Boonville Heritage Project 

The Texas Historical Commission contact has indicated he would mail the letter of approval to TMPA last Friday Feb, 14th 2014.  I have the blank Bill of Sale form that TMPA will be executing and the TMPA Board has approved the transfer so all they need to execute the Bill of Sale is the THC letter that meets their needs regarding no future issue regarding the the cabin, TMPA and THC.

I received a comprehensive estimate from Heritage Restoration in Waco yesterday based on an on site inspection they did on February 4.  The estimate is $109,700 with the possibility of a few rather minor savings to be negotiated.  A few, mainly minor items are not included,  Assuming the THC letter is received promptly, they most likely will be down to disassemble the cabin and relocate the components to Waco in late February or early March for restoration.  They indicate it will take about 45 days to do everything they need to do there before they can bring it to Boonville  and set it up permanently.  Then flooring, roofing, chimney and porches will have to be added once the cabin is in the final resting place.

We will have to prepare a properly designed foundation prior to the relocation to Boonville.  We will begin working on that soon

We currently have $93,400 in the bank with two $5,000 commitments each expected any day bringing the total to $103,400.  Our original budget was $110-120,000 and it is obvious now that needs to $120,000.  This leaves $16,600 or more that needs to be raised.  A number of you have already generously donated and are included in the balances indicated.  Many of you have been unable to attend meetings and likely know little or nothing about the project.  I have attached some information that you will find informative.  For those who have not previously made a commitment to help this project, please give serious consideration of doing so now.  I am absolutely certain that you will view the cabin when in place and be impressed and if you have helped financially, proud that you were among those who made it possible.

Please contact me for any information or if you would like to know more about the overall project. I can be reached at (979) 777-9090 or by email at [email protected]

Mervin Peters, Vice President

William Joel Bryan Chapter of SRT


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Dogtrot cabin brochure 2

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