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Muster Roll of the Tarrant County Hussars
Mounted Infantry C.S.A.



Charles Turner, Captain

Joshua Adington 1st Lt.
Eli Mitchell 2nd Lt.
Jonathan Marchbanks 3rd Lt.
Isaac R. Vannoy 1st Sgt.
Ben A. Andrews 2nd Sgt.
Frances Knar? 3rd Sgt.
Thompson Andrews 4th Sgt.
W. H. Moore 1st Corp.
C. H. Milican 2nd Corp.
Jason Adington 3rd Corp.
John Kinder 4th Corp.
Dr. J.N.B. Williams "Sergon"
Amos Hurmandies? Bugler

H.? Thos.? Asburry
W. L. Bamburg
John Barbier?
Wm. Bearden
Wm. Boucher
J. E. Brandon
George D. Brown
L. H. Brown
Paul E. Coleman
Wm. D. Conner
Jesse R. Conner
M. N. Coots
A. F. Corning
W. P. Cowder
W. A. Creswell
Wm. L. Crow
E. H. Culberson
C. G. Davenport
Abner Detherage
T. I. Edwards
G. P. Farmer
Wm. T. Ferguson
Lewis B. Gant
Caleb Greenwood
J. E. Hall
Robert H. Hall
J. W. Harper
R. D. Henderson
Eugene Henry
A. A. James
Thos. L. James
James M. Jay
George Kinder
Isaac Kinder
David H. Locket
S. P. Loving
John I. McCluer
J. C. McCluer?
Jesse McClure
James McCoy
R. H. McEuin
Wm. F. McGee
W. N. McMurry
Milton H. Mills
Rheubin Mitchel
N. B. Mitchell
Pleasant Moore
Thomas Morris
Gideon Nance
C. G. Neal
A. C. Pierce
Wm. Ray
Wm. A. Sanderson
Wm. A. Saunders
Samuel Sealy
E. A. Shoults
R. F. Shoults
G. D. Smith
R. W. Tannahill
Edward S. Terril
N. B. Thomas
James H. Thomas
W. A. Thrasher
W. B. Tucker
Wm. C. Turner
James Ventioner (Jun)
David Wiggins
Felix Willie
Jacob Willie
James Wilson
Harrod Wright
Pendleton Zeilor?

State of Texas -- County of Tarrant -- This day personally came before me the undersigned a justice of the Peace for Tarrant County Charles Turner Captain of the Tarrant County Hussars who being duly sworn says that the foregoing is a correct list of the membership of his co. Officers and privates at this date and that said Company was organized at Fort Worth and belongs to the arm of service known as mounted Infantry. Charles Turner - Captain, Tarrant County Hussars. Sworn and subscribed before me this 18th day of July 1861 R. W. Tannahill, J.P., Tarrant County

[on jacket: "Muster Roll of the Tarrant Co. Hussars, Tarrant Co., 20th Brigade, T.M., Chas Turner, Capt, filed for Record, ***26th ** ****, Cmd Sept 23.61"]

[Also on original: "State of Texas, Tarrant County, _. G. Nancy Clerk of the county of Tarrant County do certify tht the within and foregoing *ust***ment of writing has been duly Recorded in my office at Fort Worth in Deed Book 36, Page 163 & *** the day and date hereof. Witness my hand and Seal of office this the 27th day of July AD 1861. [signed] _. Nance, Clk"

This Muster Roll of the Tarrant Co. Hussars
is shared with us by
Caron Withers
who is a descendant of Charles Turner.


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