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The Mansfield Cemetery is divided into several sections, and the burials are recorded by section. For ease of searching, each section has been sorted alphabetically. The various Blessing sections comprise two basic sections, that which was intended for family burial and that which was land once owned by T. E. Blessing. The cemetery is located within the Mansfield city limits, south on Main Street, turn right on FM 917, and right on Burl Ray Drive. It was surveyed in the 1980s by Beth Harrison Canright, Beryl Steele Gibson, Juanita Allmon McVean, Opal Allmon, and Elna Watson Hall. It is known that some family information that is not inscribed on the stones has been added, but it is not known which is added information and which is actually on the stones. In some cases, this information is extensive enough to indicate footnoting. It is also known that information for certain unmarked graves has been obtained from other sources. The researcher will want to also look at the "unknowns" as some of them may provide clues from their locations in the cemetery. This survey was published in 1986 by the Mansfield Historical Society, and is used here by permission. Transcribed by Margaret R. Bates.


T. E. Blessing Section - South

T. E. Blessing Section - North

T. E. Blessing Section - East

Bratton Family Section

Cumberland Presbyterian Section - South

Cumberland Presbyterian Section - North

Garden of Memories Section

Black or Colored Cemetery

Information on Unmarked Graves

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