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  Bridge to the Past 


Bridge to the Past: Texas Cemetery Visitation Days are legislatively mandated for the first Sundays in April and October. This is the story on how Visitation Day came about.

The next Visitation Day in 2017 is on Sunday, 1 October.

Property Owners' Guidelines

  • Visitation Day extends from 9am until 6pm. Please unlock your property for visiting descendants by 9am. If you can"t be present by 9am, please post instructions on how to access the property at the public street entrance for visiting families.
  • For visibility, post signage at the public street access to your property. With this signage please post your name or the name of your representative, and how to contact you. Also, you can state any special considerations or conditions for your visitors to observe. If possible, you can also make several copies of these standard guidelines available to visitors.
  • By law, descendants have the right to ornamate and decorate the grave site as they see fit. This may include (but is not limited to) flowers, clean-up of the site, erecting tombstones, or even a fence to prevent livestock from entering the grave site. We hope that you might consider allowing extended visitation privileges for major improvements to the site.
  • You can lock up your property at 6pm, after the guests have left. STC appreciates your allowance of access to your property. We encourage visitors to respect this privilege.

Visitors' Guidelines

  • Access by family members is limited to the hours of 9am until 6pm on Visitation Day. You may make additional arrangements with the property owner only if the parties are amenable.
  • Access is limited to the burial site and the route to it. Please respect the privacy of the owners and their land.
  • Please leave by 6pm, and leave the cemetery as neat as when you arrived. Leave no improvements or ornamentation that contradict the property owner's stated wishes.

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