Southgate - Lewis House
1501 E. 12th St.
Austin, Texas 78702

     W.H. Passon Historical Society

The W.H. Passon Historical Society is named for Wesley H. Passon (1864-1933), a black educator and prominent churchman. Mr. Passon made many contributions toward the preservation of African American history, most notably a summary of the history of the African American population in Austin, Texas in 1907. This effort commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Metropolitan A.M.E. Church, and is believed to be the first published history of blacks in Austin. The society was organized in 1975 (and later incorporated in 1979) as a result of the interest, pluck and vision of several local African American women.

Initially, the the society was designed to:
1. secure and preserve materials and artifacts pertaining to African American culture in Austin and Travis County, Texas;
2. locate and recommend restoration and preservation of historic sites for historical marker designation in the area of Austin and Travis County;
3. cooperate and promote significant ethnic observances which reflect the heritage of the African American;
4. and recognize and reward the efforts of individuals and organizations who protect, enhance and reflect respect for Austin's African American heritage.

Currently the society convenes on a monthly basis, typically the first Saturday at 1pm in the Southgate - Lewis House, to apply ourselves to these timelessly deserving ends.

Our Officers are:
Bert Allen, President
Carolyn Jones, Executive Director and Secretary
Michael Emery, Treasurer
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