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Mallory DeHarte  21 Feb 2008

I am looking for more information on my great grandmother who lived on 2500 acres on the smugglers trail. Her name was Mildred DeHarte And she was neighbors to Julio Ramirez. Her sons name was Charles DeHarte{my Grandfather}. They wrote a play that ended up on Broadway about his life in the desert. I was wanting to know more about who was my great grandmothers family? Or any other info on them.   16 Jan 2008

Female MASCORRO married male RAMOS. Their daughter, Pabla or Paula RAMOS
Born June 29, 1876, Mexico.  Died January 30, 1952, California
She married Guadalupe MARTINEZ.
Anyone having any information regarding these people, please email

My Grandfather FRANCISCO GUTIERREZ was born in Guerrero Tamaulipas, Mexico, on December 15, 1902. His parents (Francisco's) were Estanislado M. Guterriez and Maria Benavides. Estanislado's parents were Antonio Gutierrez and Pioquinta Martinez. It has been said that my grandfather Francisco's family had a lot of land in Guerrero, but unfortunately they lost it to the government.  When my grandfathers father died they came to Texas. So Estanislado M. Gutierrez is buried some where in Guerreo Tamaulipas, Mexico. My grandfathers mother Maria Benavides is buried in Falfurrias, Tx.  Francisco's brothers names were Candelario, Enrique Gutierrez and his sisters name was Margarita. Margarita married a Maldonado and they lived in Hebbronville. I am looking for Gutierrez family in Zapata.
Amy Veracruz   09 Feb 2006

Pedro Veracruz (VeraCruz)   I am looking for The Veracruz Family that lived in Arroyo Salado back in the late 1800. My great great grandfathers name was Pedro Veracruz, married Juana Tejeda. I think most of there children were born in Arroyo Salado.

Hiram Garcia Oct 27, 2004 

My great-great-grandparents and my great-grandmother (at 10 yrs of age) are listed in the 1880 census for Las Comitas Rancho, Zapata County, Texas.  According to family history, my great-grandmother was born in Falfurrias, Texas which is in present-day Brooks County.  I understand that Brooks County was formed from part of Zapata County.  Can someone please tell me where Las Comitas Rancho actually is/was?  Also, was it a community, a town, or a ranch?  Does it still exist under a different name?  Any information is greatly appreciated.

Linda  April 20, 2004 I need information on Patricio and Fransisca Chapa.  There children that I can remember are Valentin, Tele, Samuel, Ramon, Charlie,  They are my dad's grandparents.  He said that they lived in Falcon Lake in Starr county.  Any info. would help.

Arturo Balderrama  Thursday, Nov. 27, 2003

Am looking for any information on my family name "Balderrama. My grandfather came from Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon to Zapata around 1878. He then move to the Devine, Bigfoot, Texas area.  Had heard that most of the records from Old Zapata were destroyed. Thanks for your Help.

Maria Rodriguez Sun. Sept. 28, 2003

Rodriguez.....My mother told us that our father died in 1954/55 in or around Zapata county, he was working at what is now Falcon Dam. His name was Salvador Isidro RODRIGUEZ Carmona. I would appreciate an information, thank you, Maria

Dora Guerra  Sun. Aug. 31, 2003

Gutierrez.....Family lore has it that a Bartolomé Gutiérrez was deeded a Spanish grant in Zapata county.  Supposedly he was the grandfather of my paternal grandmother Brigida Villarreal Gutiérrez, whose parents were Nicolás Villarreal and Josefa Gutiérrez. Whereas I have my grandmother's birth certificate (Brigida Villarreal Gutiérrez) where her parents names are recorded as Nicolás Villarreal and Josefa Gutiérrez, her grandparents names are not listed, yet family lore insists that it was this Bartolomé Gutiérrez.  In the General Land Office in Austin, there is recorded numerous acerage deeded to Bartolomé Gutiérrez in ZapataCounty.  But I haven't found a connection yet.  Also does the name Brigitte Toleaux ever show up?  She is another name that is part of the family lore. For any help or any direction in which you can lead me I will be grateful.

Paul Cooper  Sun. Sept. 1, 2002
Hello, I am looking for any info on a Fernando Gutierrez born abt 1855 died abt 1912 we know he was the father of Prudencio Gutierrez who was born April 28 1886 in San  Ignacio( sometimes spelled as Ygnacio) any assistance that you may be able to give me would be much appreciated.  Thank you, Paul
Cheryl Singhal  Sun. Nov. 18, 2001
Trevino.....The 1880 Census CDs shows a Geromino TREVINO, white, aged 3, in the household of his father Pedro (32) and mother Jesus (30); also present is Pedro's mother Juana and sister Paula.  Uribeno Ranch, Zapata co. In order to eliminate this Geronimo/Geromino as a possibility for the one I'm hunting, I need to know if grew up and married, and if so, whom did he marry? If not, when did he die? All help gratefully received!
Cindi Baker  Sun. Aug. 26, 2001
Baker.....I  am searching for info regarding my Grandparents that lived in Escobas around 1940-1947.  Charlie P. Baker was my Grandfather &  Alene  C.  Baker was my Grandmother.  Her maiden name was Michael,  she committed suicide in 1942 or around then.   My Father was Charlie Michael Baker,  he was @ 4 months old at the time of her death.   Please help me if you can,  I would be forever grateful for any info in this matter..
Romeo Gutierrez  July 8, 2001
Gutierrez, Flores...My father Jose Maria GUTIERREZ MEDINA(1890-1977) and my mother Dora VELA DE GUTIERREZ(1900-1991) were born in Guerrero Viejo,  lived in Old Zapata and moved to Hebbronville, Texas around 1922.  His father Evaristo GUTIERREZ FLORES was also born in Guerrero Viejo but lived in his ranch called San Antonio east of Zapata, Texas.  I think this ranch is located in Pereda Grant.    I would like to get a family tree of my ancestors and have gathered some information on the decendants of my grandfather Evaristo.    My name is Romeo Gutierrez Vela and I was born in and still live in Hebbronville, Texas.  My E-mail is    I am an old man but have sons and  daughters to whom I would like to leave this information about their roots.  Therefore I would appreciate anything anyone can do for me in achieving this goal.  I remain
Respectfully yours,
Romeo Gutierrez
Elizabeth Salinas  Sun. April 15, 2001
Vela...... I am searching for any information on my husband's ancestors.  His great-grandfather was Nicanor Jacobo Vela (ca. 1884-1946).  His father was Jacobo Vela, and he owned a ranch in Zapata County called Las Lajas.  His father was named Serapio Vela.  If anyone knows anything please let me know at
Annita Box Powell  Sun. Mar. 4, 2001
Box, Bravo.....Researching Box Family.  Lina H. Box, Louisa Singleterry(tary) Box, daughters, Emma Box Bravo an Lina Box Bowye (?).  Lina (b.1832 Blount Co. AL) was my g uncle, son of John Andrew Box and m/1 Mary "Polly" Bynum Box.  Son, Manuel B. Bravo died in Zapata 1984
Sharon L. Collett  Sun. Nov. 26, 2000
Collett....I am interested in getting information on the divorce of Harold G. Collett, Sr. and his 1st wife Zula Grace Halliburton, his marriage and divorce of his 2nd wife. Ann ?.  The marriage record of him and his 3rd wife, Nellie Terry Pena from Hebbornville.  Also need birth dates of his two infant daughters.  Sarah Zula died at 6 mos.  Mary Ann died at 6 weeks.  They were born in the 1940 in Laredo at Mercy Hosp.  I now live in Louisiana and need  to help in getting these records.
C Greene  Sun. Oct. 29, 2000
BALLEJO, PAREDES julia or julian. Birthdate is June 20, 1908 , born in Cotulla, La Salle county.  Her spouse was Gregorio Paredes, he dead on Oct. 1970.  Want to know if there is any records of her marriage and deaths of her parents in Zapata County?  PAREDES, gregorio. Birthdate was Jan. 21, 1900, born in Mexico. Died on Oct. 1970. Was from the city of San Ygnacio. I want to know if there is any records of his parents deaths in Zapata County?
Natalie Chapa Sun. Oct. 1, 2000
Chapa....My name is Natalie Chapa and I am looking for information about Patricio and Fransisca Chapa who lived near Falcon Lake and had a ranchito called the Chapeno.  They were there in the late 1800's to early 1900's. They had many children most of whose descendants are in the Orange Grove area.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Francisco J. Gonzalez  sun. Feb. 13, 2000
Gutierrez, Ruiz, Gonzalez.....We are doing research on our family from Zapata County Texas.  Our great-greatgrandparents were Vicente GUTIERREZ and Jesusita RUIZ de GUTIERREZ.  They were probably alive in late 1700's to mid-1800's.  Their daughter (our great-grandmother) was Isabel GUTIERREZ who was probably born in mid-1800's.  She married Ignacio GONZALEZ and moved to Williamson County Texas.  They died in the 1940's.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Edward J. Ramirez   Sun. Jan. 23, 2000 - Updated Jan. 30, 2009
RAMIREZ....I am looking for any information concerning Manuel Martinez RAMIREZ who was born around 1800 in Revilla (old Guerrero) to Jose Luis RAMIREZ who was the original grantee to portion # 5. He had a son named Melquiades who was great great grandfather.  I still have family living in Ramireno, Texas but most know little of Manuel's history.  I would appreciate any help in this area.  Thank You  - Update - I know a lot more about my ancestor ( Manuel Martinez Ramirez  born about 1799).  What I don't know is where he was buried.  I would appreciate any helpful information.  Manuel was a son of Jose Luis Ramirez who was given porcion # 5, which is now located near Ramireno, TX. Sun. Nov. 21, 1999
RAMIREZ......I am searching for any information on the following people. Pedro Ramirez married Felicitas Gallardo in the 1800's. They had 11 children.  My grandmother was the 4th child, her name is Maria Ramirez, she married and her married name is Garcia. Maria Ramirez Garca was born in the year 1875-1970. They owned some land in what is now called  Zapata County. I
don't know what happened to that land and I am searching any information I can get. Thanks!
Juan Benito Mancias  Sun. Oct. 10, 1999 Mancias....I am Curious for information on :  Mancias----Juan, Maria, Julian, Adrian, Jose
                                Ramirez-------Matilde, Modesta
                                Garcia--------Jovita Faustina, Guadalupe, Lucas
                                Cano----------Maria Del Refugio, Rosalio
                                San Miguel-----Librada
                                Reyes---------Vicente, Benito, Porfiria
                                Leal-----------Incarnacion, Benancio
                                Perez----------Leandra, Andres
                                Herrera--------Maria Silveria

any help would be greatly appreciated.  e-mail at
Juan Benito Mancias  Sun. Oct. 3, 1999
VIDAURRI....I am trying to find the current location or a current living relative of:  Steve m RAMOS VIDAURRI or Corralitos Ranch.
Date of birth: May 3 1958
Family resides at Corralitos Ranch
Marilyn Salazar  Sat. July 17, 1999
Salazar- My husband's grandfather Cecilio Hernandez Salazar was born 12-10-1876 San Ygnacio, Zapata Co., Texas d. 12-8-1933 Cotulla, LaSalle Co., Texas.  Married twice 1. Florinda Medina bef. 1899 2. Maria Garcia b. 12-16-1889 Cruias Tamaulipas, Mexico d. 4-25-1963 Green Springs, Sandusky Co., Ohio. Married 1-25-1908 Cotulla, LaSalle Co., Texas. His parents were Augustine born in Mexico and Felipi Hernandez born in Mexico. Would like to find out more information on his parents and him.  Church baptism, marriage etc.  any help appreciated. Marilyn
Marti Markham Valdez  Sun. Nov. 29, 1998
GONZALES....My maternal grandfather, Laugro Gonzales (spelled Lauro in some instances) was
born in Zapata Texas, to Tomas Gonzales and Guadalupe Gonzales (maiden name). My grandfather is failing in health, and cannot breath very well, so talking to me is limited.  He really can't remember much more than his parents and the first names of his grandfathers.  I am very new to this type of hobby/work and could certainly use your assistance.  Please e-mail me at: with any information. Sun. Sept. 20, 1998
Ramirez.... I am looking for any info regarding my great great great grandparents Pedro & Felicita RAMIREZ they owned a ranch in Zapata Tx. The ranch was named El Tigre any info would be appreciated Mon. Sept. 7, 1998
CASARES....I am looking for information for the ancestors and descendants of Donaciano CASARES, my great-grandfather.  He was supposedly born in 1872 in San Ygnacio, Zapata, Texas and died in 1927 in Cotulla, La Salle, Texas.  His father was Policarpio CASARES.  He was married to Santos Ramon de Alanis on 07 Apr 1913.  He had three children:  Policarpio CASARES born in 1909, Encarncion CASARES, born in 1913, and Benito CASARES, born in 1916.  Donaciano was listed in the 1880 census with his family, living in La Salle County Texas.  He would have been 8 years old at that time.  Any information will be helpful and greatly appreciated.
Tom Lusk Tue Oct 7 16:11:37 1997
Hughes...How can I obtain a will, obit. and/or marriage data for a person who died at Starr Co. Hospital, but was a resident of Zapata, Zapata Co. when he died. He was Charles Edward Hughes; (aka Smith ?), d. April 11, 1977. He may have been survived by his spouse or stepdaughter Marge Cox. He was retired US Army (officer?)
Mark SandelTue Aug 5 11:18:30 1997
NAVARRO...I am looking for the burial place of Jose Antonio George Navarro. He was the county judge in Zapata County in the 1890's. I cannot find him alive in the 1900 cencus. He is the son of Jose Antonio Navarro, signer of the Declaration of Independence of Texas.
gloria stephenson Fri Jun 27 14:00:44 1997
Jose Ramirez ARCE
Exiquia Ramirez de RAMIREZ
Diana Macias Fri May 23 19:12:59 1997
TREVINO, MASCORRO, PINEDA..I am doing research on two branches of my family and am interested in any information on families with surnames TREVINO, MASCORRO, or PINEDA. Josefa MASCORRO was my grandmother. Her father's name was Natividad TREVINO and her mother's name was Andrea PINEDA. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I will be visiting Starr County this summer.
Ben Reavis Thu May 22 13:00:06 1997
SASSMANNSHAUSEN... Karl. I am looking for any info on Karl. He is thought to have died in SALADO which I can't find on any map. He immergrated to Tx around 1870 and married and had 2 or 3 children. Cemetery info or any kind of info will help.
Dennis J. Cruz Sat Feb 22 06:26:11 1997
MIRELES... I am in search for information on the following people: FRANCISCO MIRELES - b. 1855, Mexico, Husband, married: 5/24/1884, Lampazos, N.L.
RAMONA ORTIZ LARA - b. 1865, Mexico, Wife
LUCIA MIRELES - b. 1/23/1885, Lampazos, N.L. Mexico, Wife
JESUS MARIA CRUZ - b. 2/6/1875, Lampazos, N.L. Mexico, Husband
IZIDORO MIRELES - b. 1888?, Lampazos, N.L. Mexico, never married
PETRA MIRELES - b. 1890?, Lampazos, N.L. Mexico, wife
ELIAS JIMENEZ - b. unknown, husband
RAMONA MIRELES - b. 1893?, Lampazos, N.L. Mexico, wife
PEDRO de los SANTOS - b. unknown, husband
RITA MIRELES - b. 1896?, Lampazos, N.L. Mexico, wife
AUGUSTIN SEPEDA - b. unknown, husband
FRANCISCO MIRELES Jr- b. 1903?, Devine, TX, husband
VIVIANA GUTIERREZ - b. 1898?, wife

This family immigrated to the USA in 1903 via Laredo, TX. It is stated in verbal family history that FRANCISCO MIRELES was in the Mexican Army and also involved in Mexican law enforcment, when he immigrated to the USA he became a town marshall?. It was also said that he was involved in a "possie" which was after Poncho Villa. During this possie he was shot and returned home, where he died from his wounds. The family lived in the counties of Webb, Frio, Medina, Zapata Please send any and all information to me. Thank You.

Viola Kinstle Sun Feb 2 18:35:45 1997
PENA - I am looking for any information on a Juan Pena. I do not know his middle initial. He was married to a Juanita Pena. My mother said he died in Zapata county and only had one son who was also named Juan Pena. My mother thinks he died in the 1970s. Any information would be appreciated.
Johnny Rodriguez Jr Mon Jan 6 21:25:05 1997 FLORES..I am looking for CESARIO FLORES. The middle initial might be "P". Any information on him would be greatly appreciated.

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