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1850 Census of Tarrant County

Transcribed by Lyndon Bradshaw
from microfilm #024889

Every effort was made to accurately duplicate the information found on the filmed copy of the census. After transcription, the record was checked by another person and then compared to other records of the time to try to be sure of the accuracy of this presentation of the 1850 census for Tarrant Co., Texas.

The correct interpretation of some questionable letters were unable to be resolved. The census taker's handwriting made it difficult to determine capital "G" and "J" with certainty. Capital "T", "F" and "P" were also difficult and may have been misinterpreted. If you discover a name that you feel could be your ancestor, it is recommended that you obtain a copy of the original so that you may determine for yourself what that census taker entered in his enumeration.

It will be helpful to read The Confusing 1850 Census of Navarro District, Texas for a better understanding of county residents and boundary lines at that time.

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There is a separate index of soldiers and other persons who resided in the military outpost called Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Index

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There are 16 pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

















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Index to the 1850 Tarrant County Census
Ackers, George
Allen, Jesse G.
Allen, Jesse G.
Allen, Permelia
Allen, Richard F.
Anderson, A. W.
Anderson, Joseph
Arnold, Major R. A.

Baker, James M.
Barcroft, Daniel
Barcroft, Thomas L.
Barnard, Abraham
Baugh, Jane
Bennett, Hamilton
Bernard, Chas. H.
Bernard, Thomas
Blackwell, Hyram
Bondston, Jacob
Boydeton, Jos.
Bricht, Jacob
Brinson, M. J.
Burford, William J.
Burks, Simeon

Calaway, Thomas H.
Conley, Cornelius
Conner, Joseph W.
Conner, Wm. D.
Cotrel, G.W.
Crowley, Benj. F.
Crowley, Isham
Crowley, Richard

Daggett, H. C.
Davis, Joseph
Durham, Abby Ella
Durrett, Geo. W.

Easter, Thomas
Edward, Carol M.
Edward, Lemuel
Elliot, Sanders
Elliston, John W.
Elliston, Mortimore
Everand, Patrick

Farmer, Geo. P.
Finger, Louis
Fogg, William A.
Foster, Benjamin J.
Foster, Dosha Ann
Foster, Susanna
Franklin, Levi
Freeman, Alphonso
Freeman, John A.
Freeman, Saml.
Freshour, John

Gibson, Jesse
Gibson, Nancy
Gibson, Robert W.
Gillmore, Seburn
Goodman, James J.
Goodwin, Micajah
Ground, Robert

Halford, James P.
Hall, Little B.
Hall, William W.
Harper, James W.
Helms, Thomas R.
Holland, James
Holman, William F.
Hood, Thomas M.
Howerton, F. M.
Howerton, Jane L.
Howerton, Jeremiah
Howerton, Mary
Howerton, Simeon A.
Hust, John A.
Hutton, Vincent J.

Irving, Mathias L.
Johnson, M. T.
Johnson, Mary
Jordan, Francis

Keneday, John

Lane, James W.
Leonard, Archibald F.
Linch, John
Little, Edmund
Little, Wm
Lowe, Isaac W.
Lowe, William C.

Mahan, Thomas
Mark, Enis
Marlow, Absalom
Marlow, Berry
McComb, Joshua M.
Mercer, Fane
Millsapp, John
Mitchell, David
Mooneyham, Js. J.
Moore, Hester
Mullekin, Felix G.

Neill, J.
Newton, Anderson
Norton, Danl. E.

Parker, Josiah R.
Porter, James F.

Rickets, David M.
Robertson, William M.
Robinson, Archibald
Rogers, Elijah
Rogers,Walling A.

Schoonover, E.
Smith, Hans
Smith, Robert A.
Standifer, J. M.
Stout, Peter
Suggs, Henry

Tanihill, David R.
Tensley, Lewis G.
Terrel, Edmund
Thomas, Jacob
Throop, Hannah
Throop, Lucinda

Walker, Terry F.
White, John
White, Thomas
Wingfield, John G.
Woolford, Jacob
Worthington, Richard

York, John B.


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