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Archived Queries

Many queries were present when we began using the GenConnect Query System and remain on this website as archived queries. These queries are arranged in each file chronologically, beginning with the oldest. You may access our archives through the links below. Use the available index to the queries or just browse through the files using the search/find feature of your browser to locate your surnames. Enjoy!

or just browse these files

2 NOV 1997 to 22 MAR 1998

28 MAY 1997 to 28 OCT 1997

19 FEB 1997 to 26 MAY 1997

Bef OCT 1996 to 8 MAR 1997



Search Tips For RootsWeb
You can narrow down your search by using plus and minus characters.
Example #1: "+John +Smith"

will return only messages containing both John and Smith.

Example #2:
"+Smith -John"

will return all messages that contain Smith, yet exclude those that also contain John.



Posting Queries and Messages

When writing your messages, it is important that you mention Tarrant County or one of its landmarks in the body of your message. Your message should concern persons who are connected to Tarrant County. In order for a query to be of the most benefit to you, be specific about who you are looking for. Give full names, locations and dates, as best you can. List only surnames that appear in the message.



Dos and Don'ts

List only those surnames that actually appear in the message.

Due to copyright laws, post only Biographies that you wrote yourself or those dated 1922 or earlier. Please include the source, author and date of publication.

Again, due to copyright laws, post only Obituaries dated 1922 or earlier. Otherwise post only an abstract of the obit, i.e. "Jane Doe, d. 8 Jul 1955 in Fort Worth; survived by husband Bob." Please do not forget to include the source and date of publication.

Copy Deeds, Pensions, Wills, etc. verbatim, saving your comments until the end.  Cite your sources.

In your comments, please indicate how the family is connected to Tarrant County.

Do not post messages that reveal private information about living persons.

Do not post messages to Tarrant County query boards just because you live in this county.

Note: The RootWebs Message Board is hosted by Tarrant County TXGenWeb.  Messages that violate copyright laws will be removed.  Messages that do not demonstrate a connection to Tarrant County will be removed. Messages that violate a living person's right to privacy will be removed. All without notice.



TXGenWeb Policy

The RootsWeb Message Board for Tarrant County is managed in cooperation with TXGenWeb and Tarrant County, TXGenWeb. It is policy that we observe copyright laws and see that others using this forum do the same. It is also policy that we protect the privacy of living persons. Information concerning living individuals will be promptly removed unless written permission has been secured from that person and forwarded to the County Coordinator. 



Message Board Moderator

The RootsWeb Message Board for Tarrant County is monitored and maintained by Rob Yoder. I'm here to assist you should you have questions or problems with the board. Please do not send questions about your ancestors directly to me. Rather, post your queries and questions on the Message Board or on the Mailing List for all to read. Thank you.


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