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The Lost Pines Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists of Bastrop worked with member Gerri Martinez in planning for the landscaping around the Rockne Museum. Gerri initiated the beautification program and did an excellent job of getting it all in place in time for the Dedication and Grand Opening. She, along with Charlie Ott, Ovon Goertz, and Vincent Goertz worked until the last minute digging holes and setting out plants. George Goertz also worked until nearly dedication time moving huge rocks in place with his back hoe. The boulders kept autos steered toward the correct parking destination and away from sensitive areas. Gerri has plans to landscape all of Hilbig Park and would appreciate donations of native plants that you may have growing in your yard or pasture. Thanks, Gerri, Ovon, Charlie, Vincent and George and all the members of Lost Pines Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists.

Elaine Chambliss and Elizabeth Davis have designed mementoes with RHA logos that are for sale in the Museum. Elaine's tote bags and finger towels are hot items and Elizabeth's Petitpoint baby bibs with "I Love Rockne" are popular shower gifts. Elaine and Elizabeth are both descendants of early settler Anton Hilbig. We appreciate these talented gracious women.

Marcella Chapple created an Index for Father Alois Goertz’s book, Rockne. You will be pleased to be able to obtain this invaluable Index to the book. How often have you tried to find a name by going through the family trees in the book? With the Index, all you have to do is look for a particular name to find the page he/she is listed. We appreciate the many hours Marcella spent on this tedious project. We are also grateful to Denise Briggs Altum for setting type and printing.

G & C Printing of Rockne, Texas has donated time, expertise, and equipment to RHA for many years. We would have been very limited in what we could do without them. Thank you Gene and Charlene Briggs, and Denise Briggs Altum.