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Nancy Herrington Head Bible
Thanks to Ann King Tebow for sending in this information!

Nancy Herrington Head and her family; Thomas R. and Docia Head and their children, Martin Monroe and Nancy Lovesa Beck, Madison L. and Martha Jane W. Revill, and Madison?s brother Henry M. Revill came to Upshur County, Texas from Pike and Coffee Counties, Alabama post 1870. One of the family possessions that Nancy brought from Alabama was her Bible.  On Nancy?s death the Bible passed to her daughter, Duliciana Elizabeth Lovesa Herrington Segars Parish.  When Elizabeth died the Bible went to her daughter Nancy Lovesa Segars Parish Beck.  Cairo Viola "Kate" Beck King received the Bible upon the death of her Mother, Nancy Lovesa. When Kate King died the Bible was then passed to Ann Kerryn King Tebow,  Kate?s granddaughter.  Ann Kerryn did the following transcription on March 17, 2002.  As this is a transcription the records are verbatim. 


William Head was borned Feb the 8th 1812
T. R. Head was Borned Dec 1 1842
M. D. Head was borned April the 5th 1847
Nancy L. Parish was borned July the 31st 1851
Martha J. W. Parish was borned Oct the 12th 1852
Mary P. Parish was borned Jan the 26th 1855
James E. Revel was borned Feb the 8th 1871
Julia G. Revill was Borned Dec the 1st 1872
Ida Head was Borned Sep the 5th 1869
W. H. Head Jr was Borned Sep the 23rd 1870
Nancy P. Head was Borned Sep the 12th 1871
A. J. Head was Borned July the 22nd 1872
M. A. S. Head was Borned April the 21st 1874
Emmer S. Revell was Borned July the 24th 1875
Martin Beck was Borned May the 27th 1848
Purrilla Varona Beck was Borned Sep the 22nd 1877
Dailey Beck was Bourned Sep 17 1881
E. L. Revell was Bourned Dec 17 1877
W. L. Revell was Bourned Dec 6th 1899
A. M. Revell was Bourned Nov 6 1881
Cairo [marked thru] C. V. Beck was Born April 16 1884
A. B. Tobias was Born Feb the 23 1886
Nevil King Borned April 14-1907 [April 14 marked thru] May 23 1907 [The   new date appears to be Nevyl King Whitton Bartlett?s handwriting] 
Willie Clyde Gorman was borned May 18, 1897
H. D. Howell was borned Nov, 12th 1896
Martin Vance Gorman was borned Sep 18th 1899
Annie Louise Gorman was borned Mar 30th 1902
Born to Mr + Mrs Daily Beck Aug 15th 1903 a little girl
John Thomas King Jr. was born on the 23rd of Sep at 330 P.m.- 1903
Neville King was born May 23 1907
William Clyde Gorman died Nov 30 1945
Kerry King Whitton was born Feb. 26, 1934
Ann Kerryn King was born Nov  6-1945
Terry Glenn Whitton was born Sep 3, 1962 By Nevyl Bartlett
Richard Andrew Tebow    born 02 February 1921


Joseph H. Graves was born Aug 22 1848
Nancy L. Parrish was married to Marten Beck Jan the 17 1867
Martha J. Parrish was married to M L Reville Dec the 24 1869
Emma Revills and Robert Howell were united in Marriage Oct 3rd 1894
Mr M. M. Beck Policy No 777940 Life Insurance John A. Kellar +Co St  Louis, Mo. 
I. Per Head Was Borned September
Clyde Gorman + Rona Beck were united in marriage April 30th 1895
John T. King + Kate Beck were united in Marriage March 30 1902
Daily Beck and Lena Mings were married on Marriage [marked thru] Oct 26th 1902
Vannie Dale Beck was born Feb-9-1905
Mrs. Lou Beck died Jan-21-1938


James E. Reville Deceasd Oct  the      1872
M. P Parish Deceased Feb  the 12th AD 1876
E. L. Revell died the 8th 1879
William Head Died July the 18th 1862
J. E. Head Died March the 22nd 1863
Nancy Head died Dec 12th 1883 AD
Henry Head died Jan 1889
Elizabeth Parish died July 24th 1887 A. D.
Laura May Revill died Jan 11th 1889
M. M. Beck died Dec 23rd 1895
M. D. Head died June 12th 1898
Lafayette Revells died Jan 23rd 1899
A little girl to Mr and Mrs Daily Beck born and died on 15th Aug 1903
William Parish Died April 14-1907
Richard Andrew Tebow   died 08 May 2007

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