The Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery Association  

The cemetery is an Official Historic Texas Cemetery as designated by The Texas Historical Commission, The State Agency for Historic Preservation.     It received this status September 10, 1999.   Shiloh McCutcheon Cemetery is located near Hutto in Williamson County, Texas. 

On November 7, 2009 the Texas Historic Cemetery Marker was dedicated.  Follow this link to watch the proceedings.  


The Shiloh McCutcheon Cemetery Association meets annually on the 4th Saturday of April.  Dues are $25.00 per person and $50.00 per family.  All of the dues are used in the upkeep of the cemetery.   The association is tax exempt, non profit 501(c)(13). 

 The burials in the cemetery have been documented in the past.  One such documentation was recorded in 1977 by Mr. and Mrs. Emery Blackman.  At that time only the years of birth and death were recorded.  The work done by those researchers is reported here as the first set of entries (pages 2 through 5). The second set of entries were made during 1999 & 2000 in an effort to document the complete dates and stones as they now appear begin on page 6.  The inventory of graves is ongoing with an attempt to verify the information on the pages below.  

Blackman Pages

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Revised Pages

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Websites of interest

Hutto Cemetery

Kuykendall Family

McCutcheon Family Reunion

Williamson County 

 To access the photos of the stones that were vandalized, please click on the link below.  These photos were taken March 3, 2007.The damaged stones were repaired.

Photos of Vandalized Stones

To access photos and other items of interest regarding the cemetery, click on this link: 


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