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Texarkana, TX

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Ace Of Clubs House
Aerial View
Aerial View Showing State Line
BellsTourist Camp
Bells Tourist Camp - Back Of Card
Bells Tourist Camp
The Boulevard - Ca 1915
Broad Street - 1909
Broad Street - 1915
Broad Street - 1930's
Broad Street - 1934
Broad Street - 1939
Broad Street - ca 1950
Camp Hannon Tourist Camp
Central Christian Church
Central First Methodist Church
Central School Building
City Hall
Coffee Cup Restaurant
Confederate Monument
Confederate Monument
Cosmopolitan Hotel
Cotton Belt Hospital
Cotton Belt Hospital - 1909
Cotton Belt Hospital
Cotton Belt Hospital
Cotton Belt Hospital
Cotton Belt Hospital
Cotton Market - 1907
Dale Sanatorium
Depot & Railroad Yard View From Viaduct - 1910
Filling Station - 1950's
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church - Beech Street
First Methodist Church - 1907
First Methodist Church - 1910
First Methodist Church
Fondos Cafe - 1940's
Glass Company - 1912
High School - 1911
Historical Museum
Hotel Everrett & Opera House
Humor Story - 1910
Jefferson Coffee Shop
Jefferson Coffee Shop
Junior College - Ca 1930
Junior College
Lake Texarkana - ca 1960
Magnolia Manor Motel
Municipal Building
Municipal Building - 1920's
Pine Street - 1912
Pine Street Sanitarium
Post Office - 1920's
Post Office & Courthouse - Ca 1930's
Post Pipe Company - 1916
Presbyterian Book Store
Public School - 1907
Sacred Heart Academy
Sacred Heart Church - 1912
Savoy Hotel
Spring Lake Park - Ca 1920's
State Line - Ca 1890
State Line - Ca 1912
State Line - Ca 1930's
State Line - 1937
State Line - 1938
State Line - Comical
State Line - Comical - 1944
St James Episcopal Church
St Michael Hospital
St Michael Hospital
Stockman Tourist Hotel
Sundown Motel
Terrace Court Motel - 1930's
Texarkana Sanitarium - 1920's
Texarkana Sanitarium & Hospital
Texas High School
Third Street - 1930
Two State Motel
Two State Motel - 1950's
Union Station - Ca 1940
Union Station
Wadley Hospital

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