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Neugebauer – Est. by 1869 (Comal County??)

Location: across Spring Branch Rd from Kretzer Cemetery
Published: Our Heritage Vol 18:3 (1977)
Notes: 5 graves marked, 8 unmarked a/o 1977.


Oak Island Methodist Church – Est. 1872

Location: W of Jett Rd. at De Vilbiss Lane & South Loop 1604 West
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 749-B1
N29°13.790  W098°33.774
About 620 marked graves as of 21 Oct. 2000


Oak Wood – See Saints Oakwood


Oakley – Est: by 1868

Location: S on I-37 to Hardy Rd exit (#120); turn west (right) on Hardy. The cemetery is 0.1
    of a mile from the I-37 access road and is marked with a sign.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Texas, Volume 2 (2000).
Maps: Ferguson-784-A6
Notes: 143 graves as of Feb. 1998. 2.061 acres.


Oblate – Est. 1932

Location: off 5900 block of Blanco Rd
Records/Contact: Interrment records located in Main Building; contact person Martha Santillan,
    285 Oblate Drive, San Antonio 78216
Surveyed: 26 July 1997-Patricia McCrory
Notes: Established as central province cemetery for the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate
    and as a place to reinter the bodies of pioneer Oblates. About 150 graves as of 1997.

Obst – Est 1882
Location: Obst Rd & Borgfeld Rd on Kincher property???
Notes: five graves; three of them marked; oldest 1882.

  Odd Fellows (Grand United Order of Odd Fellows) -- est 1889


Location: “Eastside Cemetery Complex,” on the southeast corner of Montana and S. New Braunfels,
    in the block containing City Cemetery #3
Published: Six Historical “Colored People’s” Cemeteries.
Notes:  Established by two African-American lodges: San Antonio Lodge #1522 & Alamo Lodge #2142.


Our Lady of Charity Sisters

Location: 1900 Montana, at Grimes.


Our Lady of Guadalupe -- see Helotes Catholic Cemetery

Our Lady of the Lake Convent -- est:

Location: 515 SW 24th St.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Selma #1

Location: On Old Austin Road, about 0.15 of a  mile from its south intersection with
    the Interstate 35 southbound frontage road
Maps: Ferguson 520-B7
Records/Contact: Church parish administrator, (210) 651-6615
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Texas, Volume 2 (2000).
Notes: About 500 identifiable graves, earliest 1897, some graves without identifiable markers.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Selma #2 - Est. about 1950

Location: Adjacent to the church at 16075 N. Evans Road, Selma
Records/Contact: Church parish administrator,(210) 651-6615.


Panteon de Guadalupe

Location: In Converse on the north side of Upper Seguin Road immediately west of its Y intersection with 1516.
Surveyed: 24 Jan, 1998 by Janey Joyce.
Maps: SDHPS-I; F-586
Notes: In good condition Jan. 1998; several hundred graves, earliest appears to be 1926.
    Separate section for children. Many concrete grave markers have deteriorated, are difficult
    or impossible to read. Still active.


Paso de los Garza – Est. by 1883

Location: Can be reached by walking on private property about 0.3 of a mile on a dirt path that extends from the end of the driveway between 13991 and 13993 Somerset Rd.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 714-B2
GPS: N29°16.834  W098°36.651
Notes: One of the burying places for members of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, which was replaced by Sacred Heart Church, Van Ormy.  About 20 marked graves as of October 2005; many unmarked graves or graves with illegible markers

 Perrin -- est 1871


Location: Behind the Climate Control Storage building at 9501 Perrin Beitel.  Access provided from the
     company’s office at 9423 Perrin Beitel.
Map: Mapsco 552-C6
GPS Coordinates: North 29̊ 31.589’; West 098̊ 24.743’
Contact: Ray or Fay Boutwell, 655-6640
Published:  Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Notes: Originally located on the family farm of Alphonse W. and Nina (Carr) Perrin.



Poor Cemetery – Est. by 1853

Location: Once on the south side of the San Antonio River, west of San Jose Mission.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Notes: Those interred in this small family cemetery were moved to the Confederate Cemetery in the late 1930s.


Bexar County Poor Farm (old) – Est. ca 1863

Location: At Jones & Mulberry.  
Published:  Some information about people buried there taken from interment records was published in the
    Feb. 12, 1911 edition of the San Antonio Light and republished in Our Heritage, Vol. 45, Nos. 1
    & 2 (Fall 2003 & Winter 2003-2004) page 21.
Notes: About 2,500 bodies buried there were disinterred about 1914 – after the county opened a new Poor
    Farm – and moved to City Cemetery #7, which was established by purchasing the southeast
    corner of Pittman Sullivan Park, located on Nevada Street between New Braunfels and Palmetto.
    In the early 1940s, a portion of City Cemetery #7 was sold to St. Gerard Catholic Church.  The
    church began construction of St. Gerard High School in about 1946, and a great hullabaloo arose
    when excavation for the foundation unearthed many human bones.  The bones were gathered up,
    placed into a box and moved to an as yet unidentified place.  The general belief is that the high
    school’s football field rests atop the remains of many of the Poor Farm Cemetery’s inmates. 

Prasch (?)


Location: Cibolo Creek on Bexar County Side???
Surveyed: Comal County Genealogical Society Cemetery Committee, 1993.
Notes: Graves of three children who all died in 1897.


Protestant/Evangelical Home for the Aged – Est. by 1912

Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Notes: Originally Protestant Home for the Aged; San Antonio, later Evangelical Home for the Aged. Later became Eden Evangelical Home for the Aged and moved to New Braunfels. Burials 1912-1952; bodies reinterred 631 Lakeview, New Braunfels; memorial plaque only with 40 names.


Pyron ???

  Rambie Grove – Est. by 1875

Location: In the Senior community, on Hickman Road, about 0.4 miles south of Hickman’s intersection with Smith Road.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco-747-E6
N29°11.67  W098°38.161
Notes: 1.6 acres (BCAD); divided into sections by several families; about 160 legible gravestonesas of 2001.



Rambie-Lewis (@Aaron Rambie) – Est. 1862

Location: On Heickman/Smith Road, a few yards east of Heickman Cemetery.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: Ferguson-747C6
Notes: Originally was four acres deeded for a German Methodist Church and cemetery around 1862,
    according to Fount Rambie Jr. Some of the cemetery covered when Smith Road was widened;
    the rest has deteriorated over the years. Now all that is visible is a small area enclosed by a chain
    link fence; that contains 3 graves w/readable stones although a larger area is still deeded as a cemetery.
    Has a Texas Historical Marker.


Real Cemetery – Est: by 1901

Location: abt 1 mile off FM 78 past Woodlake golf course, in a field
Published: Our Heritage Vol 25:36 (1984)
Notes: 12 graves w/markers a/o 1984.



Location: On Evans Rd., go to Gardenridge Products sign, turn right towards Gardenridge, take left fork. Gate to cemetery is always locked.  If you have owners’ permission, go past the locked gate for about 2 blocks and then turn left. Two graves under a large oak tree enclosed by a wrought iron fence.
Notes: Graves of Wilhelm Reichmuth – Apr 30 1831-Feb 5, 1890 and Helene Reichmuth – Sep 14, 1838-Dec 12, 1889.


Rest Haven Memorial Park (?) -- est: 

Location: 0 Deep Haven Dr. (BCAD)
Maps: SDHPT-F; F-520B6;
Notes: 4.3118 acres (BCAP)


Rittimann -- see Grote Cemetery

Robles (?) -- see Menchaca-Robles

Rodfei Shalom – Est. 1910-1915

Location: 701 Division
Records/Contact: Cemetery Committee Chmn.: Bernard Shaenfield-(210) 492-9562
Published: Texas Jewish Burials (1997)
Maps: Ferguson-650B3
Notes: 568 persons buried there as of Oct. 23, 1997. 4.3118 acres (BCAD)


Roselawn - see San Fernando Cemetery #3


   Ruiz Grave. – Est by 1919

Location:.In the front yard of the house at the southwest corner of Hwy. 181 and Adkins-Elmendorf Rd.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 720-C3
GPS: N29°16.421  W098°19.151
Notes: Two graves as of April 2005, one marked with a concrete cross with no information upon it.


Ruiz/Herrera – Est. 1840

Location: May be reached via an unpaved lane off of Quesenberry Rd.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 714-B3
N29°16.339  W098°36.669
Notes: One of the burying places for members of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, which was replaced by Sacred Heart Church, Van Ormy.  Has a Texas Historical Marker.  About 370 marked graves as of July 2005. 

St. Anthony Catholic Church
Est. about 1922

Location: On Kilowatt Rd in Elmendorf, just northeast of Kilowatt’s intersection with FM 327
Abstracted: November, December 2005
Map: Mapsco 720-B5
GPS: N29°15.554  W098°19.789
Notes: About 620 marked graves as of 2005

St. Anthony of Padua -- See Missionary Servants of St. Anthony.

St. Hedwig – Est. by 1881

Location: St. Hedwig; on Adkins-St. Hedwig Rd., about 0.8 of a mile south of the road’s intersection with FM 1346
Abstracted: September, October, 2005
Map: Mapsco 622-E7
GPS: N29°24.653  W098°12.879
Notes: A final resting place for African-Americans.  About 68 marked graves as of 2005, some unmarked graves and illegible markers.

St. Hedwig Catholic Church – See Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church


St. Jerome Catholic -- est:

Location: Northwest corner of the intersection of FM 1516 and Real Road; entrance on Real Road
Records/Contact: Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio
Surveyed: 26 Feb. 1998, Beth Forsen & Janey Joyce
Maps: SDHPT-M; F-620A7
Notes: well-maintained in 1998, 200-300 marked graves; 2.66 acres (BCAD).


St. John's Lutheran (old) & Emmanuel German Lutheran  -- est:

Location: E half of block bounded by Center, Potomac, Monumental & Palmetto
Records/Contact: computerized at St. John's
Notes: consolidated in 1926, abt 2,400 graves w/markers total, earliest 1860.


St. Joseph's Catholic Church – Est. by 1865

Location: W half of block bounded by Monumental, Potomac, Palmetto & Center
Notes: abt 1,000 graves w/markers, earliest 1865; active in 1997.


St. Joseph's Catholic Society -- est: 1889

Location: In "Eastside Cemeteries Complex": East third of block bounded by Commerce, Montana,
    N Braunfels, & Palmetto
Published: "St. Joseph's Society Cemetery," Polly Grona Sheridan (78 pages, including 16 pages
    of photos-2000). Also published, without photos, in "Bexar County, Texas, Cemeteries, Volume 2" (2000)
Notes: 1,300 graves w/markers in 1999, active.


St Luke's Catholic Chuch

Location: 281-S, E at 536 to Bar S Ranch, left at Dual Rd to cemetery on left.


St Mary's Catholic Church -- est: 1884

Location: block bounded by Palmetto, Wyoming, St. Anthony & Dakota
Notes: abt 1,250 graves w/markers, earliest 1870, active in 1997.


St. Mary's -- est: by 1904

Location: 19559 Benton City Rd (BCAD). Entrance on Bexar Road just west of its intersection
    with Benton City Road; across from Saint Patrick Cemetery
Records: St. Mary’s Catholic Church-1-830-429; no interment records before 1975.
Published: Los Bexaranos-Vol 1:139-140 (1984)
Maps: SDHPT-O, Ferguson-746E1
Notes: Cemetery managed by St. Mary’s Church, Somerset; abt 51 graves w/markers
    a/o Dec. 1984, earliest 1905. Well maintained & in good condition a/o July 1997. 3 acres (BCAD).


St. Michael's Catholic (Polish)  -- est: 1877

Location: part of block bounded by Monumental, Center, Palmetto & Paso Hondo
Notes: abt 300 graves w/markers, earliest 1856, active in 1997.


St. Patrick (San Patricio, La Colorado) -- est: by 1883

Location: entrance on Benton City Road just south of its intersection w/Bexar Road. From
    Somerset, go W about 1 mile on 2790 to Kinney/Benton City Road and turn right.
    The cemetery is about 0.4 M from 2790.
Records/Contact: C-St. Mary’s Church-1-830-429; no interment records before 1975.
Surveyed/Abstracted/Published: A&P-LB 1:131-138 1984. S-July 24, 1997 by Beth Forsen & Janey Joyce
Maps: SDHPT-O; Ferguson-746
Notes: Managed by St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Somerset. Well maintained a/o July 1997.
    Several hundred graves, some would need rubbing. Earliest grave spotted was of John Malone,
    1841- 1883, Texas Mid Vols CSA. Had about 320 graves w/markers a/o 1984.

St. Paulus Evangelistic Lutheran Church – Est. 1906
Location: S side Cibolo Creek off Obst Rd, which is between 281-N & Blanco Rd
Records: St. Paul Lutheran Church 29797 Hwy 281-N, Bulverde, 78163-3108 (830) 980-2813; Irene Scholz (830) 438-2323
Published: Our Heritage-Vol 24:108-110 (1983); Lest We Forget (1989); Records updated 1993
    by Comal County Genealogical Society Cemetery Committee
Maps: SDHPT-B; F-416 or 417
Notes: Abt 300 graves w/markers a/o 1993.


St. Peter Claver - Catholic – Est. 1899


Location: On Montana Street, in block bounded by S. New Braunfels, Wyoming, Palmetto & Montana, west of
     St. Elmo Lodge Cemetery, northeast section of block containing  City Cemetery #3
Published: Six Historical “Colored People’s” Cemeteries.
Notes: abt 126 graves w/markers; burial place for African-Americans.

St. Teresa

Location: Unknown (BCAD)


Saints Oakwood – Est. by 1890

Location: On South Jett Rd., about 3.8 miles south of Loop 1604.
Map: Mapsco 749-A4
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
GPS: N29°12.836  W098°34.439
Notes: 53 marked graves as of April 2005

Salado (@Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery at Salado)
-- est: by 1882

Location: On the east side of Perrin Beitel Road between Clear Spring Drive and Desert View.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-I; Ferguson-552C6
Notes: Established by group of Lutherans, land given by Steinbring family. Not affiliated with a
    church. 190 graves w/markers a/o March 1998. Still active.


Salem -- est after 1886:

Location: on Loop 106, about 0.3 miles west of Sayers and the intersection of 106 with 1628.
Records/Contact: Richard Travis-649-2361, pres. of the Cemetery Ass’n; Rebecca Travis-649-2290,
    did history, has info.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-M; Ferguson-655A4
Note: Originally established as the Salem-Sayers Baptist Church. Cemetery. In 1950, the church
    relinquished its ownership and turned it over the people who had family buried there, who organized
    a cemetery association. Oldest marked grave dated 1893. 670 graves as of May 1998; still active.


San Antonio City
Location: 0 Cemetery (BCAD)
Map: F-683D4 (same quadrant as Espada)
Note: 0.012 acres (BCAD)


 San Antonio Masonic Lodge #1 -- See “Colored People’s” Cemetery


San Antonio National – Est. 1867

Location: W half of block bounded by Monumental, Center, Palmetto & Paso Hondo
Notes: abt 3,000 graves w/markers, earliest 1849 (soldiers originally buried at frontier forts reinterred here in late 1800s); active.


San Fernando #1 – Est. 1751

Location: 1100 N. Colorado, San Antonio
Records/Contact: (210) 432-2303
Published: Book published 1993 by LBGS. Both SAGHS Library and San Antonio Public Library have copies
Notes: Owned by Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio; number of burials unknown.


San Fernando #2 -- est: 1922

Location: 746 Castroville, San Antonio
Records/Contact: (210)-432-2303
Notes: Owned by Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio; 100,825 burials a/o 30 Oct. 1997.


San Fernando #3 (@Roselawn) -- est: 1915

Location: 2500 Frio City, San Antonio
Records/Contact: (210) 432-2364
Notes: Owned by Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio, 37,726 burials a/o Nov. 3, 1997.


San Isidro Cemetery (@San Ysidro) – Est by 1910
Location: SW corner Shepherd and Ladd Rds
Records/Contact: San Manuel Assoc., P.O. Box 12, Macdona ,TX 78054
Maps: SDHPT-O; F-677
Notes: About 250 graves; earliest appears to be 1910. Well maintained; still active.


San Jose Burial Park -- est: 1923

Location: 8235 Mission Rd
Records: On paper in office – (210) 923-0272
Notes: owned by the City of San Antonio.


San Jose Mission -- est:
Location: 310 E. Pyron, between Curtis & Quintard.
Contact: T. Guerrero – 532-3247
Surveyed: 2/26/98 by Beth Forsen & Janey Joyce
Maps: SDHPT-L; F-650F6
Notes: Mrs. Guerrero says the cemetery is a neigborhood or community cemetery that has been
    there since 1860 or 1870. She know of no records and says that she understands it is not owned
    by San Jose Mission and said it certainly is not being maintained by the mission. The responsibility
    for the cemetery was turned over to her in about 1990 by the elderly man who had been keeping
    an eye on it before then, she said.  1.026 acres (BCAD).


San Juan -- may have been established by 1860
Location: On the west side of Graf Street between S. Presa and the S.P. Railroad tracks
Contact: Rebecca Montez Stuart-337-5154; Vita Navarra-533-1556; Sally Plant Ramirez-534-8738
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-M; Ferguson-683D2
Note: Community cemetery, land was given long ago said Vita Navarra, who has been involved
    with the cemetery for years. The cemetery us fenced and usually the gate is locked. Mickey
    Gillian, one of those who mapped the cemetery and abstracted the information from the gravestones,
    said he believes the cemetery was established as early as 1850. 300 marked graves; many unmarked graves.


San Lorenzo -- est:
Location: 11210 Stuart Rd, E of Calavaras Lake.
Maps: SDHPT-Q; F-686F5
Notes: 1.74 acres (BCAD).


San Manuel -- See San Isidro Cemetery


San Martin Aguilar & Order Caballeros de America


Location: 14134 Stuart Road, S of 1604-S, just N of Kosub Lane
Owner: Mutualista Guadalupana Society
Maps: SDHPT-Q; F-721A2

San Miguel de Aguayo ???


San Patricio – Same as St. Patrick San Pedro - est


Location: Converse, catty-corner from Hermann Sons Cemetery where 78 & 1516 meet

San Ramon

Location: On the east side of Hunt Lane, about 0.2 of a mile south of Hunt’s intersection with Marbach Rd.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 613-B7
N29°24.804  W098°39.774
Notes: On what was the farm of Alcadio and Refugio Muniz Hernandez; about 50 marked graves and many unmarked graves as of April 2005.


Saucedo (?)
Location: Hwy 181-S just past 1604 at Bexar/Wilson County line (?)


Schmid-Geier -- est: by 1880


Location: Universal City golf course between the 12th & 13th fairways
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 2 (2000)
Notes: No signs of the cemetery remains. Six of its graves have been identified.


   Schroeder – Est by 1900

Location:.In Cool Crest Subdivision on Eucalyptus Street, about 0.2 of a mile from its intersection with Grosenbacher Rd.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 611-D5
GPS: N29°25.467  W098°44.008
Notes: On land once owned by August and Bertha H. Bongers Schroeder.   Six marked graves; several unmarked graves as of June 2005

– Est. by 1907

Location: On east side of Wetmore Rd across Wetmore from where Ridge Country Road
    intersects with Wetmore. A roughly graveled private road to the east crosses MP RR tracks
    and leads to the cemetery gates, which are locked.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-I; Ferguson-552A2
Notes: Established by Leopold and Johanne Schulmeier on what was then their ranch. 24 graves w/markers.


Selma Catholic (?) -- see Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Senior Community -- See Rambie Grove

Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Est. abt 1945
Location: 5922 Blanco Road, S.A. 17816
Records/Contact: (210) 344-4805
Surveyed: 22 Sept. 1997-Patricia McCrory
Maps: SDHPT-H; F-582
Notes: 33 sisters buried there a/o Sept. 1997; have copy of interment records.


   Shely – Est by 1916

Location:.In a field on private property on a slight hill about 0.2 miles sould of Hardy Rd. and about 0.2 miles east of the San Antonio Water System plant.
Abstracted: December 2005
Map: Mapsco 785-A5
GPS: N29°08.703  W098°23.363
Notes: Four marked graves.

Shertz Cemetery -- est by 1912


Location: Across from an Randolph Air Force Base gate just inside the city limits of Shertz, on the north side of 1518, about a mile south of its intersection with 78..
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 555-D4
GPS: N29°32.517  W098°15.768
Notes: About 25 legible markers as of April 2005 and in very poor condition.  The city of Shertz does not own this cemetery.


Socieda  -- See Wildflower Memorial Park

Society of Mary Cemetery -- est: 1908

Location: St. Mary's University campus - 1 Camino Santa Maria. Can be seen from the street
    as you enter St. Mary’s University
Records/Contact: Bro. Wm. Hamm (210) 436-3234/3765, 520 Fordham Ave., San Antonio 78228-4821
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-H; Ferguson 615B1
Notes: First burial in 1908 but 10 Marionist brothers who had been originally buried in San Fernando
    Cemetery were reinterred in the cemetery shortly after the first burial. As of 1997 were 141 graves;
    3 of laymen; and one empty grave for a novice who died in San Antonio in 1853 and whose grave
    has never been located.


Somerset Baptist -- See Bexar Cemetery

Somerset City -- See Bexar Cemetery

Southern Memorial Parks, Inc. – Est. 1922

Location: 3530 Roland Ave.
Records: (210) 333-7071 – records on paper
Maps: SDHPT-M; F:652


Southton – Est. by 1926

Location: Can be reached via an unpaved lane that begins on Southton Rd. at a power pole marked R4841 about 2 miles west of I-37.  Take the lane about 396 feet and then turn right into another lane, which will end at the cemetery.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 684-B7
N29°18.063  W098°25.362
Notes: 16 legible marked graves as of April 2005.

Stapper -- est: by 1857

Location: on Walrath east of Trainer-Hale Rd
Records: Stapper Family Cem. Ass’n Pres: Roman Fenske, 36 Toehnert Rd. Boerne, TX 78006.
    C-Ass’n Treas. Erwin Real-830-420-2752.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-J; Ferguson-588F1
Notes: Deeded as a family cemetery by W.T. Stapper in 1900, but burials began much earlier.
    Still active. 182 graves w/markers a/o 1992


Steinbring – See Salado Cemetery

Steubing -- See Tampke Cemetery

Sunset Memorial Park – Est. 1928

Location: 1701 Austin Hwy.
Records/Contact: (210) 828-2811; older records paper, later computer
Maps: SDHPT-I; F-584
Notes: 32,752 burials a/o 30 Oct. 1997.


Tampke – Est. by 1877:

Location: In Longs Ridge subdivision in undeveloped land between Twohill Pass and Tampke Park.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-F; Ferguson-518
Notes: Located on the former farm of Ludewig August Tampke. 32 graves as of September 1998.


Temple Beth-El (old) – Est. 1855

Location: E half block bounded by Potomac, Crockett, Monumental, Palmetto
Records: on paper at temple; 211 Belknap, 733-9135
Abstracted & Published: Texas Jewish Burials
Notes: abt 1,250 graves w/markers, still active.


Temple Beth El – Est. 1960

Location: 1715 Austin Hwy near Agudas Achim & Sunset Cemeteries
Records: on paper at temple, 211 Belknap, (210) 733-9135
Published: Texas Jewish Burials
Notes: 541 burials a/o 3 Nov. 1997.


Toepperwein -- est: 1870

Location: In The Dominion at the end of champions Lane, just west of Links Green.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 480-A3
N29°39.704  W098°37.347
Notes: Six marked graves inside a fenced area; one outside, as of March 2005


Trevino, C.T. – Est. by 1918

Location: SE Bexar Cty on Old Corpus Christi Rd near the Borrego Cemetery on left, short
    distance past Donop Rd, going S bet Donop and SP tracks
Published: Los Bexaranos-Vol 4:15-16 (1987)
Maps: F-720
Notes: Abt 41 graves w/markers a/o 1987.


Tripp -- Est:

Location: West of Macdona in the middle of a field that is located on private road that is near
    the intersection of Shepherd Road and Macdona-Lacosta Roadn north of Macdona-Lacosta
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: Ferguson 677F3
Notes: Owned by James Gates, veternarian; four graves, earliest 1885; understand other graves
    moved to other locations. Full of weeds in April 1998.


Uecker – Est. by 1889

Location: Country Place Subdivision, E of 281 near Comal County line
Surveyed: Comal County Genealogical Society Cemetery Committee, 1993
Maps: SDHPT-C; F-451
Notes: three graves.


Universal City -- Est by 1890

Location: NE San Antonio on Aviation Blvd, about a half block west of Pat Booker Rd.;
    across the street from main Randolph AF Base main gate on opposite side of RR tracks
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries, Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: Ferguson 555A3
Notes: 4 graves w/markers.


United Brothers of Friendship  – Est. by 1989

Location: In City Cemetery #3
Notes: abt 400 graves w/markers, active. Burial place for African-Americans.



Location: 0 Galahad Dr. (BCAD)
Map: SDHPT-I; F584F1



Location: 4526 3 Sierra St. (BCAD)
Map: SDHPT-L; F-650E4



Location: 0 Applewhite Road(BCAD)
Map: SDHPT-P; F-715D5
Notes: 1 acre (BCAD)



Location: 5457 Smith Road (BCAD)
Map: F-748B4
Notes: 0.4430 acre (BCAD)



Location: 5195 Smith Road (BCAD)
Map: SDHPT-R?; F-748C4
Notes: 2 acres (BCAD)



Location: 9635 Cemetery (BCAD)
Owner: Hector C. & Ramiro Valdez, P.O.Box 21580, SA 782210-0580
Map: F-683D4 (same quadrant as Espada)
Notes: 2.138 acres (BCAD)


Location: 9732 Cemetery (BCAD)
Owner: Hector C. & Ramiro Valdez, P.O.Box 21580, SA 782210-0580
Map: F-683D4 (same quadrant as Espada)
Notes: 0.11 acres (BCAD)


Van Raub Community (?)

Location: on Dietz-Elkhorn Rd E of I-10 & Fredericksburg Rd.???
Notes: Attempts to locate this cemetery have been unsuccessful.


Villa del Carmen – Est 1813

Location: 18555 Leal Rd, at Losoya Rd
Contact: office (210) 626-2333; caretaker Adam Uriegas (210) 626-2057
Published: Burial records 1856-1925 translated and transcribed 1 July 1982 by John O. Leal
    (copy at San Antonio Public Library. Burial records & cemetery survey (1856-1900)
    published Los Bexananos-Vol 327, 151 (1986). Updated in 1998 by Fred Martinez,
    7422 Castle Crown, SA TX 78218
Notes: originally Villa de Medina, changed to Villa de Carmen, now Losoya. Established
    as burial place for the Spanish soldiers killed in the Battle of Medina (Aug. 18, 1813)
    Buried here are Tejano patriots of the Texas revolution such as Domingo Losoya and
    Emrique Esparza as well as many early San Antonio residents.


Walsh (?)

Location: Applewhite and Watson Rd off Old Palo Alta Rd ???


Wetmore Community – Est. 1886

Location: On Higgins Rd., 1.2 miles west of Higgin’s intersection with Nacogdoches.
Published: Cemeteries of Bexar County, Vol. 3 (2006)
Map: Mapsco 518-E7
GPS: N29°34.662  W098°24.040
Notes: 265 marked graves as of April 2005.


Wheeler – Est by 1897

Location: In a field on a ranch located on Evans Road about 0.85 of a mile northwest of Nacogdoches.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-F; Ferguson-520A2
Notes: six marked graves.


Wildflower Memorial Park
Location: West Bexar County on Pue Rd at Kriewald Road
Records/Contact: Old cemetery now owned by the Bernal family.
    Contact: Joanne Bernal 431-9840. No interrment records found
Surveyed/Published: S: March 1998, Bernal family trying to clean up; many grave markers
    without names; many in bad condition.
Maps: SDHPT-K; F-646
Notes: A 11 May 1996 S.A. Express News story says the cemetery has been on Bexar County
    tax exempt rolls as far back as records could be found under the name of La Sociedad Mutualista
    Cemeterio Mexicano. A 1988 TV program showed the cemetery with high weeds, dumped garbage
    and vandalized gravestones. In `1996, Jack Bernal, identified as a spokesman for the new corporate
    owner of the soon the be renamed Wildflower Cemetery, said the cemetery had been purchased by
    William Lowman of Tampa, FL, shortly after the TV program aired.


Williams see Barney Williams

Williams Graves -- 1972

Location: in Grey Forest; at the edge of the woods a few yards or so from where Park Drive
    dead ends at the gates of the Lee Ranch
Maps: Ferguson
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 2 (2000).
Notes: One gravestone w/two names as of Feb. 2000.

Woelfler (?)

Location: East of San Antonio on E side of Stuart Rd., a quarter mile from 1604 across
    from Calvaras Lake in a pasture?


Woodland -- est by 1898:
Location: Entrance to Woodland cemetery is via a lane that begins on the west side of Pleasanton
    about 0.1 of a mile north of Pleasanton’s intersection with 2537. In Feb. 1999 it was marked
    by a small "Cemetery" sign
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: Ferguson-716E6
Notes: Land for the Wooldand community cemetery was donated by William Henry Kerr.
    It was named Woodland Cemetery because it was then near the Woodland Church, although
    it never belonged to the church. 20 marked graves as of Feburary 1999.


Woodlawn Memorial Gardens (?)

Records/Contact: No telephone listing.


Zepeda -- See Cepeda/Zepeda Cemetery

Zion Lutheran

Location: Helotes, 9944 Leslie Rd, E of 1604 at Braun and Leslie
Records/Contact: (210) 688-3090


Zuehl Road (@Classen) – Est. by 1873

Location: Near Guadalupe County line in E Bexar County; turn S on Zuehl Road from
    Trainer-Hale Rd. then take the first driveway to the left. The cemetery will be on your left.
    This is private property and the property owner lives at the end of the drive.
Published: Bexar County Cemeteries-Vol 1 (1999)
Maps: SDHPT-J; Ferguson-589D4
Notes: Two different sections, each fenced; each containing two grave stones.

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