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Award winning author, teacher & storyteller Carmen Goldthwaite is published in fiction, poetry and nonfiction, her life-long and long-running pursuit-in newspapers, magazines, columns and books.
Telling the stories of Texas Women...Ranchers & Dames..
…stories about the women from my books, Texas Ranch Women: Three Centuries of Mettle and Moxie and Texas Dames: Sassy and Savvy Women Throughout Lone Star History-the women who lived "hard" to create a softer, gentler Texas.
Audiences have enjoyed tracing Texas' tradition of hospitality from the earliest times to modern Texas; or, the foods and music that various waves of settlers brought to Texas, or Tejas. On another occasion, I spoke about the women of the forts-military wives and their mix (or not) with settlers.
Story of the Story
First I started a column, "Texas Dames," that ran in about three dozen community newspapers. And then, a California publisher said, "why don't you turn them into a book." I did. And it came out first because a publisher of Texas books called, asking, "Do you have something on Texas?" I did.
To this date, the Texas Women I've had the privilege of telling these stories to claim their own "sassy" and "savvy" natures as Texas dames. Their husbands agree.
"…If you haven't read this yet you are missing a really nice read. Ladies I never knew existed impacted our Texas History in startling ways."- Max Ratheal, sheriff of the Fort Worth Corral of Westerners, Intl. told his members about Texas Dames: Sassy and Savvy Women Throughout Lone Star History.






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