KHS Kermit High School 2007 Reunion Pre-registration

2007 Reunion Pre-Registration Form


Secretary's Phone Number: 432-586-3171

Every effort is being made in this sheet to answer questions regarding the KHS upcoming July 2007 reunion. We encourage you to pre-register ASAP to assist us in determining a meal count for the Hotel. Also, this helps eliminate the paperwork at the reunion & we can have your name tags, address books, etc all ready for you when you arrive at the Hotel. We must have your registration sheet and money before "July 12th" to be considered pre-registered.


We do have a "refund policy" for those that pre-register & then for some reason are unable to attend. To receive your refund, all that is necessary is to contact the Association President (Ross Clark '55) or Secretary (Gerald Speed '57)


This year in an attempt to have better organization for the meals seating, our class secretaries will be responsible for his/her class seatings. Those members who have pre-registered will be given a priority in sitting with your classmates. We all need to understand that not everyone can sit together & with whom you'd like. Your understanding and cooperations in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


We realize that the cost of our Hotel meals are slowly becoming somewhat staggering, as almost everything we need & do in our everyday life. We do our best to keep your meal cost at a minimum by subsidizing your cost with the surplus money that we accumulate each year. Please don't let the meal cost keep you from your choice. We want you "HERE", at the reunion to add to the fun & exictement & re-live some of the best days of our past.


The pre-registration form is below. Please fill in & return this complete sheet to:

KHS Alumni Association  ~  PO Box 52  ~  Kermit, Texas 79745


Lady members, Please include your maiden name.



Member Name: __________________________________________ Class: ______________


Phone Number: ___________________ Spouse's Name: ______________________________


Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________


City, State, ZIP: _____________________________________________________________


E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________________


Member Dues: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $ 20.00 X ___________ = ___________________


Friday Night Meal: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $ 18.00 X ___________ = ____________________


Saturday Night Meal: >>>>>>>>>>>>>> $ 35.00 X ___________ = ____________________


Address Book: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $ 10.00 X ___________ = ____________________


TOTAL PAID: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ____________________


"Last Minute Musical Note"


A meeting will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. in the hotel (exact place will be announced later) ti discuss the possibility of forming a KHS "K" Band Alumni Association.


Also, we would like to gather a group of band alumni to play the Kermit school song and Fight song at the closing of the Saturday night banquet. If you can still play an instrument and would like to participate, get in touch with me and I will send you the music. If we are able to get enough interested alumni, we will practice Friday night. This could be such fun and we CAN do this. We can bring in some of the more recent graduates to come and join us. Probably there are no first chair players in the group so wrong notes and squeaks will not count against us!


Lettie Gene Speed

432-586-3171 or 432-208-2654