HUM Board of Directors
Past & Present

Officers of the Board of Directors
James Daniels- President
Connie Duke - 1st Vice President
Tom Mitchell- 2nd Vice President
Robert Bruns- Treasurer
Sara Dumas- Secretary
Rickie Gipson- At Large
Pat Maddox- At Large

Board of Directors
Term Expiring 2005 Years Served
William Butler 3
Mike Fetter 3
Curtis Hart 3
Shirley Jackson 3
Pat Maddox 3

Term Expiring 2004 Years Served
Henry Brookshire 5
John Melvin Dodd 5
Rickie Gipson 5
Robert Bruns 2
Lynda Phillips 2
David Robertson 2
Lynn Williams 2

Term Expiring 2005 Years Served
James Daniels 4
Tom Mitchell 4
Daisy Potter 4
Sara Dumas 1
Connie Duke 1
Sarah Greene 1
Connie Duke 1
Patt Lindsey 1
Mary Slaughter 1

Curator: Mary L. Kirby

Docent Director: Daisy Potter

With great sadness we report the death of Runelle Stembridge on June 30, 2002. Runelle made it
possible to acquire two upright metal bookcases for shelving the museum archives and items in the
process of being catalogued. She also donated two 36-inch high walnut bookcases for the
Conference Room. On these shelves sit The New Handbook of Texas, and a six-volume
encyclopedia about Texas which she had previously donated. The museum lost a true friend and a
loyal supporter with her passing.


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