Trinity Co., Texas , Civil War 7th Texas Cavalry, CSA
Trinity County, TX
Rosters of Civil War Regiments and Companies From Trinity Co.

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Company E of the 7th Texas Mounted Volunteer Regiment
Trinity County, Texas, CSA   1861

Commanding  Officer
Capt. Dr. William L. Kirksey,   age 32

Company Officers
1st Lt. S.F. Tullos,   age 26
2nd Lt. C.T.Chandler,   age 35 2nd Lt. J.O.Hesless,   age 36

Non-Commissioned Officers
Orderly Sergeant William T. Davis,   age 32
Sergeant W.F.Morgan,   age 29 Sergeant A.R. Faglie,  age 31
Sergeant J.D. Turner,   age 28

George M. Hill,   age 21 H. H. Womack,   age 19
F.S. Wagnon,   age 19 J.A. Caho,   age 29
 W. B. Mathis,   age 31 Irby P. Mangum,   age 38

These were the officers of the 7th Texas Cavalry from Trinity County, Texas who led Company E as it started for the Rio Grande with Sibley's Brigade in the Confederate Army's push to wrest control of the Western United States from the Union Army in the Autumn of 1861.  In time the 7th Texas would turn to the eastern arena and participate in many battles. In the East, in the heat and smoke of fierce combat, it would emerge as one of the best mounted regiments in the CSA, its Regimental Colonel promoted to the rank of Brig. General.  During the Civil War, many mounted regiments which began as cavalry were often by command, unhorsed and made into infantry. Not so the 7th. This regiment entered the war horsed and ended the war horsed because of it's exemplary performance in the field. The 7th Texas Cavalry, Company E represented Trinity County with
distinction and courage.  We the descendants of these 7th Texas, Trinity County horsemen are proud to remember them with honor, always.

Tim Hashaw



Allbritton, E., age 18
Allsup, Joseph., age 21
Austin, T.J., (no age)
Bertrum, William, age 32
Blackshear, J.M., age 22
Brown, J., age 23
Brown, W.H., age 19
Caswell, S.H., age 22
Chambers, B.F., age 20
Chandler, C.L., age 27
Chapman, G.S., age 23
Clark, B., age 35
Davis, B.P., age 20
Davis, B.S., age 23
Davis, T.A., age 31
Dick, F., (no age)
Dunlap, J.R., age 20
Dunlap, W.F., age 18
Durham, J.A., age 27
Elliott, W.M., age 20
Evans, Charles, age 27
Faglie, T.E., age 25
Fain, R.L., age 20
Farley, F.F., age 25
Farley, John A., age 31
Finch, John, age 35
Ford, John H., age 19
Hall, H.C., age 29
Handley, William J., age 22
Harris, F., age 18
Hashaw, George W., age 35
Hilliard, A.M., age 23
Hodges, J.H., age 20
Hodges, W. C., age 21
Hutto, William J., age 23
Kirgan, Joseph A., age 31
Lancaster, George W., age 24
Linam, W.J., age 22
Madden, J.C., age 33
McClendon, H.M., age 23
McClendon, Thomas B., age 21
Moore, A.H., age 24
Moore, J.P., age 18
Moore, L., age 22
Moore, P.W., age 20
Mullens, B.F., age 23
Oglesby, J.C., age 18
Parker, W.T., age 21
Pate, John, age 46
Perkins, C. (no age)
Perkins, I.J. (no age)
Peterson, A.J., age 22
Phipps, T.H., age 18
Ricks, J.L., age 24
Smith, John, age 24
Spencer, A.A., age 20
Tennison, W.H., age 19
Thames, J.R., age 23
Thorton, T.T., age 19
Townsend, A., age 20
Tullos, G.M., (no age)
Tullos, J.A., age 18
Tullos, J.B., age 20
Tullos, W.J., age 23
Tyler, W.W., age 25
Vinzant, Ed., age 51
Vinzant, John, age 28
Walse, F., age 21
Wiley, William, age 18
Williams, J.M., age 18
Williams, M.D., (no age)
Wilson, John,  age 23
Wingfield, Powers (no age)
Wingfield, Thomas (no age)
Wise, T.A. (no age)
Wood, T., age 19


Texas, CSA  State Seal

  There are other Trinity regimental rosters that will follow in time.


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