Historical Books by Scurry County Authors

If you know of other books send me the names and I will add it to this list.

Deep Creek Merchant: The Story of William Henry "Pete" Snyder by Charles G. Anderson, 7x11, 249 pages, Pete Snyder operated the trading post on Deep Creek from which the town of Snyder took its name. Order from the author at 2903 32nd Street, Snyder TX 79549.

Footprints Across Scurry County 1884-1984 reprinted by The Scurry County (TX) Historical Commission. Over 1100 families wrote their family histories for the book. Also included are histories of how the county was settled, "first families" of the county, various schools and churches in the vicinity, etc.

Historical Markers in Scurry County, Texas. Published by the Scurry County Historical Commission. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 146 pages, Inscriptions of the 54 Historical Markers in the county plus numerous photographs. Order from the Historical Commission at 2706 28th Street, Snyder TX 79549.

In Search of the Buffalo: The Story of J. Wright Mooar by Charles G. Anderson. 6x9, 145 pages. Mooar, a successful buffalo hunter, killed a rare white buffalo, near Snyder, Texas in 1876. A statue of the buffalo now stands on the corner of Snyder's courthouse square. Order from the author at 2903 32nd Street, Snyder, TX 79549.

Pioneer Profiles by Jean Littlepage Everett. Profiles of ordinary men and women who exemplified extraordinary qualities and courage in Scurry County's development. 8 1/2 x 11 1/2, Order from the author at 6961 Round Top Road, Snyder, TX 79549.

Reflections: An Album of West Texas History, 1840-1990 by Charles G. Anderson. 9 x 11, 496 pages. Photographs with captions, concentrating on Scurry County. Order from the author at 2903 32nd Street, Snyder, TX 79549.

Snyder Scrapbook: Hide Town to Boom Town by Aline Whitby Parks. 6x9, 184 pages. Vignettes of Snyder's history. Snyder developed from a buffalo hunter's trading post to a major oil boom town in 1948. Scrapbook published in 1998 as Snyder observed the 50th anniversary of that boom. Order from the author at 2610 36th Street, Snyder, TX 79549.

Snyder Showplaces by Aline Whitby Parks. 121 pages. The Scurry County Historical Commission has just published a new book covering some of the older, interesting homes in Snyder, TX. The articles about the houses included in this book appeared in The Snyder Daily News in 1994 and 1995, prepared for the Scurry County Hisorical Commission to help make readers acquainted with a part of local history.

The Coming West: True Stories of Trails Grown Dim. Edited by Aline Whitby Parks. 6x9, 280 pages, concentrates on ranching history of Scurry, Borden, Garza and Fisher counties in West Texas. Originally compiled in 1975 from articles prepared by various writers. Published as hardback book in 1995. Order from Aline Parks at 2610 36th Street, Snyder, TX 79549.

A History of Scurry County Postal Services by Duffy Wilks, Ed.D. 130 pages. Features names and pictures of Scurry County post offices, mail boxes and postal employees. Hardback. $18. Order from Deep Creek Hills Press, Dunn, TX 79516.

Postroads to Scurry County, Texas by Duffy Wilks, Ed.D. 180 pages. History of U.S., Confederate, Republic of Texas and Scurry County postal services. Hardback, $40. Order from Deep Creek Hills Press, Dunn, TX 79516.

Fiction: Yarns from the Banks of Deep Creek by Yvonne Nunn. A history of a long-time Scurry County family presented as a collection of short stories. Hardback. $16. Order from the author at Deep Creek Hills Press, Dunn, TX 79516.

Life on the Texas Frontier by Captain John M. Elkins. A reprint of a book written in 1908. Some of the experiences related in the book occurred in Scurry County. The book is available at the Scurry County Museum.

Starting from Pyron by Jane Gilmore Rushing. 160 pages. Stories of Pyron Texas. The book is available from Amazon.

By Photographs by Billie Roche Barnard

Last Updated: 7 Jun 2012