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History of Fordtran Cemetery Families buried at Fordtran
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FORDTRAN CEMETERY, Victoria County, Texas

This is also known as the MIDGETT FAMILY CEMETERY

We would like to thank Cynthia (MIDGETT) Shaffer for submitting the following information.

SOME RECORDS IN THIS TRANSCRIPTION WERE TAKEN FROM A 1970 CEMETERY TRANSCRIPTION AND VERIFIED FROM AN ACTUAL VISIT IN MAY 2002. (Row numbers given, lot numbers given with names, all other lots assumed vacant). Comments in parenthesis are from the 1970 survey. Additional comments from May 2002 survey are in brackets. Every effort has been made to transcribe this cemetery as accurately and completely as possible; apology is made in the case of error. Cynthia (Midgett) Shaffer, email.

Directions: Traveling north to south on Highway 59, take the Inez, #444 exit (about 14 miles north of Victoria, Texas). Turn right onto FM 444. Travel about 17 1/2 miles, to Highway 77. Turn right onto Highway 77, travel about 2/10 mile, and then turn left onto Fordtran Road. Travel about 4/10 mile and the cemetery will be on your left. (If coming from Victoria, take the Inez exit, turn left under Highway 59, turn left for 2/10 of a mile, then turn right onto FM 444 and follow the remaining directions above.) There is not a sign indicating the cemetery name. It is immediately on the left side of the road and easy to find. The cemetery is fairly small, fenced with a chain-linked fence, and is well kept.

The HISTORY and a FAMILY LIST is found below.


  • Row 3
  • Row 4
  • Row 5
  • Row 6
  • Row 7
  • Row 8
    [There is a curb around Lots 9-12 of Row 8]
  • Row 9
    [There is a curb around graves 1-15]
  • Row 10
  • Row 11
    [Graves 1-7 are enclosed in a curb]
  • Row 12
    (Graves 1-9 are in a BUCHANAN plot, curbed)
  • Row 13
  • Row 14
  • Row 15
  • Row 16
  • See also a partial transcription by Kerry Renfrow Moody.

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    Fordtran Cemetery was originally called the �MIDGETT Grave Yard.� The first recorded burial was in Dec. 1898, that of Escar BUCHANAN. At least thirty-nine of the approx 140 of those interred here are related to the MIDGETT-BUCHANAN families (see the end of this transcription). Hugh Mack MIDGETT married Sarah C. BUCHANAN in 1877 in Wilson County, TN. The MIDGETT and BUCHANAN families (including parents, siblings and children) left Tennessee about 1882, headed for Missouri. Rains, flood, mud, and other hardships caused the families to give up their desire to locate to Missouri and they detoured to Marion, Williamson County, Illinois, where Minerva E. Badgett MIDGETT (interred in this cemetery) had a sister and other family. The MIDGETT and BUCHANAN families stayed in Illinois until ca 1898, when they located to the Fordtran area. These families were among the firsts settlers to the Fordtran area and many served as teachers, postmasters, store owners, etc. for the area. The first recorded land deeds in Victoria County for these families are dated November 1898 and can be found in the Victoria County Courthouse Deed Records. In 1898, Hugh MIDGETT bought 160 acres of land, which included the approximate � acre later set aside for the cemetery. In 1905, Hugh MIDGETT sold the land to Samuel W. McCollum, �save and except about one-half acre of land in North line of said tract which is reserved and is known as the MIDGETT grave yard.� Hugh and Sarah MIDGETT moved to Uvalde County, Texas, where their youngest son and his wife were residing. Many of the families remained in the Fordtran area. Both Hugh and Sarah MIDGETT are interred here. Since that time, many of the MIDGETT, BUCHANAN and associated families have been interred at the MIDGETT Grave Yard/Fordtran Cemetery. There is a Fordtran Cemetery Association that has jurisdiction over the cemetery. Mr. Delbert Maggard is the head of the Association at this time. Many descendants are still living in the Victoria County area.

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    MIDGETT, BUCHANAN and Associated Families Interred at the MIDGETT Grave Yard

    BADGETT, Minerva (Elizabeth M.), married Henry A. MIDGETT; mother of Hugh M. MIDGETTt, Jessie B. MIDGETT

    BARNETT, Mary Green married Robert T. BUCHANAN

    BATTS, Lee Edd married Mettie Cecil BUCHANAN, daughter of Robert T. & Mary Green BUCHANAN

    BORCHERS, Edmond married Selma Ollie MIDGETT, daughter of Jessie B. & America Sheppard MIDGETT

    BRANCH, John R , son of Martha E. �Mettie� BUCHANAN & Joshua B. BRANCH

    BRANCH, Joshua B. married Martha E. �Mettie� BUCHANAN, daughter of Laban ESTES & Martha Saulmon BUCHANAN

    BRANCH, Myrtle Minnie, daughter of Martha E. �Mettie� BUCHANAN and Joshua B. BRANCH

    BROWN, Arthur married Alta M. BUCHANAN, daughter of Elijah J. & Cora Hudgens BUCHANAN

    BUCHANAN, Alta M., daughter of Elijah J. & Cora Hudgens BUCHANAN

    BUCHANAN, Elijah John, son of Laban ESTES & Martha Saulmon BUCHANAN

    BUCHANAN, Escar, son of Robert T. & Mary Green BUCHANAN

    BUCHANAN, Laban ESTES, married Martha J. SAULMON; father of Martha �Mettie�, Sarah C., Robert T., & Elijah J. BUCHANAN

    BUCHANAN, Martha E. "Mattie", daughter of Laban ESTES & Martha Saulmon BUCHANAN

    BUCHANAN, Robert Thomas, son of Laban ESTES & Martha Saulmon BUCHANAN

    BUCHANAN, Sarah C. "Sallie", daughter of Laban ESTES & Martha Saulmon BUCHANAN; married Hugh M. MIDGETT

    BUCHANAN,Vedah E., daughter of Elijah J. & Cora Hudgens BUCHANAN

    COCKRUM, Veda B., daughter of Ralph & Atah F. BUCHANAN COCKRUM; Atah BUCHANAN was a daughter of Elijah J. & Cora Hudgens BUCHANAN

    DOWLEARN, Wm. Hays married Nannie Elizabeth MIDGETT, daughter of Nathaniel Henry & Sarah Raider MIDGETT

    FUDGE, Gladys married Welton NICKEL. Welton NICKEL was the son of Edd & Laura Edith MIDGETT NICKEL

    HAILEY,Dahlgren H. Married Lillie Era MIDGETT, daughter of Hugh M. & Sarah C. BUCHANAN MIDGETT

    HAILEY, Kenneth Dahlgren, son of Dahlgren & Lillie Era MIDGETT HAILEY

    HUDGENS, Cora married Elijah J. BUCHANAN

    JETTON, James Welton married Christa Clare NICKEL, daughter of Edd & Laura Edith MIDGETT NICKEL

    LINDSEY,Lenora A. married William John BRADY [William BRADY was a brother to Minnie Belle BRADY. Minnie Belle BRADY married Lacy Delphus MIDGETT, son of Hugh M. & Sarah C. BUCHANAN MIDGETT. Minnie & Lacy MIDGETT are interred at NURSERY CEMETERY, just a few miles from this cemetery]

    MIDGETT, Baby, child of Jessie B. & America Sheppard MIDGETT

    MIDGETT, Horace Lee, son of Jessie B. & America Sheppard MIDGETT

    MIDGETT, Hugh Mack "Huey�, son of Henry A. & Minerva E. Badgett MIDGETT; married Sarah C. BUCHANAN; set aside land for this cemetery

    MIDGETT, Jessie Badgett, son of Henry A. & Minerva E. Badgett MIDGETT; married America SHEPPARD

    MIDGETT, Laura Edith, daughter of Jessie B. & America Sheppard MIDGETT; married Edd NICKEL

    MIDGETT, Lillie Era, daughter of Hugh M. & Sarah C. BUCHANAN MIDGETT; married Dahlgreen HAILEY

    MIDGETT, Selma Ollie, daughter of Jessie B. & America Sheppard MIDGETT; married 1st James NICKEL; married 2nd Edmond BORCHERS

    NICKEL, Christa Clare, daughter of Edd & Laura Edith MIDGETT NICKEL; married James Welton JETTON

    NICKEL, Edd married Laura Edith MIDGETT, daughter of Jessie B. & America Sheppard MIDGETT

    NICKEL, James E., first husband of Selma Ollie MIDGETT

    NICKEL, Welton, son of Edd & Laura E. MIDGETT NICKEL; married Gladys FUDGE

    SAULMON, Martha Jane married Laban ESTES BUCHANAN

    SHEPPARD/SHEPHERD, America M. married Jessie B. MIDGETT

    STEPHENS, Carl H. married 1st Ina Nellie MIDGETT, daughter of Lacy & Minnie B. Brady MIDGETT; married 2nd Veda B. COCKRUM

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    (most of older section)
    by Sharron Torrence, as printed in Victoria Crossroads Quarterly, April 1980

    1. ANGERSTEIN family block bordered by cement

    2. Small cement bordered block

    3. ARTHUR G. LASSMANN - Apr. 3, 1886-Nov. 3, 1954

    4. LASSMANN (Sm. Blk.)

    5. SCHLIEN (Lg. Blk.)


    6. JOHNSTON (Lg. Blk.)

    7. Grave - No name or date


    9. & 10. Graves - No names or dates

    11. MARIA HEIBEL - Geb. 14 Oct. 1869-Gest. 4 Juli 1886

    12. (Lg. Blk.) back row - about 5 graves - no names or dates

    13. WM. DODD CRAWFORD - 1897-1979

    14. JOHNNIE CLENDENNEN - 1903-1979

    15. MARGARET WEAVER REDMOND - June 11, 1884-May 18, 1979

    16. WEAVER, DOROTHY, dau.of Mr. and Mrs. SAM WEAVER - Apr. 28-1901-Oct. 7, 1928

    17. large cedar tree marks grave

    18. grave - no name or date

    19. WEAVER, Mother, HENRIETTA, Wife of SAM WEAVER - Feb. 11, 1861-Jan. 19, 1953

    20. DAVID D. WEAVER - May 31, 1891-Oct. 11, 1918 - Our Soldier Boy

    21. WEAVER, in memory of, SAM WEAVER - July 13, 1850-May 23, 1928

    22. (blk) DeDEAR

    23. Baby Boy DeDEAR - Nov. 1939

    24. CATHERINE GOLLY DeDEAR - Oct. 15, 1852-Aug. 5, 1929

    25. FREDDY JAMES DeDEAR - Sept. 13, 1920

    25, & 26. graves marked by large cedar trees

    27. (large block) EASON

    28. (large block) MERNITZ

    29. (large block) GISLER


    30. CHRISTIAN REINECKE - 20 Aug. 1852-4 Aug. 1897

    MARIE, wife of C. REINECKE - 23 Juni 1851-15 Jan 1936

    31. Infant dau. of MR. & MRS. FERD DENTLER - 1928

    32. ERNA, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. EARNEST GEBHARDT

    33. (Lg. Blk.) LASSMANN

    34. (Lg. cement border around old section) A lot of graves, no names or dates.

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    This cemetery is found near Guadalupe off of highway 87 (PortLavaca Hwy.) It is off of Woodhi east of Guadalupe, take a left on Girdy Road for 0.3 miles. Thanks to Patricia White for donating these pictures.

    Girdy, Ameal
    Girdy, AmealTwins
    James S Roberson
    Girdy, Clemontine
    Girdy, Elmo
    Girdy, Isadore
    Girdy, Maggie & Francis
    Girdy, Meldora
    Girdy, O'Neal
    Girdy, Sidnora
    Girdy, Douglas
    Dec. 10, 1919-Jan. 29, 1987
    Girdy, Mark
    Thurston, Bruce
    Matthews, Donald
    Girdy, Melvin
    Girdy, Olen


    Located on Oliver Rd. 0.7 mi. off Hwy 87 near Nursery. Thanks to Judy Turner who transcribed this cemetery. She comments: "This is a very small cemetery. There aren�t really rows. I did find out that Rev. Robert Shand of Cuero is now over this cemetery." For pictures, click on underlined last names.

    Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Date Death Date Tombstone Type Inscriptions Comments
    ? Pedro   April 19, 1905 Unknown Upright   Broken and needing more repair after someone else did what they could to repair it.
    Callecto ?   Unknown Unknown Flat, handmade ___ Callecto de ___ Juan esta a __ Espousa __ Maria Juan Lara There are a couple of words that I cannot make out as indicated by the ___ . English: ___ Callecto of ___ Juan lies with his wife Maia Juan Lara
    G         Foot stone only    
    Gonzales Panfila   March 13, 1905 March 31, 1905 Upright Mother of Raul  
    Ortiz Isabel   October 9, 1930 Unknown Upright   Broken at top
    P. J.       Foot Stone   Mounted in cement block
    Puente Antonio   Unknown Unknown Upright Cross and name  
    Renyna Bernardo   October 10, 1906 January 18, 1923 Upright   Broken at one time, repaired
    Reyna Antonio   September 4, 1903 March 27, 1905 Upright    
    Rodriguez Estevan   August 3, 1833 June 4, 1901 Upright    
    Rubio Juan   June 4, 1927 December 9, 1927 Upright   Small marker, cross only
    Ybarra Sarita   Unknown Unknown Upright Cross   Broken cross
      Unknown 1   Unknown Unknown Concrete block with metal marker    
      Unknown 2   Unknown Unknown Broken piece of handmade stone    

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