SouthEast Texas Genealogical & Historical Society

As a member of the SETGHS, we are encouraged to submit a five generation Ancestor Chart for publication in the Yellowed Pages.  This allows other researchers to contact us so that we may share our research with one another.  Many members are now using the internet and email as a means of searching for their ancestors.   In order to help our online membership with their research, we are listing the surnames they have presented and their email addresses so that they can be contacted by other researchers.  If you see any common surnames, please contact that individual!!  I know they will enjoy hearing from you.

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What they dreamed, we live - what they lived, we dream.

In order to present as much information as possible about the surnames presented here, links to notable websites for that surname are included with our membership surname list.  Just click on the highlighted surname and it will take you to the site.  Use your back button on your browser to bring you back to the SETGHS pages to continue your research with us.  Please bear in mind that the information found on these pages needs to be confirmed with the surname provider and is not to be taken as fact until it is proven.

This is just a start.  This list will continue to grow so please check back often!

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