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Mrs. Mary L. Campbell wife of A. Campbell died at her home 1 1/2 miles south of town and was laid to rest at West Fork cemetery April 6 at 11 o'clock. She was born Jan. 13, 1825 in Franklin Co. Tenn., professed religion and joined the Methodist church in 1838, was married to A. Campbell in 1846. She lived a consistent Christian life, and died in the triumphs of a living faith. May God bless and sustain her aged companion who is left behind.

D.C. Sibley.

J.B. Martin Sr. an old and highly respected citizen of Forest Hill community, this county, died on the 1st inst and was interred on the 2nd inst. Mr. Martin was 77 years old, was the father of 8 boys and 2 girls, all of whom, except one live in this county. All the children were present at the funeral. W.S. and D.R. Martin two sons, of this place, and families and J.C. Herndon attended the funeral.




At Candon 4 miles north of here on last Saturday morning at 10 o'clock the 5 months old twin babies of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Smith were burned so severely that both died in a few hours. The family were living in a tent and while all were out the tent caught on fire in the top from the stove pipe and in a few seconds fell down on the bed where the babies lay, with fatal results. A Mrs. Collins was the first to reach the burning tent and succeeded in rescuing the babes, before life was extinct; she herself being severely burned about the hands and face. The pathetic sadness of such deaths can but touch the heart of every father and mother specially, and others in a general way. The little fellows were interred at Calloway cemetery Monday evening.

A five months old child of Mr. and Mrs. D.D. Cobb died Saturday out on Arkansas Lane of meningitis and was buried Sunday evening at Johnson Station.

Horace Copeland who was called to the bedside of his aged mother in Tennessee has returned. His mother died while he was with her. The many relatives in and around Arlington have the sympathy of a large circle of friends, in which the Journal joins most heartily.




The remains of Mr. Gee who died at his home near Arlington Monday morning were interred in the cemetery here Monday evening. He leaves a wife and 3 children 2 of whom, Mrs. W.G. Melton and Mrs. W.C. Noah reside here.

Daniel Sweet died yesterday afternoon at the home of his brother W.L. Sweet in Arlington after long suffering from cancer of the face. Mr. Sweet and family have the sympathy of the town in this bereavement.

W.P. Gee an old and well known citizen died at his home a mile west of town Sunday night. Interment took place at Johnson Station cemetery Monday evening.

A.H. Copeland returned from Montery, Tenn. Sunday where he was called to visit his aged mother who died while he was there.




Resolution of sympathy of the W.O.W. of Arlington Camp 407.

Resolved, we tender our heartfelt grief and sorrow in behalf of the relatives and friends of the deceased E.W. Campbell whose death was caused by being crushed between cars at Dallas, Tx., about April 1st.

Son Campbell was a member of the Marshall Camp of the W.O.W. and once a citizen of Arlington. In his death we feel we have lost a true woodman who was always ready to help a failing brother and the widows and orphans in every hour of trouble and need. He was a true law abiding citizen who had the interest and welfare of his town and country at heart, ever ready to make and execute good laws of government, he was also a true kind servant of the T. and P.R.R. Co., and its employees who loved him for the faithful performance of his duties and kind treatment to all.

Then last; but not least of all, he was a Christian, ever ready to follow and help in the Heavenly Masters cause, who said well done thou good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over few earthly things. I will make the ruler over many, and bid him come up higher.

Committee--W.J. Bell, W.L. Sweet, W.T. Robinson


THURSDAY---MAY 5, 1904

Mrs. B.B. Stell an aged lady of this city died Sunday evening after a sickness of several weeks. Funeral services conducted by Rev. J.W. Lee were held at the Methodist church Monday at 11 o'clock, after which the remains were interred in Arlington cemetery. Only the aged and afflicted husband is left, an only child, a son, having died a few weeks since. Mr. Stell has much sympathy in this trying hour of bereavement.

One of those sad episodes in human experience occurred last week in the way of the death of Mrs. Bill Miller, called away in the prime of life, leaving a husband and 4 children in the midst of lifes battles when the counsel of a mother is needed as much if not more than at any other time. The funeral services were held at Rehoboth church and was conducted by Rev. Fitzhugh. Mr. Miller and children have the sympathy of the whole community in this sad bereavement.

Sunday afternoon W.B. Fitzhugh went over to Mansfield and conducted the funeral of Miss Minnie Bratton who died at Ft Worth Saturday. It was the close of a beautiful Christian life, the floral offerings were as pretty as is often seen, the services were just as pretty and in all was but a fitting tribute to a life spent for others.


THURSDAY---MAY 19, 1904

Bunyan, the little 5 year old son of Rev. and Mrs. A.P. Collins of Ft. Worth, died at their home in the city Monday. The bereaved family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends and relatives at this place, their former home.


THURSDAY---MAY 26, 1904

Mrs. Duckett has received a letter from her brother P.M. Robertson at Hollytree Ala., announcing the death of his wife on the 15 inst. Mrs. Robertson was a sister of Mrs. Morris Putman of this place.


The hand of God has again visited our community which so forceably reminds us of the uncertainty of life and the vanity of all human pursuits.

His hand rested this time upon Mrs. Sally Turner the wife of W.D. Turner. She departed this life at her home May the 18th at 3 p.m. She was conscious to the last. She was a consistent member of the Baptist church and lived a devoted Christian life and was a devoted wife and mother, and lived so before them that they had the utmost confidence in her.

She will be missed by her loved ones, when the shades of night fall. Her voice will be hushed and there will be a vacant chair, for there will be no mother there. She was confined to the bed only a short while, she suffered much but always seemed to be cheerful. Our loss is her eternal gain, we can but say to the husband and children, there has never been a cloud so dark that did not have a silver lining, look on the bright side.

Loved ones dry your tears, for mother's sleep is sweet, as she sleeps in Jesus. Just as softly as fades the light after the sun is gone, just as sweetly as through the night the stars shine on, passed her soul out from her earthly home to rest with the redeemed of God.

Mrs. A.M. Robertson, a middle aged lady of Euless Co., died Sunday after an illness extending over a period of 18 months.




The infant child of Bob Lewis was buried in the cemetery here last Tuesday.

Mrs. D.B. James, mother of our townsman Ed James died at Denison on the 20 of May. She was 75 years old, and is survived by 9 children. Ed went up for the funeral. All the children except 2 were present. The Journal extends condolence to the bereaved relatives.

Willie Kennedy the 8 year old and only son, of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Kennedy died Wednesday night after a protracted attack of typhoid. Interment took place Thursday evening at 2 o'clock, Rev. G.T. Carter conducting the exercises. The death is a peculiarly sad one in that the Kennedy's came here only a short while ago and are practically strangers at this place. After coming here Mr. Kennedy at once bought him a lot and erected a comfortable cottage for he and his family, consisting of a wife, son and daughter settled down to what gave promise a most happy way of living, but alas for human hopes and human plans, their dear boy is gone, the ideal is shattered. The Journal extends its heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family.

Miss Georgie Acton of Corsicanna a sister to Mrs. J.N. Johnston of this place, died last Friday afternoon.

Prof. H.L. Graham who formerly taught school here died at Smithfield today. The remains will be sent here for burial. The funeral services will be held at the Baptist church tomorrow at 11 o'clock. Choir singers especially requested to be present.




The subject of this sketch was born July 16, 1863 and died June 2, 1904 of typhoid fever at Smithfield and was buried at Arlington June 2. (?)

Prof. Graham was one of the most successful teachers in Tarrant Co. He taught in the college at this place with W.M. Trimble while Mr. Trimble had charge of the institution. Prof. Graham had many friends in all parts of Texas, who mourn their loss.

Rev. A.P. Collins of Ft. Worth said that to know Bro. Graham, was to love him; that there was a sweet heartfelt prayer always upon his lips and a song of praise for Christ and his kingdom; that when Bro. Graham entered a home the entire family rejoiced at his coming for both old and young feel that a righteous soul was in their midst. The preacher said that the church had lost one of its noblest Christian characters. The Sunday school, one of its chief supports; the Baptist Association one its most efficient secretaries; The Tarrant County Teachers Association, one of its professional teachers, The South Tarrant County Singing Association, one of its most thoughtful and helpful members.

Doubtless all of those social, religious and educational organizations will pass suitable resolutions of condolence and respect at their next regular meetings.

As a private citizen Prof. Graham was modest in his pretentions, conservative in his opinions yet firm and upright in his business affairs, loyal to his friends, kind to his family and charitable to the sick and the afflicted either in body or mind. He yet loveth in the hearts of those who love his name, his life left its impress upon the hearts of both old and young. We are apart of all we meet. He wielded an influence for good, so good is this heritage bestowed upon us by the worthy brother who has passed over the river.

We extend condolence to all who mourn the death of Bro. Graham.

J.N. Johnston.


W.M. Bardin of Fish Creek died Sunday morning and was buried Monday at Rehoboth. Rev. Tom Clark a primitive Baptist minister from Burleson conducted the funeral exercises. Mr. Bardin was a member of the primitive Baptist church and a leading man in all the affairs of his settlement. He was a man of great kindliness of heart. His handshake did one good, his smile disseminated sunshine wherever he went. He was prosperous in business, had a fine farm, a good home, and an excellent family. He is survived by a wife and 7 children, several brothers and sisters. Few men where more sincerely loved, and few would be more sadly missed than he. Mr. Bardin has suffered several attacks of Lagrippe and last December had a severe attack of typhoid, and these brought on complications that terminated fatally. The Journal feels a personal loss in his death and joins its sympathies to those whose loss is so much greater.

Boone Spalding, who was in Carlisle school here last winter was killed near Brandon Friday. He was hauling grain and in some way fell off the wagon, both wheels passing over him. He lived only a few minutes.

Mrs. R.L. Ditto died Saturday evening after a long illness. She leaves a husband and several small children. The remains were interred Sunday evening in the Arlington cemetery Rev. D.C. Sibley conducting the funeral services. Mrs. Ditto was a woman who was held in very high esteem by those who know her well. The Journal extends sympathy to the bereaved family.



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