Stained Glass Window Panes
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Stained Glass Window Panes

Cathedral Stained Glass Studio in Austin, Texas was commissioned on August 28, 2003 to furnish four (4) stained glass panes, each approximately 24" x 24". The designs of four religious symbols and colors for glasses were chosen by Marian Nelson and approved by the RHA Board of Directors. The design is patterned after the window above the altar in the present Sacred Heart Church and represents the Trinity and the Eucharist. Jan and Ted Weiser, owners, assigned Laura Duckworth to do most of the art work; the painted and fired details and lead cameing.

The Rockne Historical Association installed the four stained glass window panes above the display of the old church altar in the Rockne Museum on November 7, 2004. Laura Duckworth of Austin, a fifth generation descendant of Philip Goertz, her mother, Jane Hellinger and grandfather, Charlie Goertz, made the event a family affair. Laura was a pro at using the skill saw to cut the molding that Bernard Probst had stained before hand. Bernard, perched high on scaffolding, deftly installed the panes with assistance from Laura.

The windows are beautiful with magnificent detail. The colors are vibrant but soft and attractive. We are thankful to Ted and Jan Weiser and Cathedral Stained Glass Studio for the precious gift of fine art. Special thanks go to Laura Duckworth for her interest in family history that prompted diligent work in making a contribution of outstanding quality.

On Saturday, December 4th the windows will be blessed and dedicated by Rev. Bernard C. Goertz, Msgr. Alois Goertz, and Rev. Kris Bugno.


The Stained Glass Windows arrive. Ted Weiser, Minnie Bartsch, Bernard Probst, Jan Weiser, Marian Nelson, Charlie Goertz, Laura Duckworth and Jane Hellinger.

Marian Nelson is proud of her designs.

First window is put into place by Bernard Probst and Laura Duckworth. Laura is the daughter of Jane Hellinger and the granddaughter of Charlie Goertz.

Second window goes into place.

Third window going up.

Minnie Bartsch, Marian Nelson, Jan Weiser, Jane Hellinger, Laura Duckworth, Bernard Probst.

Marian and Bernard congratulating each other.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Eucharis.

Marian and Minnie.

Msgr. Alois Goertz talking to Jan Weiser and Laura Duckworth and Ted Weiser.

Three priests with windows in the background.

Msgr. Alois A. Goertz, Rev. Bernard C. Goertz and Rev. Krzysztof Bugno, giving the blessing.