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These are from a prior Guestbook on the site.  If you would like to add a memory,
please e-mail to me at Jane Colmenares

NOTE: These are not in order by date

Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 8:19 AM
Subject: WINKLER County Texas
Hello!  I just loved the postcards.  My name is Neva (Davis) Stickels and I live in Hewitt, Texas.  I grew up in Kermit and graduated in 1970.  My mom, Mary (Davis) Kurc, worked at Wackers for years and years.  She is now 86 and living in Gladewater, Texas.  Please keep up the good work, we really appreciate all your work.
Also, if you hear from anyone that knew my mom, she would be so thrilled to hear from anyone.  Here is her address:  Mary(Davis)Kurc, 1401 Perrin Rd.  Gladewater, Texas 75647.    She is pretty much confined to the house.  But her mind is still very clear.

Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2007 4:59 PM
I thought you might like this photo of one of Kermit's main streets from around 1960. I think it was Austin? I born in Kermit in 1954, we moved away around 1970 or so. If you have any other pictures from the 60's on of Kermit that you haven't put on the website I would like to see some. Kermit was a great place to grow up, but I didn't realize it at the time. It's amazing how our perspectives change as we grow older.
Thanks, Jerry Maliszewski

From: "Sayoko Oda(Majima)" <>
Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2007 7:18 AM
Subject: Looking for a family (used to live in Kermit)

Dear Kay Woods-Lopez,

Hello. It was a very nice HP of Winkler County. I was an exchange student from Japan to Kermit High School in 1991-1992.

I've been looking for my host family, the Overmans. They have already moved to other place in Texas, and I also move sometimes after I came back to Japan, so now we could not keep in touch with each other.
It is a great pleasure for me if you could help me to find them with your HP.

The family members are:
Father - Marline Overman
Mother - Linda Overman
Sisters - Stacy, Amy, Rachel Overman
(Stacy had been married with a man named Mike Oliver)

I am now living in London, U.K. with my husband and baby girl. My last name has been changed from Majima to Oda. It might be a difficult asking, but I hope to see the Overmans again with my family.

Sayoko Oda(Majima)

   From: herbwelb
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 12:58 PM
Subject: Memories of WINKLER County Texas
Hello: My name is Herb Welborn.  My brother, Frank, and I attened KHS and played baseball (under Coach Ken Mays)in the spring of 1963.
  Kermit has always been special to us, even though we were there only a few short months.  We absolutely fell in love with the school, students, coaches, administration, and town. I remember a number of names, mostly guys on the baseball team and a coupla pretty girls.
  We live in Mt. Pleasant, TX, and I would love to hear from anyone that might remember us.  Email
  Thank you for such a wonderful website.
  Herb Welborn

Sandy Countryman  I had to laugh when I read some of the comments that accompanied the photos of Wink, TX.  They were colorful, but true.  I lived in an oil camp near Orla, TX. until I was 6.  I am 51 now.  My mother said that we moved to Wink so that I could go to school, but in hindsight, I realized that the oil camps were gradually closing.

My grandparents first came to Wink in appx. 1929 in a wagon from MONAHANS. I can remember Granny (Thelma Green) telling me that they lived in tents at first until material could be brought in to build homes.  My granddad  (Benjamin Green) worked for Oren (Owen ?) O. Whitten with Humble Oil Co.  I can remember him showing me where the graves were that you talked about &  they were under water at that time.  We drove there by way of driving to Wink Falls near the airport.

I can remember as a child before Urban Renewal came, walking down wooden sidewalks along the main street (Hendricks Blvd ?) & finding old coins & trinkets between the cracks. We lived in an old stucco house that no longer exists on Cross Ave or St. in Wink.

Every now & then I get homesick to smell the characteristic smells associated with petroleum products that are so prevalent in West TX.   All I have to do to recapture that smell is to drive to nearby Luling. My brothers still live in the area (Midland).  They have the Phillips Eye Clinics in Kermit & Midland.
Thank you for your photos.
Sandy Countryman

Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 6:43 PM
Subject: Winkler County Memories
                                                                      FRANK BARNES

From: Lucretia
Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2002 4:37 PM

  Charlene......I am attaching a Microsoft Word document with my parents obits on it......we lived in Wink from 1959 or 1960 to father was the head of maintenance at the Wink School for quite a few years and my mother worked at the Winkler County State Bank for several years.  If you would or can, please include my email addy with the obits--my other email is and that is the one I use the most....thanks.    Lucretia

Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2002 3:34 PM
Subject: Wink Sink Hole

Let me introduce myself. I am Martha Kay Walker Dodson. I was born (1941) and grew up in Kermit. Graduated class of 1959, with Loyce Cofer. I am a retired teacher/school librarian, and a storyteller. I have used the Wink Sink Hole as a part of one of my stories, so I am really interested in the location of the new sink hole. 

When I was very young, I lived on the Hendrick Lease, not far from where the 1980 hole opened up. I know where it is located and have been to that site. Is the 2002 site on the same side of the road, before the original hole, or across Hwy. 115?  If it is that location, that puts it closer to the camp where I lived.

I dug out my copy of the county history book and have spent the day looking and reading. I think I have material for some new stories that I have been wanting to tell, but wasn't sure of the details, and they are in the book. This book belonged to my mother and I had not looked at it since her death in 1989.

I would appreciate any additional information that you or others might be able to supply me.

Martha Dodson

  ----- Original Message -----
From: "Betty B" <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 4:38 PM
Subject: Winkler County

  I wanted to compliment you on an absolutely wonderful website.  I am
enjoying all of the pictures that you have scanned in.  I have a correction  for you.  I was looking at the 1929-1930 annual.  My mother's name is listed  (a typo) as LPrater, Lucille.  You just put an extra L in front of her last
name.  It's been really fun showing my kids pictures of their great-grandfather, and their grandmother.  I'm check back often and tell all  of my relatives when I find new pictures. The web site is terrific.  Job well done!  And thank you.
B. Butz

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 11:42 AM
Subject: Winkler County
I've just discovered your website on Winkler County.  I grew up in Kermit and knew Y.E. Kerr and am fascinated with the images of his book.
As a writer myself, I wonder where I might get a copy of Yebbie's book?
Also, I wonder if you would be interested in linking your Winkler County website to my publisher's website?
I spent almost 30 years in bush Alaska and have just completed a series [trilogy] of novels, two set in Alaska and one set in 1896 West Texas.
WEST OF EMPTY [1896 Texas] "Texas is famous for promotions...Bob Cherry weaves a rousing fictional account around this little-known actual event in 1896"— Elmer Kelton, seven times winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award
SPIRIT OF THE RAVEN: An Alaskan Novel [1925 Alaska Territory-award winning novel] "...characters vividly evoked, the north country beautifully intricate sense of place supports a moving story..." —Larry McMurtry, Pulitzer prize winner for Lonesome Dove
Inua  "Bob Cherry has set the bar high with Spirit of the Raven and has cleared it with Inua..."  —W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear, best selling authors of Dark Inheritance, People of the Lakes, Bone Walker
My fourth novel will be out in January 2003.  It is titled Little Rains and is set in the Big Bend country.
I still have many friends and relatives in the Permian Basin and get back there frequently.  I now live on my ranch just out of Cody, Wyoming. 
Thanks!  And congratulations on your fine website!
Bob Cherry
272 Road 6RT
Cody, Wyoming 82414

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Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2002 4:47 AM
Subject: Kermit - website - obits/deaths
Hi Charlene,
The website is wonderful. You've added so much info!
Here are some things for you...
a. message board has a conversation going in which people report deaths of classmates. I compiled the list into an excel chart.
b. I surfed for obits with Kermit links. this is a word doc.
I'll keep looking for more info, but thought I'd send it to you as is.
Georgia Ehlers
Tucson, AZ

  ----- Original Message -----
From: Rbt22
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 7:16 PM
Subject: Winkler Co Site
Just had to tell you what a marvelous job you have done!  Wish they were all this good.  Thanks for all the memories.
Dear Ms. Beauchamp, I was looking at  your web site for my mother  and we
were in the cemetery section looking for names of relatives who are buried
there, we were looking for her sister  Mable Algood Mallow we  found her in
sec. B but her last name is misspelled it is spelled Wallow on your  site.  
My mother wanted to know if this could be changed?  If this could be done she
would greatly appreciate this.  Thank you so much for your site it has
brought back many memories for our family as well as being very helpful.  

Betty Hendricks Dunquez 7-30-01
Charlene, I have nothing but admiration for you.  You are the hardest working
person on any of the lists that I subscribe to.  You don't complain, you just
get with it and get the job done.

Thanks,  I know you help a lot of people.

Betty Hendricks Dunquez

     Nancy Mitchell McCarley '47  8-4-01
Charlene....Thanks for all the info on the Winkler County site.  Because of the wonderful job you are doing, I recently was able to attend the Kermit High School Reunion.  All my information came from this site.  Enjoyed all the old pictures and the yearbooks.  Keep up the remarkable job.   Thanks  Nancy Mitchell McCarley '47

Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 10:37 PM
Subject: Re: Thanks

Thank you for doing this web page.  It is very special to me.  My name is
Jan Lovell and I lived in Kermit from 1945 through 1954 when I graduated.  My
Mother and Dad lived there until 1964 when he retired from school

If this is a continuing process, I would like to request that the section
where G. T. Gilligan is placed and also Less Morris, and Julius Woods.
These are dear friends of mine.  You already have two of my second cousins
headstones pictured and many other good friends.  Thanks again.
Jan B. Lovell
G.T.Gilligan is in block DD-Row 1 #18, (from west & south, first space from
tree row)
Less Morris in X-Row 3- # 41(from east,1space south of north sidewalk)
Julius Woods in V #98 Row 6,(from the east,center of block,3 spaces north of
the south sidewalk)

  Beverly Key   8-11-01
Congratulations on your award and for the beautiful job you are doing with this county's site.  My grandfather's sister (& daughter) are buried in a cemetery in Kermit.  Is Kermit Cemetery the only one there?  Is there a cemetery book for it?  Their names are James Monroe & Martha Mamie EDWARDS and Loyd Z. (Dick) & Gillie Octavie NOBLES.
Thanks for any help.
Bev in Bhm

Tiffiney Awtrey Benjamin  9-9-01
You folks are truly angels.  I just found my great-uncle's obit on-line.  I have been searching for info. on him in order to connect two branches of our family.  A million thanks for your hard work and dedication.  It made a BIG difference to me.
Tiffiny L. Awtrey-Benjamin
Clovis, CA

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 12:40 AM
Subject: Wink Sink??

Hi My name is Samantha and when I was about 10 years old we lived for a short  time in Wink and then in Kermit. And I remember seeing the Wink Sink. But not it has been 20 something years and I can't remember much about to tell me  kids. I remember it being really huge and my Dad saying that there was no bottom to it. Is there any pictures of it online or any info that you know of. I would like for my kids to see it. Thanks, Samantha

Dear Charlene:
A very wonderful lady there in Winkler County by the name of Carolyn Harrison looked up my great-grandmother's grave for me and my family, in the Kermit Cemetery.  It is unmarked, but located in Block B, #123.
Her name was Louisa A. Whitesell Burgess.  She was born in Vermilion County, Illinois in March, 1865 and died 29/November/1848.  She was buried by her grandson, Homer Burgess and family, there at Kermit.  She was a true pioneer woman, traveling with her family from Illinois to Indiana when she was a child, then to Missouri and from there to Texas.  She had a total of ten children; and lost six little girls on the long trek from Texas to Indian Territory in the late 1890's.
I never met her, but my mother remembers her very well.  Could you please post her burial information to your website?  I would be most grateful.
If you should know Carolyn Harrison, please give her my very best regards.
Thank you.
Andrea McClung

  Jack  Vaile  10-19-01
Hello again I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and let you know that i really appreciate the time and effort that you put into finding this information and with what little information i had to give and if you happen to run across any more information that might be helpful then feel free to email me with this, and again Thank You, Jacquie


I just read with interest the History of Wink to my husband, William Reader Wagnon, Jr.  He said, his parents always told him that he was the first boy and the second baby born in Wink, Winkler, Texas.  He was born 3 Nov. 1927. ( 74
yrs as of Yesterday)

His parents were Wm Reader Wagnon & Arlena Bell (Green Wagnon).

Just thought this little bit of trivia might be of interest to you.

God Bless,
Best Regards,
W.R. & Mildred Townzen Wagnon

Hi, what a good site. Sure brings back old memories. I am Bobby Callaway and
lived in Kermit from 1950 till about 1953 when we moved out to Dollarhide in
Andrews Co. till 1957 . Our two sons were born in the hospital in Kermit. An
aunt and uncle Ralph and Lula Mae Brown lived there for years. Both now
deceased and buried in the Kermit cemetery. Keep up the good work I enjoy
this site very much.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jill
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 6:33 PM
Subject: Kermit/wink site
Dear Charlene,
I hope you do not mind my contacting you like this, but I have just spent the last few hours browsing your web site and I had to contact you to thank you and everyone who has contributed. My family and I visited Kermit and Wink in 1996, when my cousin was married in there. Both his parents, and grandparents lived in Kermit. We were shown around the area and met some really nice people. Sadly both my aunt and uncle have passed away now, but through your site I have just re-lived that happy time. My uncle's younger brother died many years ago, but like all these things I never did ask him when or even his full name. There on your site, was his headstone photo and name, details of his parents, and even a photo of my favorite uncle in his freshman year at Wink High School! Wonderful. Once again my thanks for all the efforts so obviously lovingly given.
Best wishes   Jill Ray  Kent  England

From: "Bob Carpenter" <>
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 6:49 PM
Subject: Winkler County

You have a wonderful Web Page for Kermit, Winkler County, Texas.  I have
been trying for at least two years to find anything on my Grandmother's
brother James Merredith Martin who went to Texas when he was about 16 years
old in about 1910.  I was told that an Uncle visited him in Kermit in the
1960's.  Today, thanks to your information I found out there he and his wife
Zora are buried.  Would you by chance also know the dates that are on his
tombstone or how I might go about obtaining this information also?

Thank you very much.  You indeed have a very informative and well thought
out Web Page. Not only that, it has worth while information for genealogical

Bob Carpenter

  9-14-01  Bill Dalton
Spent an hour looking at this site. Really enjoyed it. I need to spend a lot more time looking.  Brought back many memories.
Norma Dalton

  ----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2001 7:38 PM
Subject: Winkler County Memories
I just accidentally found the Kermit Website. I think you have done a great job. I was born in Kermit and raised there, in fact the picture of H.D. Mitchell's grocery store caused me to scream and caused my husband to run up the stairs, the reason for this is that he was my grandfather, my name is Nina Lea Mitchell Hagan and my parents were Dewey and Mary Elizabeth Hunter Mitchell. Both sets of my grandparents lived in Kermit, H.D. and Nina Mitchell and my mother's parents Buck and Maudie Lee Hunter. of course, I still have a lot of relatives still in that area my brother still lives in Kermit and my cousins live in Monahans, Odessa and Andrews. I think this is great. By the way where did you get the picture of my granddad.
THanks again,
Nina Mitchell Hagan

Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 5:36 PM
Subject: great site
Today I actually had time to sit down and go through this
site.  You have done a fantastic job and it made me
I haven't been to Kermit in 22 years and I often think of
coming out there for a visit.  Just need to check out a
place to hang my hat.

  From: "Nelda Holman" <>
Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 2:51 PM
Subject: Winkler County, Texas
What a great job you have done with my "old home" of Winkler County. I graduated from KHS in 1950 (those good old days) and heard about this site through a former classmate. I also am enjoying the site.
Thank you very much.  Nelda McBride, Holman

Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 2:01 PM
Subject: Wink
Charlene, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have done
on Winkler Co.  I left Wink about 1940, but always had such fond
memories of it. My grand father was City Manager of Kermit twice. Would
have to look up the dates. He name was W. H. Wilson. His son Billy Wilson
went to school in Kermit, you might remember him.  Had his e-mail
address but had a computer crash and lost his address. Hope someday to
make contact with him. I really loved the pictures of Wink. We visited
there a couple of years ago and now with your pictures My husband can get
an idea of the town I lived in.
Thanks again for all the time you have spent

  ----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 11:58 AM
Subject: Winkler County
        You mention on your website some information concerning the Old Wink Cemetery.  Mention is made of 26 persons having been buried there during the early days of the oil boom.  Do you have any information on the names of these persons.  My great-grandfather is reputed to have died in the Wink area during this time period.  Just wondering.  Thank you.

  ----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 6:08 PM
Subject: Thanks
You have done a fantastic job. I have been in Kermit for almost 49 years, I really appreciate the time and work you have done!!!!!!!
I haven't got to read all of it , I have it on file. I am Linda "Giesler" Dunlop. I had two children to graduate from K.H.S. Mike Giesler and Jill Giesler Welch. I have fwd this to them, Gary Mc Dougal,Bill Powell,and Richard & Kay Goertz. I also had two step children to graduate, Joe & Jack Dunlop. If I can be of any help , contact me.
Thanks Again,

  From: Paul Glamm
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 2:13 PM
Subject: winkler county site
Hi---Graduated Wink High in 1964.  One of my classmates sent the web sit to me.  Since I consider it part of my heritage, I saved it to hard drive, and added it to my desktop so I could come and go at leisure.  Was thrilled to see it and am so thankful for all the people that helped it come together.
      I am currently living in Austin.  Been here since 1974.  Both of my children were born in Kermit.  My son looked up his and his sisters birth certificates.
      I forwarded this on to everyone that I have an e-mail for that used to live in Wink.  Again thanks.  Paul Glamm 

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 9:31 PM
Subject: Winkler County
I just stumbled over the Kermit Page you have done and I am amazed, great work. I was born in Kermit in 1952 but moved in 1960, however I did spend all my summers there up until 1976 when I married. The picture you posted of the old school complex at Poplar and Campbell would have been made from my Grandparents street corner. Thank You, Sam Woodard

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 6:50 PM
Subject: Winkler County
You have heard from my son, Sam, who is very fond of Kermit having been born there while I was away in Korea. He loves to go back and take photos any time he can. I married Pat Callaway, a daughter of Ruth and Carl
Callaway, May 18, 1951, thus we recently celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary. Straus Atkinson, pastor of FBC, in Kermit, performed the ceremony in Hobbs. If we did not have a big wedding her dad, who was working with Magnolia Petroleum, north of town, made good on his promise to buy new Kitchen Appliances in exchange
Pat graduated started in the first grade and graduated   from KHS in 1949. She does have some class photos we will share with you. I worked for Toland Brine Service and
Mid-Continent Supply Co.  We have watched for a Winkler County TexGen web page for some time. Thanks for your efforts for which you are to be commended. I am not surprised the site placed first when it went online. We have not looked at the WC History, although we have the book, our family is not included as we learned of it after the printing. Good job and I am wondering what kind of Camera you have. My family gave me a SONY FD88 for
Christmas 1999 that uses floppies. Pat and I enjoyed the cemetery photos. Regretfully, I have a brother there, and
we have a number of close friends there. I will e-mail some others and call their attention to your great site.
Regards, Pat and Paul Woodard    Fort Worth

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2001 6:10 PM
To Whom It May Concern,
        However,  I really do want whoever put in all the work on the material on  for Kermit, Texas to know how very much I appreciate it.  I lived there from about 1946 until graduation in 1954 and my parents lived there many years later.  The photos were especially interesting.
George Mullinax

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2001 3:08 PM
Subject: Correction

Hi Folks:
    My names is Samuel Malone. David Strauss Malone was my brother. My
mothers name is Ollie May Duck and my fathers name is Luscious Strauss
Malone. Any one looking up David will not recognize that this is just spelt
wrong. Is there any way it can be corrected? Please if you would let me know
one way or the other. Thank you very much.


Jesus is Lord

Samuel Malone
From the great State of Texas

Original Message -----
From: "mdemecs" <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2001 11:17 AM
Subject: Enjoyed your website
  Hello Mrs. Beauchamp:
Enjoyed your website, especially the historic photos. I came to your website looking for  possible links to my grandmother's family (her name was Winkler), but am not aware of any relation to C.M. Winkler and my family. But thanks for the information, and keep up the good work on the website!

Matt Demecs

----- Original Message -----
From: "G & C Elliott" <>
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2001 5:07 PM
Subject: Winkler Co. Site
  I really enjoyed your Wink and Kermit photos. As a Humble Oil kid I have lived in almost all those towns in those camps. I once heard that Frank Gifford , husband of Kathie Lee and football announcer, hails from Wink. Do you know?


Hi Charlene - Was just browsing the site and found it very interesting.  I recently came into possession of a picture of my mother, 2 older sisters and brother and on the top of the picture is written "Christmas at Kermit."  This
picture was most likely, taken in December of 1937 as I was born in 1938 and I'm not in the picture and my brother appears to be about 4 years old.  I was born the next year in June.

Anyway, to make a long story even longer - I'm not sure what my folks were doing in Kermit at that time, but they moved on to El Paso county as I was born in Tornillo in June 1938.  I think they were following the cotton crops.
It appears that my mother's brother and family were also living in Kermit in 1937 as there is a picture of all the little kids with their Christmas gifts.  Was there a carbon plant there during this period?

My family was Richard and Ollie Brown and mom's brother was Charlie Marrs and his family.  They evidently didn't hang around the area very long.

I say all of the above just to let you know that I appreciate the site and all the work you do to maintain it.  I've gained a world of genealogy knowledge since I got my computer a couple of years ago and it is people like you who have made this possible.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Hazel Brown Sanders

----- Original Message -----
From: "3333" <>
Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2000 1:12 AM
Subject: question...
  Hi Charline,

My name is Wm. Sidney Birdwell, jr

Has the soot that once blacked out the sun in Wink, from the carbon Black plants, finally worn off the sage brush; and are the old plant buildings still standing off to the south of hiway 80 - the old Bankhead hiway?

On a hot, still, and cloudless West Texas summer day, there were times when it just as well been midnight. and it covered that part of West Texas like a blanket, all the way to Kermit and drifted on occasion as far as Hobbs, NM.

Just so you know I am no stranger, and have been to Wink and Wicket many times n my life.

But, of course, that isn't why I write. I had a relative who, back in the early to mid 1940s, was a Mule-skinner in the oil fields of west Texas. He drove a team of four huge mules, stood 6' 81/2" and weighed 405 lbs.

His name was John W. Green, and when work was slow in the oil patch, he worked as a bouncer in a night club in Kermit. (north of town and on the west side of the hiway.)

John or "JW" or "Peaches" Green married a young devorcee, first name Ella Rae or EllaRay, who had two children. I believe her home was in Kermit, probably, because she named her son Kermit.

I am doing a family work-up and find that I can no longer remember her last name or what their wedding date was. I know they were married in Winkler County.

Is there any way you can help me find that name?

Both their children drowned in a tank, on the Birdwell Ranch, in Big Spring. The boy's name was KERMIT, but the girl was called "Sissi" and they were both under eleven years old.

Just hopping you might help. If so, I would surely be grateful.

Bill Birdwell, Whitefish, MT

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bob Carpenter" <>
Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2000 5:06 PM
Subject: James M. Martin Family
  Hello Charlene

I would like to know if you have an information, or could direct me to someone who might have information on the James Merideth Martin family who lived in Kermit, Texas in the 1960's.  His wife's first name was Mary and they had eight children, the oldest was Bessy and their youngest was Wilma. James was a brother to my Emma Lee Martin and according to her daughter, my Aunt Mae, James left Georgia for Texas when he was sixteen years old, which if true, would have been in 1910, since he was born in 1894.

Thanks very much.

Bob Carpenter

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2000 2:58 PM
Subject: web site
  Hello:  My name Is Judy Kiser and I came to your site looking for information on the  Cates in Winkler county.  Your web site was a big help.  I think it is wonderful that such sites are available for people to use.  Thank you so much

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 8:10 PM
Subject: Kermit Cemetery
  Just a note to tell you that I was just browsing and viewed 31 pages of your Kermit Cemetery.  I cannot remember when I have enjoyed a website more than I did this one. You did a beautiful job on the cemetery pages.  I enjoyed  viewing the stones and the music I really enjoyed.  Sang along with them while viewing.  What a wonderful site.  I am interested in any Tuxhorn history that might be available.    Thank you            Linda

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dena Guinn" <>
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2000 4:53 PM
Subject: locate a long lost friend ROY SAGE
  HIS FATHER,1965, WAS SHERIFF WINKLER COUNTY, TEXAS both lived kermit during. Roy Sage and I shared an apartment during this time(1965) any info contact me ,jerry guinn at please help ----jerry

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2000 2:52 AM
  Charlene you are doing a great job.  Every time I visit your site I am impressed.  Tonight I got the picture of Cleave Lamar Swafford & his wife Mary Jane.  Though they were cousins of my Grandfather I am delighted to have the picture.  As I wrote before I am still glowing after getting my grandmother's date of death (Betty Wilson Moore) from your site.  Thank you so very much.
La Wanda

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2000 11:11 AM
Subject: Wink, Tx
  I was born in Wink,Texas in 1938 in the new Wilson Hospital my father worked in the oil fields and I was the first baby born of the new year in the brand new hospital.In fact I won the baby derby and my parents won lots of  prizes.There was a write up in the newspaper and I would love a copy of this write up but I do not know how to get it could someone tell me how to do this? I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.My maiden name was Ceveta Berldean Yott and I was born on Jan.5,1938 my parents were Marvin Berl Yott and Laura Pace Yott and I was born in Wink.Texas. If anyone can help me please e-mail me at Iwould greatly appreciate any help. Thank you very much, Berldean Fincher

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From: "bage" <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 6:35 PM
Subject: Kermit question
I am trying to find some information for a friend who is not on the internet.   She is looking for information on a ball team who played for Sid Richardson Oil co  in the early 1950's.    The  name may have been Tops Cafe or something of that order.   Where  would be the best place to look for any info on this baseball team.

Bage Neimeyer

From: dbruton
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2000 11:02 PM
Subject: Site Visit
Thank you very much for all your work in developing this site!!!  I was raised in Wink and graduated in 1964.  My parents Frank & LaVena Bruton are buried in the Kermit cemetery.  I found it very helpful viewing the photos and reading the history.
Did you know that Roy Oberson also had a brother, Sammy, that attended school in Wink?
In the 50's the kids from Wink also drove to Pyote, to go to dances at the Air Force Base there.
Is the old story about the ghost looking for her baby at the old wink lakes, if you want to call oil well runoff, lakes, still going around?
Thanks for the memories:
An Old Wildcat
David J. Bruton Sr.

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Sent: Monday, February 21, 2000 11:27 AM
Subject: Wink Texas Cemeteries
  Looking for John Ellis.  He died in Kermit, Teas on January 14, 1948 and family records indicate that he was buried in Wink Texas.  Who would I contact to establish the names of the Wink cemeteries and the people buried in each?  As he was a black man, was there a separate community or church graveyard for black community members?

Thank you for any any assistance.

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Subject: Crunk
  This is one amazing age that we are living in today. My dad, Floyd B Crunk, started working for the Atlantic Pipe Line Oil Company in 1929. I was born in one of the "camp" houses on Nov  7, 1929. The camp originally consisted of five house. From left to right for those living in the houses were: Creech, Red Hanley, Floyd Crunk, Levi Garrett, and
> Woodie Woodward.  I remember that Peavey had the dairy and delivered milk each day from house to house. Dr Lyle was the doctor,; I was bitten by a rattle snake at age of three. Mr Baker had the drug store; double dip home made ice cream was a dime. Appreciate very much your using your skills to provide this opportunity to communicate.  Keith Crunk

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Subject: Winkler Co. Gen Web
Hello Charlene,
I wanted to compliment you on the Winkler Co. Gen Web page. What a great start. I've been using the gen web pages for Kentucky and other states where my family originated, and just came across this page today. I wondered if you plan to add anything about migrations? My family moved to Kermit when I was 9 months old in 1949 and we left with the oil bust in 1969. Many others came and left for the same reasons. (My mother told me that the day they drove into Kermit there were no trees at all. She broke down and cried, and then proceeded to create beautiful gardens in the desert for her whole life there.) Because of the huge economic upheavals, I think it is important to capture who came when, why, and when they left. Following the migrations of my family (many of whom were 2nd, unlanded sons) is a major issue in my family geneaology. I love sites that keep these records! I also wonder if the history of the oil camps is captured anywhere? There were environmental issues around the oil camps, especially the infamous Carbon Black
Plant that was closed down by EPA. I read many years later that it was considered a really hazardous site. The rate of cancer in the Carter Oil Camp nearby was quite terrible. I think there are public records that relate to the Carbon Black plant. We lived in town, but we knew many people who died of cancer before it was a big deal.
I also have a publication that the paper put out when Kermit celebrated...hmmm...perhaps its 50th birthday. I was in junior high or high school at the time I thnk. We had a huge festival at the football field, the center of community
life. If you're interested, when I have time, I could go through it and perhaps scan the pages in and send them to you. Maybe it is already in your possession. It had a lot of early stuff in it.
I have one factual contribution for your cemetery records. My mother had a stillborn child, Vicky Jane Ehlers who was birthed on Oct. 26, 1950. I know that she is buried at the Kermit Cemetery. I hold the deed to her plot and an adjacent plot. I will look up the location and send it to you if you are interested in starting a listing of names buried there. I have not seen the grave for many years. I think it is in a back corner, perhaps with the babies. Can't recall exactly.
Although my family are not  originally from Kermit, I do have newspaper articles and other assorted records pertaining to the Community Church, Rainbow Girls, Girl Scouts (troop and council records/things on establishing the first day camp- an effort my mom led), Garden Club, the formation of the first Republican primary, oral polio
vaccines first given in Kermit, and the effort to establish a Charter Community. I probably have things on oil and gas also. My father was district engineer for Sid Richardson which became Perry Bass. I also have yearbooks dating from
1961-1967, and some old phone books. I worked in preservation in Ohio for some years and serve on the Tucson Pima
County Historical Commission. I also have a master's degree in planning. I'd be happy to respond to any inquiries that fall in the above arena, even though I'm not in the county.
Please let me know if any of this would be useful...and in what form. Thanks.
Georgia Ehlers
Tucson, Arizona

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Subject: Winkler Co. look up
Dear Charlene;
My name is DeWayne Wallace, originally from Big Spring, now living in Kermit. I am the owner of Ancestors Lost & Found, a family history research and consulting firm. I would be happy to do look ups in this and surrounding counties. Please feel free to list my name and company if you would like.
I have just finished a project for a client here in Kermit whose parents lived here from the 1950's until their deaths. I have his permission to use the data in any way I deem appropriate. If you would like this data, let me know.
Thank you.