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Rockne Museum Archives

Available for perusing & research in the Rockne Museum.

Genealogy & Family History Books

Beck, Robert Ancestry by Leland and Elaine Beck Chambliss, 2001.

Beck, Robert, Sr. Album.

Callahan & Related Families. Complied by Corinne Kuykendall Larvin (Mrs. Bernard James), 1998.

Carroll & Related Families by Corinne K. Larvin, 1996.

Chambliss, The Connection, Family History beginning in 1619 in the wilderness that is now Virginia. By Leland & Elaine Chambliss.

Goertz, John M. Family.

Goertz, John M. & Anna Boer Family.

Goertz, Peter Sr. & Mary Family.

Goertz, Letters written to Philip & Rosa.

Grohman(n) Family History by Ray E. Lagleder, Sr. October 1762 - August 2006.

Hendrix, Scrapbook by Paula Fiebrich Hendrix.

Hilbig (Hilbich), Anton Hilbig & Carolina Herford Family History by Leland & Elaine Beck Chambliss.

Hilbig, William, Album, Misc.

Hoffman, John & Annie, 1986.

Koenig, Paul Family, complied by Leland Chambliss.

Koenig & Klaus

Lagleder Family History by Ray E. Lagleder, Sr. 2006.

Larvin Family History by Corinne K. Larvin.

Lehman, Album.

Meredith, Charles & Eliza Family Album & Related Family Records by Wallie Horstman, 1998.

Meurer, Descendants of Hubert.

News Of Texas by James Robert New, 1995. Wolf & Kadura Families.

Rabel, Sophie Meuth

Rathman Descendants by Sandra (Rathman) Weaver, 1997.

Rockne by Rev. Alois J. Goertz, 1996.

Stall, Family Photos, Misc.

Vester, A Storyteller's Legacy by Marian Hilbig Nelson. A history of the Hilbig, Kadura & Wilhelm Families, 1999.

Wilhelm, John, Album.

Wolf, John & Catherine, Cemetery Dedication photos and history.

Wolf (Wolff), Enoch Eqnatz – 1880 to 2002. Researched and complied by Randy & Roy Wolff, 2002.


Bayer, Selma "Sally" Boer

Beck, Msgr. Frederick O., The Faith of all Seasons, 1971 & A Silver Milestone.

Forster, Rev. Simon, Letters & Papers.

Goertz, Rev. Leo, Album of Golden Jubilee.

Goertz, Rev. Victor & Rev. Bernard, 40th Anniversary of Ordination.

Lehman, Herman, A New Look at Nine Years with the Indians, 1985.

Lehman, Herman, Nine Years among the Indians 1870-1879 by Herman Lehman.

Lehman, The life Story of John Martin, written by Martin Lehman, edited by Vanessa Kierce Burzynski.

Musiol, S.D.S., Rev. Jozef, Tanzania Adventures. 1998

Theo, God, Country, Notre Dame, 1990.

Biographies & Non-fiction Books

Kadura, Albert, Wyoming Outlaw by V.P. "Lee" Lehman, written by Charlie Nelson.

Lehman, Herman, The Last Captive, by A.C. Greene, 1972.

Notre Dame Football, Story of a Proud Heritage, by Jim Beach, 1962.

The Fighting Irish, 100 Years of Notre Dame Football, by Gene Schoor, 1988.

The Fighting Spirit, A Championship Season at Notre Dame by Lou Holtz with John Heisler, 1989.

Research Books

Bastrop County Census Records - 1910, complied by Leland Chambliss

Bastrop County, Texas Marriage Records
Volume I, 1851-1881
Vollume II, 1881-1900
Compiled by: Evelyn Farris Wolf, McDade, Texas; Loretta Hartfield Leonhardt, Red Rock, Texas; Valerie Kite Johnson, Smithville, Texas

Bastrop County, Texas Cemeteries
Volume I & Volume II
By Audrey Morgan Rother

Samples of Old German Handwritten scripts
Witter’s German-English Primer and New First German Reader for Public Schools.
St. Louis, Mo. 1881

Rockne Region Germans, Immigrants from Würges 1846-1883 & Their Destiny in Texas by Anni Balthaus, translation by Donald C. Goertz. Ph.D.

Roman Catholic Missial
Dictionary of Music
by Mathews & Liebling copyright 1896. (This book was used in Sacred Heart School).

Old Weekly Bulletins, Sacred Heart Church.


Rockne Junge Herzen Saenger, Songs and Programs

Numerous old German Song Books

Books for Sale

Lehman, Herman - Nine Years among the Indians 1870-1879.

Rockne, Sacred Heart Parish, Bastrop County, Texas, by Rev. Alois J. Goertz, 1996.

Rockne Region Germans, Immigrants from Würges 1846-1883 & Their Destiny in Texas by Anni Balthaus, translation by Donald C. Goertz. Ph.D.

Vester, A Storyteller’s Legacy. A History of the Hilbig, Kadura & Wilhelm Families, by Marian H. Nelson.