CULLEN smallpox
1768July 19Elizabeth JONES  
1768August 11Mary PARKER  
1768August 29James EASTON of Fremington drowned
1768October 12Elizabeth PINCOME  
1768November 8George ADAMS  
1768November 20Mary HUNT  
1768December 3Larence GLIDDON  
1769January 30John WARMINTON  
1769March 1Mr John CARLY  
1769March 22Joan MERCHANT  
1769April 9Nicholas HANCOCK  
1769May 21Susanna BROCK  
1769May 24Mary POPE  
1769May 25Honour HALLS  
1769May 26John WALTERS  
1769May 31Mary JOCE  
1769August 3Ann DOCKET  
1769September 4Nicholas WARD  
1769October 12Master Samuel HILL buried in the North Aisle of the Chancel between the Two Windows in a Vault
1769October 29George SNOW  
1769November 21George CURE  
1769November 25Henry KINGSLAND  
1770January 5Joan EASTAWAY  
1770February 11Philip TRICKER  
1770February 12Elizabeth MEDELTON  
1770February 18Richard NISKEL(?)  
1770March 3Mary YEO  
1770March 15Susanna HELLENS  
1770April 6Ann WARMINGTON  
1770April 15John HAMMATT  
1770May 5Peter KINGDON  
1770May 6Mary SANDERS  
1770May 9Margery DAVEY  
1770May 10Mrs Catherine HILL  
1770May 13Martha BRAYLEY  
1770May 14Ann DOCKET  
1770May 24John ADAMS  
1770May 29Elizabeth DOCKET  
1770May 29Ann AVERY  
1770June 1Mary WESTACOTT  
1770June 12George CATTOR(?)  
1770July 22William PHILIPS  
1770September 5Margaret CUTLAND(?)  
1770October 13Elizabeth MIDELTON  
1770October 29Mary ACKLAND  
1770December 9Matthew DELLAN  
1770December 29Elizabeth THOMAS of Lankey
1771January 4Arminel CHORLEY  
1771January 30Nicholas HANCOCK  
1771February 9Mr William LEY  
1771February 24Elizabeth SHORTE  
1771March 3Petter PASSMORE  
1771March 7Mr William MARKER  
1771April 7Jane LEE  
1771June 22William SMALLRIDGE  
1771July 3Joan MARKER  
1771July 13Catherine WELLINGTON  
1771July 18Robert and John DOCKET  
1771August 1Mary PARKMAN  
1771August 4John SQUARE  
1771August 14Thomas LEE  
1771September 18Ann MEDELTON  
1771September 27Nicholas WILLIAMS  
1771October 6Elizabeth WEELER  
1771October 8Margaret HOOPER  
1772January 17William HARRIS  
1772February 12Archelas ACKLAND  
1772March 2John HOOPER  
1772March 13Mary KNILL  
1772April 8John TAYLOR  
1772April 13Mrs Grace RAWD  
1772April 14Joanna ROWE  
1772April 18Joan DAVIS  
1772May 5Elizabeth SCOTT  
1772May 10Jane MASON  
1772May 14Grace CHARLY  
1772May 27Ann PARSONS  
1772June 9Miss Mary HILL daughter of the Revd Mr Hill
1772June 20John TRIBLE  
1772July 20Joan THORN  
1772August 9Ann KIMP  
1772August 18Samuel GEEN  
1772August 25Dina MASON  
1772September 29Joan WHITE  
1772October 9John BROME  
1772October 16Jane RICHARDS  
1772October 25Mary HAMMET  
1773January 30Richard TOPHAM  
1773February 20John BASSET  
1773February 20Mary TUCKER  
1773March 24William JONES  
1773April 10Mary WILSON  
1773April 13John SHAPLAND  
1773May 10Honour HURDE  
1773June 17John SLOMAN  
1773June 18Mary PEACE  
1773August 19Em MULES  
1773August 30William TALLING  
1773August 30Elizabeth SHADDOCK  
1773September 5John TALLING  
1773October 16Mary TUCKER  
1773November 4Grace RUDD  
1773November 20William CUTLAND  
1773November 28Mary HARRIS  
1773December 2Easter JONES  
1773December 8John TRACY  
1774January 2Ann ADAMS  
1774January 11David(?) LEWIS sexton
1774January 13Mary STOYLE  
1774February 8William RIDGE  
1774March 20George MACARTNEY  
1774March 26Ann ADAMS  
1774April 11Honour HACKING  
1774April 30Simon COLWELL  
1774May 4Mary MILLS  
1774July 10John HANCOCK  
1774July 11John ACKLAND  
1774July 12Joanna MEDELTON  
1774July 14Jane SHAPLAND  
1774August 13John HERVEY  
1774August 30Mary MILLS  
1774September 1Grace CAWSEY  
1774October 10Elizabeth BABB  
1774October 21Elizabeth WONNACOT  
1774November 10Joan KNILL  
1774November 23Mary SKINNER  
1774December 9Richard SLOCOMB  
1774December 14Ann BABB  
1774December 17Ferdenando BUTTLER  
1774December 18Mary BABB  
1774December 21Elizabeth MERCHANT  
1774December 21John MASON  
1775April 23Sarah HANCOCK  
1775April 25Cathrine MITCHELS  
1775May 10Mathew BROCK  
1775May 17William TOLL  
1775May 18Petter ASCOTT  
1775June 6Ann AVERY  
1775June 20Charity HOPKINS  
1775September 26Mary CUTLAND  
1775October 12Mary HACKRIDGE  
1775October 15John FARMER  
1775November 16Susanna PARKER  
1775November 30John PEACE  
1775December 7Humphry ACKLAND  
1775December 8Mr Philip HILL drowned
1776January 7Charity YELDON  
1776January 15Mrs Elizabeth RICHARDS  
1776January 23Elinor DYER  
1776January 27Mary MUGFORD  
1776January 27Agnes GOSS  
1776February 8Sarah KNILL  
1776February 27George HALLS  
1776April 8Elizabeth HERVEY  
1776May 9Elizabeth SMALBRIDGE  
1776July 27Elizabeth TERRY  
1776November 3John PINCOMB  
1776November 8John TUCKER  
1777January 5Elizabeth YELDON  
1777January 22John RUDD  
1777January 25Mary PEARCE  
1777January 26John GILL  
1777January 30George WELLINGTON  
1777March 8John HANDCOCK drowned
1777May 6Mary WINTER  
1777May 11Margaret SOUTHWOOD  
1777May 15Susanna GOLD  
1777May 22Elizabeth TUCKER  
1777May 27Jane BRIGHT  
1777May 29George STAPELTON  
1777June 15William BRIGHT  
1777June 15Mary CROSE  
1777June 25John JUGG  
1777June 26Elinor CLARKE  
1777July 6Margery RUDD  
1777July 11John TRACEY  
1777July 19Petter JONES  
1777July 26Elizabeth STANBURY  
1777September 11John PERKIN  
1778February 3Elizabeth HOPKINS  
1778February 22William SHADDOCK  
1778February 26Joan HANDCOCK  
1778March 11Humphrey ACKLAND  
1778April 25Grace SOMERWILL  
1778June 6Thomas HORNE  
1778June 8George HUXTABLE  
1778August 26Thomas MEDDLETON  
1778September 24Rachel AVERY  
1778October 10Robert SOMER  
1778October 31Betty MARKER  
1778December 10Grace DOCKET  
1779January 10William ADAMS stabed
1779February 8Elizabeth PARKER  
1779February 15Mary TANNER  
1779February 17Nicholas DYER  
1779February 23John CREEK  
1779March 31Elizabeth MERCHANT  
1779April 22John THOMAS faint entry
1779May 13John LEWMAN faint entry
1779May 31John HOBLY  
1779June 19Sabina DINNER  
1779July 18James STRIBLING  
1779July 20Elizabeth PINCOMB  
1779August 12Thomas JUGG  
1779October 13John CLARK  
1779October 14Ann HANCOCK  
1779October 16William TRACEY  
1779October 23Penelope RICE  
1779October 24William PARSONS  
1779December 11Jane COMER  
1779December 15Henry PINCOMB  
1779December 28Mary SLOMAN  
1779December 28Agnes CREEK  
1780February 6John NOGLE  
1780February 13John ROWE  
1780February 29Jane SNOW  
1780March 9John BEAVENS  
1780April 15Mary MUXWORTHY  
1780April 23John CAMN  
1780May 7William POPHAM  
1780July 9Mary COLWELL  
1780July 11William MULES  
1780July 11John MULES  
1780August 5Rebecca WEBBER  
1780August 9John THORNE  
1780August 24John TUCKER  
1780August 27Grace CAWSEY  
1780December 4William POPHAM  
1780December 29Mary AZE  
1781January 8James MOON  
1781February 19Willmot RAWL  
1781March 12Mary PEACE  
1781April 27Mary BILLINGER  
1781April 30John SLOMAN  
1781April 30Richard TRACY  
1781May 1James SLOCOMB  
1781June 3Mary HARRIS  
1781June 9Peggy HENWOOD  
1781June 19William TUCKER  
1781July 23Dorothy STRIBLING  
1781September 8Mary FEWING  
1781September 12William DOWDLE The remains of William DOWDLE burnt in his house at Bridgetown
1781September 18Elizabeth TUCKER  
1781September 29Ann CAWSEY  
1781October 21William BUTLER  
1782January 4Elizabeth GRATOR  
1782January 5Mary DALLING  
1782February 15Thomas COMER  
1782February 16Henry KIMP  
1782February 23Mary HILL  
1782March 26Edward CUTLAND  
1782March 31James SCOTT  
1782April 23Nicholas DUN  
1782April 24Ann CROSS  
1782May 1Sarah SLOMAN  
1782May 23Mary BRACE  
1782May 26John PLEASTER  
1782August 10Hugh PARKMORE  
1782November 3Alexander SKINNER  
1782November 17Jane SOMERTON  
1783February 12George SHAPLAND  
1783February 12William GOSS  
1783February 12Elinor PHILIPS  
1783February 16John PASSMORE  
1783March 8John SOMERWILL  
1783March 13Elizabeth CURE  
1783March 29Rebecca JUGG  
1783April 6Grace HILLS  
1783April 10Mary HANDFORD  
1783April 10Margaret WILCOCKS  
1783April 27Mary QUICK  
1783May 4Elizabeth SOMERTON  
1783May 4Margaret CUTLAND  
1783May 11Elizabeth BROOKS  
1783May 25John TUCKER blacksmith
1783May 27John PHILIPS  
1783June 2Elizabeth LEWIS  
1783June 25James LEWIS  
1783June 28Elizabeth BRACE  
1783July 13Margaret ISAAC  
1783August 12William TUCKER  
1783August 24Daniel HENWOOD  
1783September 9George THORNE  
1783September 16John ISAAC  
1783October 15Elizabeth BROOKS  
1783November 4Elizabeth BRAWN relieved by the Parish
1783November 6Esther WARE  
1783November 30John CROSS relieved
1784January 11Elizabeth BRACE relieved
1784January 13Susanna PARSONS  
1784January 25Richard RICHARDS relieved
1784January 30Mary WESTACOTT  
1784February 11John WINTER relieved by the Parish
1784March 9Ann PARKMAN  
1784March 20Tryphona BERRY  
1784April 17Richard TANNER  
1784April 18James SCOTT by the fall from a horse
1784April 19John WARD relieved
1784April 22The Honourable Sir Bourchier WREY Bart  
1784April 27Thomas SLOMAN  
1784May 5James STRIBLING relieved
1784May 19Anslice PEACE  
1784May 19Joan HAYDON  
1784May 29Joanna DALLIN  
1784June 1Grace TAMLYN  
1784June 24Charlotte YEO  
1784July 4John PHILIPS  
1784August 9Mary BASSET relieved
1784September 19Mary DELL  
1784October 17Joan MOON relieved
1784October 20Robert WESTACOTT relieved
1784November 30Ann PUGSLY  
1784December 10Thomas DAVIE relieved
1784December 21Elizabeth PUGSLY  
1784December 27Susanna POPHAM  
1785January 10Elizabeth HARRIS  
1785February21Agnes SHADDOCK relieved
1785March 8Roger BIBBINS a stranger
1785March 19Elizabeth RICHARD relieved by the Parish
1785March 29Elizabeth SLOMAN relieved
1785April 4Robert DOCKET  
1785April 20Mary KINGSLAND  
1785May 1Jane BRIGHT  
1785May 9John BURGES  
1785May 27Prudence GILL  
1785June 1George MULES  
1785June 19John PARKIN  
1785June 19Ann PARSONS  
1785July 8John CLARKE  
1785July 13Thomas CHAMBERLIN  
1785July 14Mary CLARKE  
1785July 20Thomas CROCKER  
1785July 31William LAKE of Fremington
1785July 31Thomas SOMERTON  
1785August 25Mary WESTACOTT  
1785August 25Dorothy FARMER  
1785September 16Jane WARD  
1785November 7George FOLLET drowned
1785November 16John HOPKINS  
1785December 4John SOMERWILL  
1785December 6William GIMBLET of the family of Cornwall
1785December 12John HILLS an infant of Mr John HILLS Surgeon
1785December 31Mary MUGFORD  
1786January 23James MOYES  
1786February 9Mary TRACEY  
1786March 1Grace HARRIS  
1786March 1Mary MUXWORTHY  
1786March 22Agnes SLOCOMB  
1786March 26Jane TAMYLYN  
1786March 30Elizabeth MUXWORTHY from Barnstaple
1786April 19Joan HILL  
1786April 19Nanny ELLICE from Barnstaple
1786May 10Elizabeth BURGES  
1786June 3Elizabeth HILL  
1786June 8Ann LOVERING  
1786June 15Susanna THORNE  
1786July 4John PADDON  
1786July 7Mary TUCKER  
1786July 12William WILLIAMS  
1786October 10Genney TUCKER  
1786November 23Unity GOSLING  
1786December 2Mrs Mary HAYDON  
1786December 26John ADAMS  
1787January 6Mrs Elizabeth JOCE  
1787February 11Humphry LAKE  
1787February 21John CAWSEY  
1787February 22Thomas HERVEY  
1787March 3John HERVEY  
1787March 28John RUDD  
1787April 6Martin BABB  
1787April 29Agnes RIDGE  
1787July 8Alice SKINNER  
1787July 12Mrs Frances HILL wife of Mr John HILL
1787July 19Mary NUTT  
1787September 12Dorothy SLOCOMB  
1787September 13James HANDFORD  
1787October 13William HOPKINS  
1787October 13Ann BRAILY  
1787October 21John WESTCOTT  
1787October 21Esther WARMAN  
1787October 30John HEARDING drowned
1787November 5John BURDON  
1787November 11Edward WELLINGTON drowned
1787December 25Ann BILLINGER  
1787December 26Mary KNILL  
1787December 27George STANBURY  
1788January 1Mary HANDCOCK  
1788January 10Elizabeth HENRY  
1788January 17John SHADOCK  
1788January 20Susanna WILLIAMS  
1788January 23Mary STRIBLING  
1788February 28Humphry MILLS  
1788March 16Ann BABB  
1788March 29Patience RICE  
1788May 8William MUXWORTHY  
1788May 10George HILL  
1788May 20Elizabeth BARTLETT  
1788May 26Mary SAUNDERS  
1788June 14Mary DINNER  
1788July 6John BEAR  
1788July 9George WILLIAMS  
1788September 14Elizabeth EDWORTHY  
1788September 21Thomas HARRIS  
1788September 24John KNILL  
1788October 5Mary TANNER  
1788October 19John RUDD  
1788October 19Hugh MIDELTON  
1788November 24John WYTACOTT  
1788December 23Jane VEN  
1789February 26Ann GILL  
1789March 9Mr George ROGERS  
1789March 22William CUTLAND  
1789March 23John HUMPHERYS a servant to Sir B Wrey
1789March 31John THORNE  
1789April 1Mary ELICE small pox
1789April 2Elizabeth RICHARDS  
1789April 14George BARTLETT  
1789April 20Mrs Mary SOMER  
1789June 28Mary THOMAS  
1789June 29George HANDCOCK  
1789July 5Mrs Mary ROGERS  
1789July 8Nathaniel AZE  
1789July 25Jane RICE  
1789September 6John THOMAS  
1789October 12John CAWSEY  
1789November 23John POPHAM  
1789December 7Ann THORNE  
1789December 21Ann MATHEWS  
1790January 14Joanna DOCKETT  
1790February 17John ABRAHAM  
1790March 1John GOMAN  
1790April 7William PERRY  
1790April 25Henry GOSS  
1790May 19Jane THOMAS  
1790June 17Mary PARSLEY  
1790August 15Ann TAMLYN of Barnstaple
1790August 18William GOSLING  
1790August 26Elizabeth PUGSLY  
1790October 4Mrs Mary ROGERS  
1790October 25Richard BURGE Mariner
1790November 21Grace PARKER  
1790November 22John FEWING  
1790December 19Mrs Margaret SOMER of Hollick
1791January 12Charity TAMLYN  
1791January 23Ann WINTER  
1791February 10Mary WILLIAMS  
1791February 19Mrs Ann TAMLYN  
1791February 23Elizabeth DAVIE  
1791March 1Sarah CUTLAND  
1791April 3Cathrine CUTLAND  
1791May 26John HANCOCK  
1791July 26Ann BOWDEN  
1791September 16Lady Anne WREY27died 5 Sep 1791
1791September 25Emmy SHADDOCK  
1791October 1William GUBB  
1791October 11Elizabeth THORNE daughter of William THORNE
1791October 14John DINNER  
1791October 16John MATTHEWS  
1791November 10Ann TUCKER  
1791November 26Mrs Susanna JONES  
1791December 1Andrew GRATOR  
1791December 5Elizabeth TUCKER  
1791December 12Mary CAWSEY  
1791December 26William JUGG  
1791December 27Betty TAMLYN of Barnstaple
1792January 15Robert HUGHES by the Fall of a Tree
1792January 19Florence POPE  
1792January 21William RICE Clark 28 Years
1792January 28Alice RUDD  
1792February 2Sarah RICE  
1792February 6John FEWINGS  
1792February 13John MEDLAND  
1792February 22Mary RICHARDS  
1792February 29Mary PINCOMBE  
1792February 29Mary TUCKER  
1792March 5Sarah RICHARDS  
1792March 8Nicholas MERCHANT  
1792March 10Mary ADAMS  
1792March 15Henry HOLLAND  
1792March 18Elizabeth COLWELL  
1792March 25Elizabeth CHOPE  
1792March 28Philip BRIGHT Jr  
1792March 30James BRIGHT brother of Philip BRIGHT  
1792April 5Mrs Rebecca BURROWS  
1792April 16Honor WILMET  
1792April 29Samuel TETHERLY  
1792May 4James SHADDOCK  
1792May 4Samuel CROCKER  
1792May 17Grace GOULD  
1792May 24Mary SHADDOCK  
1792May 26Susanna WESTACOTT  
1792June 10Susanna THOMAS  
1792June 11John PARKMAN  
1792August 2Alice(?) PUGSLEY  
1792August 4Mrs Elizabeth CHAPPLE  
1792August 14Susanna HANCOCK  
1792September 9John NOTT  
1792September 15Sarah ABRAHAMS  
1792September 18Elizabeth HALLS  
1792September 22Hugh THOMAS  
1792November 21Agnes COURTESS  
1793January 20Jane CROP  
1793February 1George MUXWORTHY  
1793March 10Elizabeth JOHNS  
1793March 24Grace ELSWORTHY  
1793April 20Mary WESTACOTT  
1793May 30Richard HOLLAND  
1793June 2Prudence BURDON  
1793August 9Maria PUGSLEY  
1793September 4Elizabeth DUNN  
1793October 8Mark BRACE  
1793October 13Mary HOLLAND  
1793October 13Mary SAUNDERS  
1793November 10James KIMPT and William HOBLEY by the fall of a Lorry
1794January 21Jane POLFREEMAN  
1794February 1Mrs Catharine PINE  
1794February 8Richard NICHOLLS  
1794February 13John GOULD  
1794March 28Nancy MUXWORTHY  
1794April 27Mary TAPCOTT  
1794May 13Ann BUTLER  
1794August 10Elizabeth BROWN  
1794September 7Frances PUGSLEY  
1794October 19John MATTHEW  
1794October 22John GOSS  
1794November 1Margaret CROKER  
1794November 5James CULLAND  
1794November 5Elizabeth PUGSLEY  
1794November 27George CLARK  
1794November 27Mary BROOK  
1794December 6Mrs Florence STAFFORD from Bideford
1794December 7John TIBBS  
1794December 30Mary POPHAM  
1795January 1Mary RICHARDS  
1795January 18Mary MATTHEWS  
1795February 2Catharine HEARN  
1795February 22Margaret TRACEY  
1795February 22William BATH  
1795February 22Ann ANDREWS  
1795February 23John BRAUND  
1795March 30James THOMAS  
1795April 5Agnes NOTT  
1795April 12Elizabeth SCOTT  
1795May 29Joan TAMLYN  
1795May 30John JOHNS  
1795May 31John SHADDOCK  
1795June 18Susanna TYTHECOTT  
1795June 23Mary BRAUN  
1795June 27Alice RUDD  
1795August 8John PADDON of Yarnscombe by the cut of a scythe
1795August 20Elizabeth JUDD  
1795August 23Mr William JOCE  
1795November 12Mr John JOCE  
1795November 13Williams ADAMS  
1795November 22Thomas HEARN  
1796January 10Elizabeth HEARN  
1796January 17Mary COURTNEY  
1796January 21Elizabeth PUGSLEY Drowned
1796January 27William SAUNDERS  
1796March 13William PERRY  
1796March 20Mary MATTHEWS  
1796March 22William a child nursed by Mary GOSS
1796April 12William WESTACOTT by a wheel in the woollen Manufacture at Rawley
1796April 18Jane HUNT  
1796April 27Archelus ACKLAND  
1796May 3Ann KEMP  
1796May 5Elizabeth THOM  
1796May 21William PICKNELL by a stone in the culm mine
1796June 18Ann SAYER Small pox
1796June 19Elizabeth RAWL  
1796June 27John CLARKE  
1796August 31Mary PARKIN  
1796September 2Elizabeth DINNER  
1796September 3Mrs Julyia BRUTON from the City of Bristol
1796September 24Thomas HEARN  
1796October 29John SOMERWILL  
1796November 15Humphrey BAKER Mariner
1796November 20Penelope RICE  
1796December 6John GOSS  
1796December 11Francis CLARK  
1796December 31Mrs Elizabeth HILL  
1797January 4David and Mary CLARK Infants
1797January 9George HAMLYN  
1797January 11Ann PERRIN  
1797May 3Mary WATERIN  
1797May 9Richard PERRIN  
1797May 23Laura(?) WARE  
1797May 23Joan SCOTT  
1797June 14Thomas STAPLETON  
1797June 17Joan CARR  
1797July 16Jeremiah TAYLOR  
1797July 23Abraham BROWN  
1797August 18John HANCE  
1797August 22Elizabeth LAKE  
1797August 28Elizabeth BOWDEN  
1797September 10Ann BURDEN  
1797September 12Mary CRICK  
1797September 12William KEMP  
1797September 16Elizabeth ANDREW  
1797September 17George BURDEN  
1797September 22Betty BEAR  
1797September 27William NORMAN  
1797October 1Mary HARVEY  
1797October 3John HARVEY  
1797November 2Susanna DAVIS  
1797November 18Ann HALLS  
1797November 18John DUNN  
1797December 23Jane TAPP  
1798January 7Susanna MOYZE  
1798February 4Jenny JONES  
1798February 20Archelus Ackland MUXWORTHY  
1798March 22Mary MORGAN from Barnstaple
1798April 9William LEWMAN  
1798April 29Thomas MITCHEL  
1798May 11Mary TAMLYN from Barnstaple
1798May 12Elizabeth HUXTABLE  
1798July 4Mr William LOVERING  
1798August 21Mr John TAMLYN from Barnstaple
1798August 21Elizabeth HEATHMAN  
1798October 30Henry SHAPLAN  
1798November 22William TERRY  
1798November 24Mrs Frances HILL  
1798December 4Joanna SQUANCE  
1798December 13Mr John LOVERING  
1798December 20Grace GIBB  
1799January 6Robert WESTACOTT  
1799January 20Dorcas MeDDLETON  
1799February 9Christopher SMALDON  
1799February 13Elizabeth ASCOTT  
1799February 17Matthew WHITE from Barnstaple
1799February 18John REED  
1799March 22Elizabeth Mancel  
1799March 28Susanna SHADDOCK  
1799April 24Grace WIDLAKE  
1799June 24Edward CUTLAND  
1799June 27John SNELL  
1799September 25Mary PERRIN  
1799October 1Mary BRITTON  
1799October 26Mrs Penelope HILL  
1799November 17Mary WOLLACOTT  
1799December 18Mr Amos TAMLYN  
1799December 21Anthony SAUNDERS  
1800January 7Grace RICHARDS  
1800January 15Sarah GOULD  
1800January 23Elizabeth SNOW  
1800February 6Margaret TUCKER  
1800March 5James DAVEY  
1800March 11Anne RICE  
1800May 22Amos TAMLYN  
1800May 24Mr Robt SOMER  
1800May 27Mary WELLINGTON  
1800May 30Mary VENN  
1800June 2Joan JOCE  
1800June 13Walter MARKER  
1800August 17Thomas HANDCOCK  
1800August 19Mary PINCOMBE  
1800August 21Dorothy PERRY  
1800October 7VOWDEN First name not recorded
1800October 18Henry SOMERWILL  
1800October 22Elizabeth TERRY  
1800November 27Mrs Maria Catharina EWING  
1800December 17Mr John SHAPLAND  
1800December 30Robert COLLINS from Barnstaple
1801January 26Joan RICHARDS by a cart
1801February 7Philip ROWE  
1801February 8Francis COTTEY  
1801February 9William SPEAR  
1801February 16Mrs Elizabeth PUGSLEY  
1801February 16Elizabeth SMALDON  
1801February 19Revd Charles HILL Rector of this Parish 45 Years died the 13th aged 73
1801March 8Mary GIBBS  
1801March 17Christopher HACKIPT of the Queens Regiment of Light Dragoons drowned
1801April 19Susanna COOKE  
1801April 19Elizabeth JOHNS  
1801April 19Thos GINT  
1801April 25John RUDD  
1801May 2Ann ADAMS by falling from an hedge
1801May 6John GOSLIN  
1801May 12Mrs Ann HEYWOOD  
1801May 28William MAY by the fall of a tree
1801June 5John GOULD  
1801June 17Mary JONES  
1801July 6Mrs Elizabeth PALMER25wife of the Revd Daniel Palmer Curate of Barnstaple
1801July 21Jane HANDCOCK  
1801July 30Henry GAYTON39 
1801August 13Mrs Elizabeth HILL79wife of the late Revd Charles HILL Rector
1801August 24Laurinlina Ann HAIR4 
1801September 15Robt CLARK53 
1801September 19Roger GREEN41 
1801September 24Hugh JUGG21Servant to Sr B Wrey
1801October 13William SMALLRIDGE31 
1801October 20Frances TUCKER  
1801November 17Jenny LOVERING22 
1801November 21Thos ADAMS39 
1801December 2Mary SMALLCORN18 
1802January 6Elizabeth CUTLAND70 
1802January 9Philip CUTLAND2 
1802February 1Hugh MOON41 
1802February 10John HERN49 
1802February 25Isaac GILL1 
1802April 11Rebecca LOVERING25 
1802April 25John PARKMAN66 
1802April 28Mary TANNER60 
1802May 1Thomas COOKE61Sexton 17 years
1802May 8William BUCKINGHAM70 
1802June 15Mary Anne HEAL3 
1802June 27Anne SCOTT2 
1802July 2Joseph WALTER3 
1802July 6William HUXTABLE77 
1802July 6Hannah SOMERWILL3 months 
1802July 11Grace WIDLAKE6 months 
1802July 15James HARVEY70 
1802August 14Ann NICHOLLS2 
1802August 19Mary NORMAN69 
1802September 9Elizabeth HEAL50 
1802September 10Mary BRAYLEY6 
1802September 15Blagdon MARKER21 
1802September 23CHAPPLE4First name not recorded
1802October 9James GILL3 
1802October 31Mary CHAPPLE2 
1802November 24Elizabeth TAMLYN49 
1803January 8Elizabeth ACKLAND63 
1803January 8Mary TRACEY2 
1803January 8Mary TANNER2 months 
1803January 9Alice MASON50 
1803January 12Robert BROOKS54 
1803February 6Wm WALTER4 
1803February 10John SNOW57 
1803March 9Grace ABRAHAM37 
1803March 21Susanna MERCHANT  
1803April 5Elizabeth WHEELER71 
1803May 4Elizabeth HARVEY66 
1803May 5Mary WILLIAM16 
1803July 7Elizabeth VAGG83 
1803August 3William TUCKER85Mariner
1803September 27William Hayman LOVERING6 
1803October 11ACKLAND6 monthsFirst name not recorded
1803October 24Mrs Grace HILL82 
1803October 30John WEBB6 
1803November 5Grace HAYMAN65 
1804January 5John ROGERS60 
1804February 29Mary SERJEANT18 
1804February 29John HILL  
1804March 1Nicholas JONES75 
1804April 9William JUGG55by the fall from a Horse
1804April 16Robt BRAYLEY27 
1804April 16Tamzin SNOW92 
1804May 6Elizabeth REED40 
1804May 16George RICHARD70 
1804May 16Nicholas SYMON23 
1804June 3Mary GILL37 
1804July 10Wm Ridge RICE25Clark 13 years
1804August 28Ann RATINBERY70 
1804August 29Elizabeth ROGERS60 
1804September 25Betsey PUGSLY37 weeks 
1804October 10Robert BROWN18 weeks 
1804November 27John BROWN49 
1804December 27Susanna RATCLIFF39 
1805January 9Elizabeth CANEN59 
1805January 27Joan GOSS74 
1805February 10John HILL  
1805March 27Maria PUGSLEY5 
1805March 31Alice RUDD94 
1805April 12Wm LEWIS14 weeks 
1805April 25Wm WALDON78 
1805April 30James GOSS17 
1805April 30Thomas ANDREW2 
1805May 5John ACLAND8 
1805May 14Anthony BRADON11 month 
1805May 19John ROBINS68 
1805May 22Joshua FARMER71 
1805May 28John RAWLE65 
1805June 4Henry RUDD61 
1805June 18Matthew POULETT3 
1805July 15William TAMLYN1 
1805July 20Elizabeth SOMER57 
1805July 23John BROWN22 
1805July 25Mary CRISPIN33 
1805August 7Michael CRISPIN2 weeks 
1805August 9John HEAL1 week 
1805August 27Mary SAUNDERS5 weeks 
1805September 15Sarah HEAL40 
1805September 17John BRAILEY19 
1805September 25Richard HUXTABLE20 
1805December 15Thomas WHEELER79 
1805December 15Ann HEAL33 
1805December 19Mary SAUNDERS63 
1806January 16John PEARCE26 
1806February 23Thomas BUTLER57 
1806February 23Elizabeth CUTLAND70 
1806March 21Mary JONES41 
1806April 4Ellinor ROBINS68 
1806April 13Margaret CROCKER69 
1806April 15Agnes TUCKER9 
1806April 17Phillip CUTLAND1 
1806April 21George AVERY47 
1806April 22Mary Anne SNOW2 
1806May 4James BOWDEN4 months 
1806May 11George RATTENBURY70 
1806May 13Anthony SAUNDERS72 
1806May 18William PERRY13 
1806May 19James RIDGE32 months 
1806May 31Rebecca BOWDEN65 
1806June 19Elizabeth WALKER3 days 
1806July 4Jane RUDD4 weeks 
1806July 6Ann WILLIAMS80 
1806July 14Richard RATCLIFFE66 
1806August 17Henry VODEN3 days 
1806September 7John TUCKER59 
1806September 8Philip BRIGHT65 
1806December 10Richard HAYDON77 
1806December 11William GREGORY53 
1807January 25William MARSHALL2 days 
1807February 2John JOCE34 
1807February 16Anne HARE70 
1807February 19Margaret WATTS29 
1807March 11John BROWN10 months 
1807April 9John SMALRIDGE3 days 
1807April 16Mary WARD74 
1807April 26James MOORE84 
1807April 30Hugh TERRY77 
1807May 4Anthony TAMLYN54 
1807May 24John HILL47 
1807May 26Margaret BURGE84 
1807June 7Elizabeth SYMONS62 
1807July 12John WELLINGTON75 
1807September 24James BROWN1 day 
1807October 8Jane ISAAC16 
1807November 2Margaret HARTNOLL5 
1807November 14Temperance BARRY63 
1807December 1Robert SNOW48 
1807December 24Elizabeth SMALDON13 
1808March 2Philip TALLYN67 
1808April 7Robert TURNER2 
1808April 28Elizabeth LOVERING75 
1808May 22William TOWNSEND52 
1808June 1Elizabeth RICE27 
1808June 12Priscilla CUTLAND72 
1808June 18Ann SNOW1 
1808July 10Ellinor FEWINGS10 months 
1808July 14Betsey SNOW1 
1808September 12William KIMP15 
1808September 22Jane DEAR1 
1808November 30Mary NORTHCOTE26 
1808November 30Richard NORTHCOTE5 months 
1808December 18Mary HEYDON57 
1809February 6Mary SALTERN3 
1809March 1John BASSETT18 
1809March 18Robert WREY89 
1809April 20Samuel SHORT56 
1809April 29Henry WOLLACOTT73 
1809May 14Margaret TALLIN77 
1809May 18Henry TUCKER49 
1809May 26Henry HEALY49 
1809May 28George HANCOCK55 
1809June 20Henry MARSHALL70 
1809June 20William PEACE72 
1809June 26Susanna JONES75 
1809July 30George SNOW34 
1809August 27Mary WELLINGTON70 
1809September 3George ROGERS69 
1809October 12Anne MARSHALL76 
1809October 19Charity COOK3 
1809November 7Ann POPHAM73 
1810February 18George TAMLYN11 months 
1810February 18William TAMLYN11 months 
1810February 19William ACKLAND48 
1810February 24George Searl SLOOMAN9 months 
1810March 2Mary HANCOCK48 
1810March 11William WARD72 
1810April 8Roger VICARY35 
1810April 15Ann BUCKINGHAM73 
1810May 3William SMALLRIDGE2 
1810May 15Peter WARREN30 
1810June 11Mary REED49 
1810June 14Charles HILL81 
1810June 21Ester TUCKER95 
1810September 16Mary SNOW22 
1810September 16Susanna VENNER82 
1810October 25John COLE69 
1810November 21Mary CRISPIN51 
1810December 29Mary LOADER31 
1811January 13Ursilla CORNISH66 
1811January 31Mary VAGG65 
1811February 9George LOCK30 
1811February 21Mary MOORE72 
1811February 22Charles TAYLER74 
1811February 24William DAVY48 
1811March 14Jeremiah TAYLER85 
1811March 17John WIDLAKE30 
1811March 20Agnes SHADDOCK76 
1811March 21Philip CRISPIN58 
1811March 29William DOBB35 
1811April 22Ambrose ADAMS81 
1811May 8Elizabeth BRIGHT5 
1811May 12John TAMLYN32 
1811May 22Nicholas CORNISH66 
1811June 1William MARSHALL13 weeks 
1811June 17Honor TAMLYN33 
1811June 26Samuel RICHARDS66 
1811August 8Alexander TUCKER56 
1811September 20James WELLINGTON6 days 
1811November 25Anne HAYDEN1 
1811November 30Richard COLES2 
1811December 25Ann GOULD81 
1812February 16Christian GOSS75 
1812March 11Mary SNOW1 
1812March 15Thomas CHAPPLE5 
1812March 16William GILL19 
1812April 1William MUXWORTHY75 
1812April 9Edward CUTLAND2 
1812April 23John JONES82 
1812April 30Charles HILL89 
1812May 2John PHILLIPS79 
1812May 24Betsy YOUNG11 months 
1812May 25Rebecca THOMAS87 
1812May 28John NEWCOMBE1 
1812June 7Elizabeth LOVERING45 
1812July 28Mary PARKMAN75 
1812August 23John ADAMS43 
1812September 17William TAMLYN18 
1812November 1John Mules COLE2 
1812November 17Richard BETOR82 
1812December 3Robert HALLS76 
1812December 6Betsey WOLLACOTT1 
1812December 9Richard LASHBROOK42 
1812December 25Ellinor TUCKER23 
1812December 25Elizabeth VICARY79