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The name of cemetery has always been HOOKER CEMETERY. It is located on Hooker Ridge in the Hooker Ridge Community . The Hooker Ridge Community is in both Hunt & Rains counties. The cemetery lies entirely in Rains County. Locals, for 150 years, have refered to it as Hooker Ridge Cemetery .
Located 1/4 mile from the Hunt County line.

History of Hooker Cemetery
Submitted by Jack Hooker

Hooker burials submitted by Jack Hooker
James Hooker, no date / 12-29-1865, age 58y, 6m, 29d, State Historical Marker added in 1966 (first Hooker in Hunt County)

Elizabeth Hooker, 12-05-1803 / 06-08-1883, (wife of James)

Mary Ann Hooker, 09-27-1835 / 01-31-1857; (first wife of J. T., son of James)

J. T. Hooker, 09-07-1830 / 03-11-1903, Confederate Veteran Marker says Jim Tom; (son of James)

George R. Hooker, 08-25-1873 / 10-09-1874; (son of J. T. & 2nd wife)

Mildred Ann Hooker, 11-19-1875 / 08-11-1892; (dau. of J. T. & 2nd wife)

John W. Hooker, 11-24-1842 / 07-04-1892; (son of James)

George H. Hooker, 03-05-1846 / 11-05-1912; (son of James)

Harriet Hooker, 01-21-1846 / 02-23-1897; (wife of George H.)

Mary E. Hooker, 09-03-1871 / 06-24-1950; (dau. of George H. & Harriet)

John Lee Hooker, 1884 / 1929; (son of George H. & Harriet)

Martha George Hooker, 08-28-1887 / 08-30-1974; (dau. of George H. & Harriet)

W. H. Hooker, 10-14-1822 / 01-17-1895; (brother of James)

G. A. Hooker, 10-19-1826 / no date; (wife of W. H.)

John T. Hooker, 03-20-1848 / 06-27-1843; (son of W. H and G. A.)

Aubrey G. Hooker, 02-22-1880 / 02-24-1944; (son of James W., son of W.H.)

Creola M. Hooker, 05-30-1889 / 08-23-1933; (wife of Aubrey G.)

Douglas D. Hooker, 04-08-1909 / 06-27-1975; (son of Aubrey G. & Creola M.)

Addie M. Hooker, 12-10-1914 / 12-22-2004; (wife of Douglas D.)

Mary Hooker, 08-10-1879 / 02-18-1906; (wife of Carson, son of James W., son of W. H.)

T. L. Hooker M. E. Hooker; no dates; Homemade concrete marker with names inscribed; (probably Thomas Leslie, son of James W., son of W. H. & wife Mary Ester)

Mary Ester Brumet Lee Hooker, 03-11-1892 / 02-10-1965; (wife of Thomas Leslie, son of James W., son of W. H.)
Marker placed in middle and above T. L. and M.E. marker.

Ann R. Hooker, 09- -1821 / 10-08-1851, age 30 y; ( first wife of Walker, brother of James) FIRST PERSON BURIED IN HOOKER CEMETERY.

Walker Hooker, 11-07-1826 / 07-17-1910; also Confederate Veteran Marker; (brother of James)

Sernie (sic) Hooker, 04-22-1837 / 03-09-1911; (wife of Walker)

Pat Hooker, 04-23-1875 / 03-13-1931; (son of Walker and Serena)

Frank James Butler (obit)
b. Nov 3, 1893 d. 1971
thanks to Julia Littlejohn for
this information

Thanks to Barbara King for the following:

Connie Joe Childers
Sept 4, 1931  Feb 13, 1968

James R. Little     close up of stone
Nov 6, 1910    Feb 23, 1991

Dessie McCormack
1909   1982

Lela Childers
Aug 12, 1892   Sept 2, 1988

Odessa Little
Jul 17, 1907   Mar 18, 1988

these taken from list of Confederate Soldiers page.
Jim Tom Hooker
CSA Veteran
b. Sep 9, 1830  d. Mar 11, 1903

Walker Hooker
CSA Veteran
b. Nov 7, 1826  d. Jul 17, 1910

O A Fortenberry
CSA Veteran
b. 1839  d. 1914

Tom M Cain
CSA Veteran
b. Oct 10, 1832  d. Aug 11, 1915

T D Kitching
CSA Veteran
b. Apr 28, 1829 d. May 23, 1909

Andrew Jeff Pinson
CSA Veteran
(no dates)

Mary Jane Vaughn Thornton   wife of William L Thornton
born Linn, Mo
b. Jun 11, 1844  d. Mar 15, 1914

James M Thornton
age 29
b. Apr 22, 1861  d. Sep 15, 1890

Basil Boarman
s/o Joseph & Maggie Thornton Boarman
b. Mar 17, 1897  d. Dec 7, 1910

May Boarman
d/o Joseph & Maggie Thornton Boarman
b. Dec 20, 1900  d. Jul 11, 1903

Edna Boarman
d/o Joseph & Maggie Thornton Boarman
b. Feb 20, 1906  d. Aug 5, 1907

Pauline Boyer
b. Jan 14, 1921 d. Aug 1, 1922

William Frank Allison
b. Oct 7, 1896  d. Jul 16, 1930

Annie Fowers 
Oct 13 1882   Jan 6 1916 

Annie Joe Flowers
Dec 31 1915   Feb 17 1918 

D. B. Flowers
June 3 1843   March 29 1911

James T. Flowers
1880   1962

Mary Lou Flowers
1880  1962

Matilda J. Flowers
Jan 10 1840  No death date 

Susan M. Flowers
July 18 1848   Nov 9 1894 

William C. Flowers
April 4 1890   Oct 20 1900
These are at this time 9-15-2002 unmarked graves

Francis Marion (F M) York  
shown to Darrell L. York, Sr. by their grandson, Joseph York of Point, Texas on June 27, 2002
b. Sep 8, 1845  d. Jun 1, 1898
CW Veteran
Mary Jane York
b. 1855  d. Sep 19, 1932

Thomas Oscar  Deaton
son of Mary Jane Neal York

Raymond D Weatherford   h/o Lena Goodwin Weatherford
born in Caddo Mills to Sim and Annie Myrtle Harp Weatherford.
Apr 17, 1908    Feb 21, 2002

Apple, Mary H.
b. Feb. 18, 1833 d. Sep. 1, 1883

Apple, Nancy M.
b. Nov. 4, 1857 d. Apr. 18, 1872

Apple, Susan A.
b. unknown d. unknown

Apple, W. D.
b. Aug. 5, 1837 d. Aug. 9, 1910

Boatwright, A. N.
b. 1861 d. 1935

Boatwright, Ambers Hobson
b. Jun. 22, 1898 d. Sep. 22, 1964

Boatwright, Gertrude (Walker)
b. Jun. 23, 1905 d. Mar. 30, 1972

Boatwright, Lula Ann
b. 1869 d. 1954

Brashier, Lou
b. Feb. 5, 1888 d. Mar. 23, 1888

Burns, Irene Zella 
(see obit below)
Sept. 9, 1912    June 14, 2004

Chastain, J. H.
b. Mar. 7, 1902 d. Nov. 23, 1902

Chastain, M. E.
b. Mar. 2, 1876 d. Sep. 28, 1902

Childress, B. G.
b. Jan. 30, 1820 d. Feb. 26, 1898

Childress, Mary
b. Jul. 18, 1816 d. Jun. 8, 1895

Coats, E. E.
b. Jul. 24, 1871 d. Nov. 9, 1892

Coats, E. F.
b. Apr. 28, 1873 d. May. 2, 1885

Coats, G. W.
b. Jan. 4, 1867 d. May. 25, 1885

Coats, H. T.
b. 1869 d. 1940

Coats, James W.
b. Sep. 30, 1879 d. Aug. 26, 1891

Coats, Martha E.
b. 1847 d. 1932

Coats, Mary L.
b. Aug. 6, 1873 d. Dec. 22, 1883

Coats, Permelia
b. Apr. 21, 1817 d. Sep. 2, 1882

Coats, William B.
b. 1840 d. 1935

Daniel, Anne Elizabeth
b. Feb. 27, 1839 d. Dec. 28, 1882

Docker, Michal Carline
b. Nov 30, 1942  d. Nov. 22, 2003

Douglas, Clara C.
b. 1872 d. 1961

Douglas, John W.
b. 1862 d. 1930

Douglas, William H.
b. 1906 d. 1959

Duefey, Infant
b. May. 21, 1886 d. Aug. 3, 1886

Fowler, Sallie (?)
b. Oct. 22, 1845 d. Feb. 3, 1875

Freeman, A. James D.
b. 1859 d. 1937

Freeman, Elizabeth (?)
b. Jun. 20, 1858 d. Nov. 30, 1904

Freeman, Margaret F. (?)
b. 1861 d. 1944

Jackson, Dr Edmond
b. Jan. 30, 1809 d. Jan. 25, 1857

McBride, Arthur M.
b. Mar. 17, 1878 d. Aug. 8, 1964

Russell, Dale
(see obit below)
b. Jan. 30, 1968  d. Dec 19, 2003

Spears, Almedia J. 
b. Jan. 29, 1830 d. Sep. 19, 1889

Spears, Elizabeth
d/oAlmedia Jane Raney Spears & Thomas Spears
b. Nov. 25, 1861 d. Jul. 8, 1867

Spears, Thomas
b. Aug. 25, 1817 d. Jan. 3, 1866

Palmore, Jerl Ray  (see obit below)
b. Jan 31, 1943  d. Feb 2005

Brumitt, Lloyd   (see obit below)
b. Aug 18, 1932  d. Aug 30, 2005


July 18, 1913
Quite a number of our people attended the funeral of Mr. Alex Lynch, who died at Point and was buried in the Hooker cemetery Wednesday afternoon.
September 3, 1915
Former Senator Died at Emory--From Thursday's Daily
This morning L.W. Harkey received a letter from his son, Lester Harkey, who lives at Emory, saying that, Captain Thomas M. Cain was dying in his home in Emory. The letter was written yesterday afternoon and last night Captain S.R. Etter received a message that Mr. Cain passed away at 5 o'clock and that the burial would take place today at 12 o'clock in Hooker's burial ground, following services conducted by pastor of the Methodist church of Emory. Thus passes one of the noted characters of Hunt and Rains counties. He located before the war, about sixty years ago, at Hooker's mill near what is Lone Oak now and he went in to merchandise. Later he formed a partnership with a Mr. Davis who yet lives at Point. When the Civil War broke out he came to this place, then a village, and joined Company H, 11th Texas Calvary and saw service in this company, and today Captain Etter said, that the made a faithful soldier. After the war he resumed business at Hooker and remained there doing a mercantile business. Later he moved to Emory and took a considerable part in the organization of Rains County. He represented the county in the Lower House and also the district in the Senate, he being nominated at Farmersville following a bitter struggle for the nomination on the part of the late E.W. Harris and T.E. Byrd. He served two years and never offered for re-election. At the time of his death he was more than 80 years of age, and had, had an interesting career. He was a member of the Methodist church and had been for many years. He was made a Mason at Lone Oak some 40 years ago. He accumulated considerable property and was faithful to every charge in private and public life. He married the daughter of Judge Hooker and after her death, he married Mrs. Gilmore at Emory. He leaves this widow and a number of children, numerous relatives and many friends to mourn his death.---Greenville Banner

March 22, 1929
Hooker News
Mrs. Ellie Hunt, who has been sick for the last three months, died Tuesday night at eleven o’clock. We join in sympathizing with the family for this beloved woman, who has just passed away.

November 17, 1933
Woosley News
Also the death angel took Mrs. Mollie Bennett of our community. She was laid to rest in the Hooker cemetery Friday afternoon. We offer our sympathy to the family and relatives.

Michal Carline Docker
1942 - 2003
Graveside services for Michal Carline Docker, 60, of Lone Oak were held at 11:00 a.m. Friday, Nov. 28, at Hooker Cemetery with Rev. James Reese officiating. Burial was under the direction of Bartley Funeral Home of Lone Oak.
Mrs. Docker died Saturday, Nov. 22.
She was born November 30, 1942, in Long Beach, Calif. She owned and operated Mararatha Kennels and raised Golden State Bull Terrier dogs. She formerly lived of Santa Barbara, Calif., and lived in Lone Oak since 1975.
She is survived by her parents, James and Billee Reese of Quinlan; daughter, Wendy Docker of Lubbock; grandson, Marcus Johnson; sister, Peggy Jones and husband John of Lubbock; and one grandchild.

Dale Russell
1968 - 2003
Funeral services for Dale Russell, 35, of Lone Oak were held December 23 at New Hope Baptist Church with Rev. J.B. Harlin and Rick Sydnor officiating.
Burial was in Hooker Ridge Cemetery. Pallbearers were Jimmy Fowler, Shane Russell, Scotty Russell, Freddy Russell, David Hollins and Terry Hatfield.
Mr. Russell was born Jan. 30, 1968, to Fred Russell and Joann Sullivan. He died Dec. 19 in Greenville. He married Julie Mayne Russell. He worked in cable communications and was a member of the Baptist Church.
Survivors include his wife of Lone oak; father, of Lubbock; mother, of Lubbock; children, Felicia Russell, Christopher Russell and Clayton Russell of Lone Oak; brothers, Darrell Shane Russell of Vinton, Iowa, Scotty Russell of Mississippi and Freddy Russell of Lubbock; and sister, Shanna Russell of Lubbock.

Rains County Leader
June 15, 2004
Irene Zella Burns
1912 - 2004
Funeral services for Irene Zella Burns, 91, of Greenville, will be at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 16, at Miracle Faith Baptist Church under the direction of Coker-Mathews Funeral Home, with Rev. J.D. Shedd officiating. Burial will be in Hooker Cemetery. Pallbearers are James Burns, Joe Burns, Michael Burns, Jason Burns, Joe Laverne Moss, and Ryan Payne. Mrs. Burns passed away Monday, June 14, 2004, in Greencrest Manor in Greenville. She was born in Bigelow, Ark., Sept. 9, 1912, to Albert Lee Handy and Mary Elizabeth Yielding Handy. She married Joe D. Burns on April 28, 1928, in Lone Oak. She was a homemaker, and a member of Miracle Faith Baptist Church in Emory. She is survived by sons and daughters-in-law, J.D. and Lorine Burns of Lone Oak, and Bill and Rosa Burns of Lone Oak; son, Vernon Burns of Lone Oak; daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Paul Darden of Waco; sister, Mae Pederson of Oregon; ten grandchildren; 26 great-grandchildren; and many friends. She was preceded in death by her parents; husband; four brothers; three sisters; and three great-grandchildren. Visitation is at Coker-Mathews Funeral Home on Tuesday, June 15, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Rains County Leader
Feb 15, 2005
Jerl Ray Palmore
Funeral services for Jerl Ray Palmore, 62, of Point, will be held at 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, February 15 at Bartley Funeral home in Lone Oak. Burial will be at Hooker Cemetery in East Tawakoni. Mr. Palmore was born January 31, 1943. He worked as a construction supervisor. He was a Lutheran. Survivors include his wife, Judith Elaine Palmore; three sons, Steven Ray Palmore, Jerl Wayne Palmore, both of Texarkana, and Gregory Wayne Stinson of Balch Springs; five daughters, Sharon Kay Frank, of Redwater, Dana Von Allmen, of Apple Valley, Calif., Kristi Lorance, of Rhome, Charlotte Marbut, of Simms, and Kyletha Derric, of Jefferson; two brothers, Larry Palmore of Hollis, Okla., Glen ‘Ducky’ Palmore of Altus, Okla.; three sisters, Margie Cherry of Texarkana, AR., Barbara Glenn of Altus, Okla., and Beverly Shaver of Wynnewood, Okla.; two grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his mother, father, and two brothers.

Rains County Leader
September 6, 2005
Lloyd Brumitt
1932 - 2005
Funeral services for Lloyd Brumitt, 73, of Emory were held at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 1, at Miracle Faith Baptist Church with Rev. Jimmy Shedd officiating. Burial was in Hooker Cemetery. Pallbearers were Bubba Hurst, Derek Hurst, Brian Hurst, John McAree, Justin Brumit, Darren Brumit, Matt Brumit, and Cody Wallis. Mr. Brumitt died August 30, at Green Acres Nursing Home. He was born on August 18, 1932, in Rains County to Robert Martin and Addie Mae Christopher Brumit. He married Tommie Sue Fletcher on October 22, 1953, in Dallas. He was a plumber and worked for 25 years for Buckner Blvd. Plumbing. He was a Baptist. He is survived by his wife, Tommie Sue of Emory; children, Lloyd Brumit Jr. of Winnsboro; Tammy McAree of Alba, Todd Brumit of Emory, and Shane Brumit of Dallas; brothers, David Brumit of Lone Oak, Becky Brumit and Robert Martin Brumit Jr. of Emory, Carl Brumit of California, and Houston Brumit of Denison; sisters, Dona Weathley of Emory and Louise Moss of Lone Oak; 11 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents; three sisters; and two brothers. Wilson-Orwosky Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

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