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Arlington Journal


James C. Hood was born in Jackson County, Alabama, 1842 and died June 8, 1917. Mary Elizabeth Houston was born in Madison County, Alabama August 5, 1848; married to J.C. Hood January 31, 1868; died April 4, 1917. There were born to them three sons, Hollis H., Robert Lee (who died several years ago) and John C. Hollis and John Hood live on farms near Arlington. Mr. and Mrs. Hood became Christians and joined the Baptist church about forty years ago. They came to Texas about twenty five years ago and lived in Fannin County several years, then came to Arlington where they ___ themselves respected ___ by their upright lives and __ ___ kindness. Mr. Hood was a Confederate soldier, bravely __ __ when he was wounded at The Battle of Peach Tree Creek, near Atlanta. He was __ __ the Odd Fellows for __ __. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hood had been invalids __ __ having cared for by __ __ daughters in law, __ by the neighbors during __ __ __ died of acute __ __ Hood of pneumonia. Mr. __ __ of Bedford __ __ Confederate Veterans __ __ the burial assisted by __ __ and directed by Mr. __ __ undertaker. The pall bearers were T.B. Collins Sr., __ __ J.T. Lawry,__D.__ __ __, Bent Copland. The funeral services for Mrs. Hood on April__, for Mr. Hood on June __, were held at their home, four miles southeast of Arlington, by Reverend A.C.__. Mr. Hood had many relatives in Arlington, was a cousin of T.B. and M.R. Collins. Under smiling flowers we laid their bodies to await God's resurrection, but their happy spirits watch with the angels for the coming of earth's loved ones.




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