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From: David Reed
Email: sellyourwheels@aol.com

The property where I reside was once called Bisbee Courts which was the heart of Bisbee, Texas, a lost community that was located in southeast Tarrant County, Texas. At one time Bisbee Courts was thriving with people. From what I understand it has a lot of history behind it. It is located on top of an underground natural spring which is still going strong today, there are cottonwood trees that are over 100 years old with girths exceeding 17'. The property had a large house which was still livable in the 60's along with tourist buildings, several wells and a water tower. There is a branch that runs through the property. The Mansfield history book says that this branch is actually called Rush Creek and in the early 1900's it was supplied with water from what was called a flowing well. Water just flowed right out of the ground constantly. There was a train depot just behind the property along side what then was the main road leading up to Mansfield.

The history book says that the big thing for couples back then was to take a horse and buggy up to Bisbee Courts, sit and watch the peddlers get off the train and walk towards Mansfield to peddle their goods. They would then finish off the day at the flowing well.

I have learned that a very important person lived here in the early 1900's. This was Dr. William Alexander Poole D.D.S., he moved here from North Carolina and has been given credit for starting most of the churches in Bisbee and surrounding communities. There is much written about him in the Mansfield history book. My older friends have mentioned that their ancestors spoke of Bonnie and Clyde staying here.

There is also rumor of blacks being hung from the large cottonwoods at a time when no blacks were allowed in Mansfield. The main entrance to Mansfield was by way of the Bisbee Courts.

Bisbee is located 12 miles southeast of downtown Fort Worth and 5 miles northeast of central Mansfield. Today the city limits of Mansfield stretches out and consumes the community of Bisbee.

If anyone can offer additional information about this historical property, David would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

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