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We would like to share with researchers our "Tribute to Civil War Veterans" who lived out their lives in Van Zandt County or were connected to the county in any way. This part of the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society website will be devoted to miscellaneous articles and items of interest regarding Civil War Veterans. If you would like to share an old news article, documents, family histories or manuscripts, contact Sibyl Creasey. We will be happy to add it to the collection.

A Unionist Black List of 1863

Submitted by Rick Featherston


Canton Texas Dec 27 1863
To James Coltharp, Esq.
Sir, this give a clear and impartial list of the union list of Beat No. 1, I think:

Geogre Rosinbaun
Mastin Henderson
Nurton Mimms & Bro.
All the Wages
All the Burns
Lee Delegation
Flatt Delegation
Hensly Delegation
F.M. Scott
Thomas Scott
Elis Stephens
______ Grinstal
Calman Smith
D.R. Haley
W.H. Haley
Isiah Martin
Jesse Gibbs
C.H. Haden
Burton's Delegation
L.B. Lankford
Carter Delegation except Rubin Carter
Samuel S. Finly
Bivens Delegation
E.A. Alexander
James Moore Sen.
Levi Moore
B.W. Moore
C.B. Moore
M.C. Moore
David Rose
Bl___ Meeks
Buck Sla_____
Widow Franks
Thomas P. Gibson
Crums Delegation
Mark Philips
Lark Daz
Glover Ingram Delegation
Widow Murry
Rile Talley
David Kincanan
Ana A. High
N. Jolly
Nixon & Franks Family
J.R.C. Henderson
L.M. Sumner
Allen Thompson
Widow Wilson
Daniels Delegation
Mc Carter
John Haly
Widow Head
Eli Sides
Old Man Bryant

Black List: All but a few lived in the Canton Beat

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