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Abney, Benjamin Hezekiah
Adams, James
Adams, William
Adkins, Robert A
Arrington, Emory Thatcher
Arrington, Samuel Isaiah
Bailey, Elijah Josephus #1
Bailey, Elijah Josephus #2
Bailey, Elijah Josephus #3
Bailey, Elijah Josephus #4
Bailey, James William
Bailey, Jesse F
Bailey, William Luther
Barber, Josiah Woods
Bell, Rev Charles Walter
Bell, Josehp Henry #1
Bell, Joseph Henry #2
Bingham, Elijah
Bishop, Joseph Lafayette
Blalack, Nathan Armstrong
Blalack, Robert B
Blalock, James Armstrong
Boatman, George Mitchell
Bonner, Henry Hubbard
Booth, Robert Louis
Bowin, Charles William 
Bradshaw, Ara Edmond
Brazzil, William
Brown, Hitson
Brown, William Madison
Browning, Benjamin W
Brummell, Joseph Henry
Buchanan, John Jefferson
Buie, Butler Cornelius
Buie, Douglas Alphones
Buie, Franklin Neill
Buie, John A
Burnett, James Marion
Burnett, Milton M
Burnley, Clarence Lee
Busby, John W
Caldwell, John Wade
Caldwell, William Young
Callahan, Robert Price
Callaway, James David
Campbell, David
Campbell, William Olian
Carroll, John Wesley #1
Carroll, John Wesley #2
Carroll, John Wesley #3
Carroll, Stephen Glynn
Carter, Jesse
Carter, Jesse
Carter, Jesse
Carter, John Harmon
Carter, John Harmon
Carter, Johnny Jefferson
Cartwright, James A
Cates, John Howard
Catlett, Benjamin Laban
Chalk, Abraham
Chalk, Thomas
Cook, John Jr
Cook, John Jr
Cope, George Washington
Couch, John Marion
Couch, John Washington
Couch, Matthew Harrison
Couch, William Marion
Cowan, Steve Nathaniel
Cox, Audie Lee
Cox, Welborn Wylie
Craig, Dillard Lee
Cranfill, Thomas
Cravey, Samuel William
Darden, Joe Cephus
Davidson, Clarence Edward
Davis, George Washington
Davis, Henry Lee
Davis, Joseph Greer
Davis, Laymond Auford
Davis, Thomas Henry
Davis, Thomas Herston
Day, Nathan Ranson
Dearmore, Barnett
Derrick, Unknown
Dooling, Pat
Driggers, John W
Driggers, Bruce Melton
Driggers, Charles "Jack"
Driggers, Edwin Luther
Driggers, Pope R
Dudney, Albert Henry
Duke, Willie F
Duncan, Joe Marcus
Earles, Unknown
Elliott, Milton Cerilous
Ellison, Troy
Evers, William Jewel
Fargason, Ephraim Suber
Faulk, Joseph William
Faulk, Wesley Laverne
Fennell, Lawrence Harrison
Field, David L
Fielden, Charles
Fitzgerald, Samuel L
Florence, Wiley
Fluellen, Dock Hugh
Fortune, Edgar Marshall
Fortune, Pleas
Franklin, John
Franklin, John Rex
Franklin, Redden Whit
Gage, Martin Henry
Gaston, Edgar Clarence
Gaston, Henry W
Gaston, Henry W
Gordon, Andrew J
Green, Benjamin Milford
Greer, David Jefferson
Greer, James Harvey
Grider, Joseph Morgan
Hackler, John Wesley
Haggett, Unknown
Hall, Horace
Hart, Edward Orman
Helms, John L
Helms, Wylie
Hill, Aurelius Josiah
Holland, Henry
Holland, John
Hoover, Abraham Jr
Hoover, Allen Robert
Irons, David Augustus
Irons, Edd C
Jones, Benjamin F
Jones, James M
Junell, W A
Kidd, Jackson Aaron
Kidd, James Randolph
Knight, Thomas Jefferson
LaGrone, David Randolph
LaGrone, David Randloph
LaGrone, John Wesley
Langford, James Clifton #1
Langford, Philip Pender
Langford, Young Marion
Lewis, Armster/Armstead
Lewis, Eugen I
Little, James William
Little, Roy Albert
Locus, James William
Locus, Robert
Lovejoy, Charlie Miles
Loving, Elijah L
Lowe, Hezekiah Franklin
Maberry, George Cornelius
Maberry, William
Magness, Hugh N
Magrill, John R
Magrill, Samuel D
Marsh, Alexander M Sr.
Marsh, Alexander M
Marsh, James
Marsh, Robert
Marshall, Jefferson Davis
Marshall, Tom
Mathis, Joseph DeKalb #1
Mathis, Joseph DeKalb #3
Mathis, William B #1
Mathis, William B #2
Mathis, William Henry
Mayfield, John F
McCoy, William Reddin
McNair, Samuel P
McPeek, John Austin
Means, Jennings D
Meecom, James Alvin
Mings, David Wesley
Mings, Jesse
Mitchell, James Monroe
Mitchell, John J
Montgomery, John
Moon, Thomas Jefferson
Moon, Thomas Jefferson
Moore, John Mathey
Morris, Alford Steelman
Nabors, John Henry
Nelson, Walter Leafitte
Nelson, Wiley B
Nicholson, Alexander William
Nicholson, Cornelius
Nicholson, Neal Whitfield
Nipper, John Elizah
Nix, William Richmond
Nolan, William Henry
Oliver, William J
Parish, Jefferson B
Parish, Levin C H
Patrick, Henry
Petty, George Washington
Petty, Henry
Petty, Henry #1
Petty, Henry #2
Petty, Moses J "Bud"
Petty, Theodore Cleveland
Petty, Thomas Jefferson
Pool, James Nelson II
Porter, George Washington
Price, George Washington
Puckett, Newron Oliver
Raines, John Gibbs
Ray, Gabriel
Ray, John Washington
Reynolds, Dave White 
Richardson, Jefferson Davis
Robertson, Clarence Lee
Robinson, John Douglas
Robinson, M F Frank
Rohs, John
Ross, Hugh "Huey" Menenol Jr
Ross, Hugh M
Rutledge, Albert Andrew
Saddler, Robert Henry
Sanders, Anderson Asberry
Sanders, Jacob Wright
Sansom, James Layfayette
Seale, James A
Senn, James Malachi
Shepperd, William II
Shepperd, William Washington
Shockey, Levi Ode
Skipper, Charles A
Smith, Charley Stewart
Smith, David Newton
Smith, James Madison
Smith, John A
Smith, Samuel Arie
Smith, Silas Mercer
Smith, William E
Spann, Adus C
Spann, Bryant Cicero
Spann, George Franklin
Spann, Henry Andrew
Spann, James Augustus
Spann, Jessie James
Spann, Joseph Morgan
Spann, Ramah Lee "Raymond"
Spann, Tippie Otis
Starks, John L
Steelman, Joseph 
Stevens, Julius Honesta
Stinson, Alexander W
Suber, Thomas David
Sullivan, Thomas Arnold
Tatum, Arthur
Tucker, George Washington
Tucker, William Jefferson
Wade, Harvey Surestus #1
Wade, Harvey Surestus #2
Wade, Joseph Berry
Wade, Laurence Qewellin
Wade, Whitfield Anthony #1
Wade, Whitfield Anthony #2
Walker, Augistine
Walker, James Lafayette
Walker, Jefferson Davis
Walker, John Edward
Walker, Robert
Walker, Samuel Harvey
Wall, Hubbard Gentry
Wall, McNairy
Walton, Gus
White, Daniel
White, Daniel Jackson
White, David
Wilburn, Thomas Jefferson
Wilkins, George Wakefield
Wilkins, John
Willard, Arthur Dewitt
Willard, Eubank Moman
Willard, Jay Caldwell
Willeford, Britain
Willeford, Charles Britain
Willeford, Shell
Williams, Dr Benjamin Franklin #1
Williams, Dr Benjamin Franklin #2
Willingham, Amos
Wilson, Thomas Alfred
Wilson, W E
Wright, A L
Wright, A L
Young, Carl Othenes
Young, Daniel E
Young, James Franklin


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