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Old family stories are not only fun, they enrich us and tell us about our ancestors and their lives back in the old days. If you have an old family story or biography that you would like to share (almost everyone has a either a character or a very interesting individual in their family tree!), please write it in your own words and email it to Sibyl and it will be placed on this page. (The photo heading this page was submitted by Milda Mason of Alto, New Mexico)


The Gunfight at the Circus, by "Milda" Romilda Mason. The story of a tragic incident that took place in Van Zandt County.

Nannie Spears and Grandpa Spears, a family saga written by Maudie Bailey Spears, a lively account of the lives of early residents of Van Zandt County.This fascinating story was submitted by Bill Teal with permission from the sons and daughters of Maudie Bailey Spears.

The Toumbes-Venable Cemetery: The story of a lost family cemetery that was found again, through hard work and perseverance, submitted by Paul Ridenour.

Words from an Old Settler of Van Zandt County, Solomon Young Carter, submitted by one of his descendants, Ruby Wallace.

The Story of William Bomar Moore, submitted by Milda Mason

C.J. Hubbard tells of Pioneer Days in Van Zandt County, Canton Herald, July 3, 1931

Van Zandt County Farm Girl's Bedroom in 1933

East Texas Log Cabin, Lost and Found

Grave Hunting for Van Zandts of Tennessee

"Family Secrets" by Ashley Waters (this is a link to a fascinating Van Zandt County Story)

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