PRE 1874 Marriage Records
Alphabetized by the Grooms
Extracted by Kaye Vernon

Since the Parker County Courthouse burned in 1874 there are no official records of marriages that took place in Parker County from its establishment in 1856 until 1874. These marriages records have been obtained from several sources, bible records, personal papers, the actual marriages records or family histories. This is by no means a complete listing of all the marriages that were performed in Parker County, but we feel fortunate to have collected this many for our files. Due to human error in typing and transcription there may be mistakes.

Groom Surname   Groom First Name       Bride Surname       Bride First Name     Date

Allen           Pleasant T              Caldwell           Martha C             4-18-1875
Baily           Mack                    Tarkington         Nancy / Pansy        1870
Baker           William Thatcher        Beeman             Emily E              9-18-1856
Barker          James Jasper            Veach              Ann Eliza            12-19-1854
Barnes          A H                     Hosghead           Susan W              8-?-1860
Barnett         George Franklin         Crouch             Forence Arzellia     11-27-1873
Barnett         John N                  Jackson            Elvira               9-2-1858
Bearden         Joel Dallas Tyson       Littlefield        Elizabeth            5-?-1870
Bedford         James Mouton            Skidmore           Nancy D              before 1871
Bedford         William Gordon          Shaw               Sarah E              unknown
Bell            J P                     unknown            Susan R              11-2-1859
Bell            R E                     Leach              Margaret             1867
Bivins          Cyrus P                 Briscoe            Eliza Ann, Mrs       9-21-1862-63
Bivins          Cyrus P                 Canafax            Rebecca              9-21-1869
Blocker         William Leeander        Acker              Mason (B)            3-14-1868
Bond            Benjamin                Southerland        Minerva              8-26-1860
Bond            Stephen Finley          McCarver           Katherine            11-23-1862
Borden          Joseph                  Bonner             Mary M               ca 1872
Boswell         William Edward          Blocker            Rebecca Ann          11-7-1867
Boyles          Gabriel Hardin          Davidson           Mary Molly Evaline   2-15-1866
Braselton       Walter M                Wilmuth            Lucinda J            3-15-1868
Brashears       Geo Alfred "Caldwell'   Crenshaw           Martha Elizabeth     12-22-1863
Brashears       Hugh F                  Higgins            Sallie Rebecca       ca 1870
Brashears       John                    Birch / Burch      Amanda Jane          186?
Brashears       John                    Birch / Burch      Amanda Jane          186_
Brashears       Wm Colonel Runnels      Bearden            Hanah                before 1861
Brashears       Wm Colonel Runnels      Bearden            Melissa              ca 1861
Brawley         Arch                    Pate               Elizabeth Ann        1868
Bridgeman       Andrew Jackson          Kidwell            Rebecca              7-?-1857
Bright          Robert W                Carson             Sarah                ca 1864
Brisco          Thomas Marion           Tackitt            Jane                 unknown
Brown           John                    Tarkington         Mary                 before 1861
Bruton          Elias James             Pate               Margaret Catherine   1-25-1874
Butler          James                   Toler              Sarah C              1865
Butler          William                 Tarkington         Virginia             1869
Canafax         Elijah Newton           Vardy              Drucella Patterson   before 1865
Canafax         Ezra Jasper             Hudson             Martha Ann           7-26-1866
Carr            William H               Brown              E                    1859
Clement         unknown                 Clifton            Maryland             unknown
Clymer          John                    Miller             Clarissa M           9-29-1864
Copeland        George William          Sheilds            Rebecca              7-14-1860
Copeland        Samuel                  Boswell            Mary Jane            1866
Cox             Thomas Eli              Tierce             Sarah "Sallie"       ca 1872-1873
Crawford        Simpson O               Brown              Mary (Tarkington0    1864
Crawford        William Lee "Bill"      Pratt              Caldonia Roxianna    7-4-1873
Criswell        William                 unknown            Sarah                2-27-1873
Criswell        unknown                 Lafferty           Margaret             unknown
Culwell         Joshua                  Oxford             Lucida               unknown
Cumming         Thomas Phylander        Harvick            Amanda Early         7-24-1864
Davis           Butler Hezekiah         Battern            Elizabeth            12-22-1864
Day             W H                     Radcliff           Amanda               1863
Denton          Thomas                  Woolsey            Harriet              1-5-1870
Dodson          Charles H               Plumlee            Sarah Gemina         8-3-1870
Drum            Hiram Duncan            Edwards            Mary A (Watson)      1861
Durkee          Edward M                Work               Elizabeth (Harvick)  ca 1870
Durkee          James F                 Taylor             Ann Eliza            ca 1869
East            E D                     Obenchain          Allie B              5-23-1873
Edwards         Milton M                Bonner             Rebecca M            ca 1866
Elam            James Franklin          Cutberth           Mary Ann             7/19/1874
Eliot           unknown                 Kutch              Margery              before 1866
Erwin           John Thomas             Taylor             Margaret             before 1873
Erwin           John Thomas             unknown            Evaline              1873 - 1880
Erwin           Joseph Rodgers          Roberts            Sarah Elizabeth      1-1-1862
Erwin           Stephen Lowe            Vardy              Susan Withrow        11-22-1860
Erwin           William Armstrong       Stinnett           Martha Elizabeth     3-1-1860
Evans           Columbus G              Elkins             Harriet Joe          before 1869
Fletcher        William King            Paschel            Mary Frances         8-10-1865
Folley          Benjamin Franklin       Pipkin             Elizann              ca 1866
Fondren         Spain                   unknown            Mary Elizabeth       9-7-1865
Fondren         William Scott           Taylor             Sarah E              1866
Frazier         Hugh Riley              Culwell            Lucinda (Oxford)     186?
Frazier         John N                  Smith              Glaphrey             10-6-1873
Freeman         Alphonso                Smith              Margaret Ann         1869
Gaines          James Henry             Osborne            Margaret             1874
Gear            Jefferson Healey        Tarkington         Frances C            12-?-1870
Gilbert         George Webster          Bearden            Elizabeth "Liza"     12-25-1869
Gilbert         George Webster          Gilmore            Miranda              10-1-1868
Gilliland       Henry Clay              Borden             Susie                12-9-1869
Green           William Monroe          Campbell           Martha Jane          2-19-1856
Guest           Martin Van Buren        Ledbetter          Armilda E            12-24-1865
Hard            John Joseph             Hill               Azilla Jane          8-4-1859
Hart            Joseph                  Waldon             Susan C              8-5-1856
Hedrick         J W                     Edwards            Eliza, Mrs           by 10-?-1860
Hemphill        Benjamin F              Mitchell           Rachell Jane         10-12-1871
Hill            Hayden                  Featherkile        Nancy                3-?-1865
Hill            John Tobe               Walden             Mary Jane            4-17-1865
Hutchison       B F                     Weatherford        L A O, Miss          9-18-1872
James           Joseph / Josiah         Easley             Arminta              1870 - 1873
Keith           Stephen Perry           Kirk               Mary Elizabeth       2-2-1871
Kelly            George Roster          Littlefield        Nancy M              5-4-1874
Kidwell         Levi Franklin "Bud"     Smethers           Julia An             186?
Kindel          Rickard William         Alllison           Fannie               1871
Kutch           Cyrus Wesley            Ernst              Malvina (Harvick)    1858
Kutch           Daniel                  Criswell           Margaret (Lafferty), unknown
Langley         William J               unknown            Julia A              1-31-1870
Layne           John                    Evans              Louise Sarepta       1865
Lee             Moses                   Baker              Mary Frances "Frannie12-20-1870
Lewis           Thomas Dodson           Carson             Emilia / Emily C     3-10-1861
Lex             Conrad                  Ensey              Cordelia Caroline    1867
Littlefield     James "Jim"             Bearden            Sarah Eliz. "Fannie" 12-?-1869
Lynch           Calvin                  Hicks              Phoebe E (Scoggins)  4-23-1874
Marsden         James Edward            Sisk               Mary Ellen           4-2-1872
Martin          James Riley             Martin             Eliza Jane           1866
Martin          Thomas Theodore         Hurst              Rebecca Emiline      ca 186?
Martin          William Harvey          Layne              Sarah Jane           11-5-1858
Matlock         James P Monroe          Lantz              Sarah "Sallie"       ca 1863
Matlock         Jason Lafayette         Gilliland          Margaret Melinda     10-16-1870
Matlock         Jason Lafayette         Gilliland          Susan                unknown
McConnell       James Chappell          Brown              Amanda               8-27-1872
McDonald        Lewis P                 Allen              Elizabeth            1854
McDonald        Lewis P                 Gorman             Ann B                1856
Mitchell        John Reed               Vardy              Ann Eliza            unknown
Montgomery      Robert Claburn          Nelson             Marietta Jane        ca 1865
Montgomery      Robert, Dr              Canafax            Drucella (Vardy), Mrs6-3-1865
Montgomery      Thomas Jefferson        McCord             Margaret Ellen       1863
Moore           Thomas Martin           Freeman            Evaline Alice        1-7-1873
Morrison        William Monroe          Baker              Ivy Ann              10-19-1871
Moss            Howell Richard          Portre             Margaret Caroline    ca 1857-1858
Moss            Robert Alexander        Potter             Elizabeth (Killon)   1860
Newman          Gramer S                Bedford            Nancy                1870
Newsom          John Randolph           Dixon              Mary                 1872
Norman          Henry Clay              unknown            A I                  ca 1873
Norris          Martin                  Work               Henrietta            7-27-1865
Osborne         Henry Grady             Cox                Mary Catherine       1860
Parker          Robert Arthur           Campbell           Barbery Elizabeth    1868
Parker          unknown                 Reynolds           Leora                1872
Parsons         William Gaston          Patton             Mary Louisa          4-28-1868
Pate            William M               unknown            Eda H / Haseltine A  ca 1872-1873
Peveler         Lewis                   Alford             Sallie               1870
Pickard         Alexander Johnson       Blackwell          E J                  7-31-1867
Pickard         George Newton           Brown              Elizabeth Jane       3-16-1868
Pickard         Thomas Jefferson        Blackwell          Mary Frances         1864
Pickard         Thomas Jefferson        Boyles             Martha Lucretia      4-29-1869
Pierce          Joseph                  Erwin              Mary                 5-11-1866
Pittillo        J W                     Criswill           Matilda L            ca 1871
Plumlee         Robert M, Sr            Barton             Carrie Reed, Mrs     3-?-1866
Prague          John Grant              Vardy              Mary Louisa          2-6-1862
Pritchard       James Averse            Robertson          Mary Jane (Fox)      1-20-1867
Reiger          John R                  Mitchell           Annie Eliza          5-5-1859
Reynolds        Abraham Willis          Kutch              Margery              ca 1866-1867
Reynolds        John Giles              Tucker             Martha (Hart)        1-20-1869
Reynolds        Napoleon Bonaparte      Burris             Eliza Ann            before 1873
Reynolds        Robert Larkin           Eliott             Amariles             unknown
Reynolds        Robert Larkin           Eliott             Arreney              unknown
Rider           Clinton B               Tinsley            Ann Mariah           1-19-1860
Robertson       Albert M                Fox                 Mary Jane           ca 1861
Robertson       John Harrison           Blocker            Mary Independence    10-6-1870
Roe             Montgomery              Fletcher           Sarah Elizabeth      9-14-1873
Saunders        James A                 Taylor             Sarah Matilda        ca 1874
Seddon          Simeon Thorpe           Johnson            Nancy Ellen          11-17-1860
Sella           Nancy Rama              Andrews            Richard William      1858
Sella           William Wallace         Seela              Nancy Rama           1858
Shanafelt       H C                     Worth              Mary                 unknown
Sisk            Cary N                  Mann / Matman      Elizabeth            1866
Sisk            Henry S                 Bounds             Virginia             9-15-1868
Smethers        John W                  Herring            Mary                 ca 1875
Smith           John Jeremiah "Coho"    Hoggard            Nancy Jane           ca 1860
Smith           Joseph B                Blair              Melzora              unknown
Staaggs         Noah                    Shaw               Mary L               unknown
Staggs          unknown                 Skidmore           Nancy, Mrs           after 1869
Steele          Joseph Gillis, Sr       Clark              Sarah                unknown
Stephens        Hugh                    Light              Polly                186?
Stephens        Nathaniel               Battern            Nancy Jane           2-17-1870
Stinnett        Thomas Nathaniel        Youngblood         Mary A               2-16-1872
Stradley        John Henry              Tinsley            Sarah Elizabeth      7-15-1866
Strandley       John Henry                                 Sarah Elizabeth      2-7-1866
Sullivan        Carrol                  Taylor             Margaret Louisa      unknown
Sullivan        Carrol                  Wood(s)            Laura / Louisa Jane  unknown
Sullivan        James                   Harris             Mary                 1856
Tackett         Andrew C                Miller             L E                  7-17-1864
Tackett         Geo Wm Council          Matlock            Sarah Elizabeth      1-17-1864
Tackett         Robert E                Props              Eliza C              11-1-1868
Tally           William Thomas          Copeland           Mary Jane (Boswell)  1870
Tarkington      Booker Charter          Crawford           Sarah Jane           12-24-1868
Tarkington      Thomas                  Donothan           Betty                1870
Taylor          George Marion           Price              Margaret Ann         1866
Tinsley         James                   Bonner             Mary T Nelson, Mrs   ca 1857
Tompkins        George Washington       Layne              Jemima Candace       8-22-1861
Tucker          Aaron "Moses"           Cockburn /Cogburn  Martha / Mary Eliza  1858
Tucker          Elijah                  Griffith           Manerva              unknown
Tucker          Joseph                  Hart               Martha               before 1859
Underwood       Thomas Levi             Lowrance           Mary Jane            10-20-1867
Walden          P A                     Johnson            Rebecca              1869
Ward            Henry                   Clement            Maryland (Clifton)   unknown
Ward            Henry                   Kutch              Margaret (Lafferty), unknown
Ward            Henry                   Leonard            Louisa               unknown
West            Robert G                Shirley            Adelaide Celestia    11-8-1870
White           Newton                  Bright             Sarah                1859
White           Newton                  Willett            Susan P              4-9-1861
Wolfenberger    Harvey Masidon          Blocker            Loucinda Missouri    5-19-1868
Wood            John                    unknown            Elizabeth             10-?-1869
Woodhouse       Walter Raliegh          Wilson             Mary Elizabeth       1862
Woody           Brice                   Miller             Missouri             10-?-1855
Woody           John                    Morris             Miss                 3-?-1861
Work            Jacob Augustus          Harvick            Elizabeth            10-24-1867
Wright          Lewis Franklin          Green              Martha Eleanor       1-29-1874
Yates           William M               Osburn             Nancy Ann            9-21-1865
Youngblood      William                 Hensley            unknown              before 1862

Pre 1874 Marriages alphabetized by Brides

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